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Nowadays, by eating uncontrollably
along with the fast development of technology,
kids are getting lazier day by day,
which, affects their obesity even more
However, can you believe that there’s a
10-year-old boy who weighs around 225kg?
That is so shocking, right?
But, the more surprising thing is that,
he has now lost 100kg and lives a very healthy
life like normal people
And that boy is…
Arya Permana, from Indonesia
Looking at this photo,
perhaps, nobody can believe that this boy is only 10 years old.
Well, such an enormous body that I can’t
even believe in my eyes anymore
The boy, Arya Permana, lives in Karawang,
West Java, used to weigh around 225kg at 10
years old and at that time, he was known as the fattest kid in the world
As a matter of fact, Arya weighed 2.3kg when he was born,
which was pretty “small” compared to other babies.
However, his body started shrinking at the
age of 2.
His mom, Rokayah Somantri,
and also hid dad, always felt worried when their son used to
eat 5 meals a day without feeling stuffed
His favorite food is instant noodles, soft
drinks and fried chicken.
Back then, Arya faced lots of difficulties
in doing his daily activities like walking
to school or showering.
His enormous body made him couldn’t fit
in any of his clothes and could only wrap
a cloth around his body and soak in a small bath tub to refresh himself
In 2015, doctors were really shocked
when watching the scene of how Arya sitting in
the small bath tub to shower his giant body.
His parents were desperate when couldn’t
take him to school like every other kid because
he’s gonna be exhausted if walking for more than 10 steps
Not wanting to see their son stick to his
bed and live a life like those people who
suffer from obesity, his family tried their
best to help him lose some weights
With the help of the doctors,
Arya’s stomach has been reduced in size, along with his stable mind,
following a strict diet and working
out regularly.
Everyday, he went jogging for 5km
and played variety of sports like football and badminton.
He often paid many visits to the gym,
where the Indonesian bodybuilder – Ade Rai and
other health care experts guided him with
his losing weight journey
After 3 years, with the helpful support from his beloved ones,
it was so shocking to know
that he lost more than 100kg and landed at 86kg.
that was such an amazing achievement
that nobody could expect
Although his life condition has been improved,
yet, Arya still has to face another problem is his excessive skin.
Especially is the excessive skin located at
his arms
that made Arya feels extremely embarrassed
and faces lots of difficulties in life
So, in order to be more confident, he often
wears long-sleeved shirts to hide his imperfection away,
however, of course, doing this is not comfortable at all
Accordingly, Arya can’t be able to play
any sorts of extreme sports because the excessive
skin will rub together and discomfort him
a lot.
Because of that,
his parents felt very pitiful
for their son.
If he wants to remove those excessive parts,
it requires his family to pay a really intense
amount of money in order to treat him completely
After the first surgery of cutting of the
excessive skin
taken place at the Hasan Sadikin
hospital in Bandung,
July/2019, Arya still hasn’t fully recovered and would like to
have another surgery as soon as possible in the future
so that he can comeback to his
normal life and feel more confident doing
everything like other people
I hope that one day, his wish will become true soon.
Let’s all wish him that he can be able to
do that!
And I hope that his story will be the inspiration
for people who suffer from obesity so that
they can be motivated and live a better life ahead
What a meaningful video, right guys?
In order to lose 100kg like that,
it required Arya Permana lots of motivation and stability.
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