The time of the asking of the Herbert Erpaderp is once again upon us. Neil Cicierega – Mouth Moods: He’s also on youtube: …
Greetings. I am Herbert Erpaderp and would
you look at the time… That's right it's
please insert local time here � That means
it's time for ask a herbert erpaderp. Where
I, herbert erpaderp shall answer questions
and respond to comments from you, people who
are not, thankfully, herbert erpaderp.
At the time of recording this I have no idea
what I'll be using as background video, so
whatever it is… I'm sure it's fantastic…
Or at least okay… It's better than a plain
black screen… Maybe…
Before the questions I have something I'd
like to share. Or at least tell you about.
I can't really share it because I would probably
be violating copyright.
The other day Neil Cicierega released a new
album called mouth moods. Some of you may
already be familiar with this or some of his
previous works like mouth sounds and mouth
For those who aren't familiar.He does mashups,
which is probably not of interest to a lot
of you, but I think they're quite funny and
he's actually pretty good at what he does.
Some of the songs he's mashed together actually
work really, really well.
I think my favourite tracks are Tiger, ACVC
and Annoyed grunt, wow wow is pretty cool
too. Actually, the whole album is pretty fun.
I'm easily amused and enjoy funny music quite
a lot, your tastes may of course vary, but
you should check it out.
I'll include a link in the descriptions. The
album is free so go check it out if you think
you might like it.
If you do check it out let me know what you
think. Good or bad. In the comments section
Onwards to the questions and answers!
Toa Duncannuva says: who needs drugs when
Herbert is already a drug that I use.
Anyway, if you're playing war thunder you
may run into me playing from PS4… Now where
is that black panther?
I… I'm not a drug… It is definitely not
recommended to smoke, inject snort or in any
way attempt to ingest herberts. It's really
bad for your health.
I have no idea where the black panther is.
I prefer pink panthers.
Khalid Fadhlan H. says: Search a pink user
skin in the war thunder camouflages and apply
it to all german tanks. By the way I have
a hetzer though.
I didn't know that was a thing that existed.
Is it something that everyone can see? Or
is it just visible on my end?
I would prefer my fantastic pink tanks to
be visible to all, so everyone can enjoy their
X-wing pro says: For Bolt Action, what should
I get first along side second starter to play
nicely with my friends?
I was planning to get a mortar or MG teams
for both sides, but I don't know…
Do you play X-wing miniatures game? I suggest
you give it a try.
So you really want to place nicely with your
friends? Surely you want to crush them beneath
your boots!
Maybe not… I really have a good answer.
I think Machine guns are good. I like them
more than mortars, but then I don't really
have a lot of experience with the mortars…
Maybe they're great.
I would be more likely to suggest a vehicle
of some kind. A tank is always fun of course,
but if you don't want a tank maybe a transport,
they can usually be equipped with machine
guns and you'll probably find it to be quite
Of course the starter set does come with a
transport for the germans, so maybe a mortar
team or a machine gun team for them would
be good. Or a tank.
I'm pretty sure the starter set allows you
to build a light machine gun team for both
sides, but you could always designate some
regular infantry to be MG teams or mortar
teams anyway. Even if they're not modelled
as such.
I think a transport would give you some flexibility.
Personally I'm a fan of the �buy everything
you might need and just have it on hand anyway
kind of thing.
I've never played the X-wing miniatures game.
I'd be more interested in the very similar
Star trek game.
Just because I like star trek a bit more than
star wars. I've always been a little tempted
by both games, but the miniatures come pre
assembled and painted, so I wouldn't get to
build or paint anything, which is my favourite
part of the hobby.
I know I could re-paint them, but it just
doesn't seem quite the same.
I might still pick them up one day though.
Gustav II Adolf says: Wait… Does your fish
live in a tank? Why don't you call him Michael
Fishmann instead?
It took me a second to get that… Michael
fishmann instead of michael wittmann…
I'd like to say I just didn't think of it,
but the truth is the fish is a mighty klingon
warrior, he told me what his name was and
let me know in no uncertain terms that his
name was general martok and he would accept
nothing else.
I was scared… so I agreed.
Potatwo inc says: Proserpina?
Yep. The episode was number 26, so I named
it after asteroid 26proserpina, which is a
main belt asteroid and was obviously named
after the roman goddess.
I like to try come up with names for ask a
herbert erpaderp somewhat related to the number
of the episode… Sometimes it's a bit of
a stretch.
Jacob says: When do you plan on uploading
your US team painting vid?
I'm not entirely sure what team you're referring
to. The next US thing I'll be uploading it
my flames of war pershings, which I'm working
on, If you're referring to my US bolt action
infantry… I don't know, one day.
The usual answer to when I plan to upload
something is �when it's done� I don't
usually hold completed videos in reserve or
anything like that, so when it's rendered
and finished it's usually uploaded pretty
quickly after that.
Top bunk productions says: How long has it
been since you playe the KV-2 or made any
KV-2 related things? Where's the derp in Herbert
Erpaderp gone?!
The other day I made a purchase that I think
you're going to like…
Anyway, the derp is in your heart you don't
have to play a KV-2 to have the derp within
you… I've played the KV-2 in world of tanks
recently. It wasn't really worth showing,
but maybe I'll play it some more and make
a video It really is a fun tank.
Martin Strickfuss says: Herbert, you sound
really australian when you say Australia.
What's your favourite eve ship?
If patrons wanted to, how could we buy you
a specific interesting kit?
I dunno… The proper australian way to say
australia is STRAYA… but I prefer the way
I say it…
My favourite EVE ship… Gooood question.
I always had a thing for the drake. It wasn't
a great ship, but it was fun and it just looks
so weird.
I also really enjoyed stealth bombers. My
main character was well skilled with caldari
and amarr ships, so I could fly the stealth
bomber for both of those races. I've forgotten
what they were called, but I liked them both
a lot.
If you have a good FC and people that aren't
completely brain dead you can absolutely ruin
shit with stealth bombers. Both as a little
wolf pack hot dropping people with bombers
or actually using the bombs as a part of a
larger fleet. Or at least that's the case
when I played.
They were also quite useful for easily getting
around and doing space logistics stuff.
I used to play with TEST alliance when we
were in fountain and delve and I did a lot
of logistics stuff. And for that I used both
stealth bombers and the crane, which is the
caldari cloaky transport ship. You need to
be sneaky and cloaky if you're doing logistics.
Not the kind where you haul cargo or repair
ships in battle, but the logistics where you
maintain the starbases and jump bridges and
stuff like that.
It wasn't usually thrilling, but I kind of
enjoyed it.
I still remember. I still remember back in
my day!
one time I followed a fleet knocking down
an enemy starbase and I was meant to drop
one of our own to replace it.
I decloaked and dropped it, but I wasn't quick
enough in anchoring it… and some dirty goon
managed to anchor it himself before me, so
that had to be destroyed and replaced again.
It was successful the second time.
It was pretty funny. Some people were a little
bit mad, but most of us thought it was pretty
About sending me kits, I don't really know.
It somehow doesn't feel right to take kits
from people. I'd much rather you kept them
and got enjoyment from them yourselves.
I have a whole bunch of stuff of my own that's
been waiting for ages to get built and other
than shiny new releases I probably shouldn't
be adding to that pile.
Though if you REALLY want to send me something
unique or interesting get in touch with me
on patreon and I could give you an address.
Really, your support on patreon is enough.
Bo Roberts says: What was your favourite tank
to paint so far?
Also do you plan on playing/making any videos
for flames of war 4th edition when that comes
So far… I don't know… To be honest I had
a lot of fun painting the pink panther.
Not specifically a tank, but I got a lot of
satisfaction from the bolt action bren carriers
when I finished those.
I plan to do a battle report for the 4th edition
of flames of war when it comes out. I might
also do something about the book and if there's
a new starter set I might pick that up too…
of course depending on what comes in it.
And of course I'll do videos on regular flames
of war models when I get them.
I have actually ordered some new flames of
war kits. The plastic tigers and M10 tank
There's a poll over on patreon right now to
help decide which of those I build first,
so if any patrons don't know about that you
should head on over there and vote.
If you're not a patron maybe you'd like to
become one and go vote… nudge nudge, go
on. You know you want to!
Australia day was last week and I celebrated
with two videos about the Australian AC 1
sentinel tank. The first of which was a world
of tanks video And the following comments
are from that video.
. As always link in the description and in
the upper right corner.
Bobobobingalong says:
that accent is so thick I cunt understand
I see what you did there!
Matthias Kellerman says:
I suspect you would become a sensation if
you used the coarse voice all the time!
What is a derro and b'hogan?
Edit: I just watched some bogans. Unpleasant.
They are clearly Australia's version of white
I like the way you typed bogan the first time.
It makes me think of an alien species in star
trek or something like that. The B'Hogan.
B'Hogans off the port bow captain. Fire the
A derro is… someone really trashy I guess…
I think it comes from the word derelict.
And it is true. Bogans are really unpleasant.
Obviously not everybody that sounds like the
voices I was doing is a bogan and you shouldn't
judge someone by the way they happen to sound
when they talk.
Kind of like how not everyone with a southern
redneck sounding voice is stupid.
But bogans generally are pretty bad people.
Definitely our version of white trash. Just
as racist, sexist and unintelligent as your
stereotypical hick or chav.
I'm not sure I'd be a sensation if I always
did the bogan voice… I do think it's funny
but It's not really sustainable for me…
It eventually starts hurting.
Topbunkproductions says: Sounds almost like
yorkshire chavs. �You fookin say that again,
you gay fucker, I'll shank you right hard,
Not a great chav voice, but uhh, you know,
good enough, I guess.
They're pretty much the same thing, just with
small regional differences.
They're fun to laugh about. Not so much fun
to spend time with.
Gustav II Adolf says:
OI herbert! I grew up playing a game called
Ty, the tasmanian tiger (dat alliteration)
back in the early two thousands. Being a non
native english speaker I learnt much of my
english from that game, in which everyone
spoke aussie and subsequenty it was my major
source of learning how to speak the english
language as well as about the australian culture.
Mainly boomerangs, boonie hats and the word
Thank goodness it wasn't a mature game, else
I'd have said wanker and farken cassowary
mate, during english lessons.
I've never heard of the game, but then it
doesn't really sound like something I'd be
into at that time, since I was in high school
in the early two thousands.
It's interesting though. Anyone that says
you can't learn from video games is a farken
It would be funny to hear a little kid yelling
about wankers and farken cassowarries…
Your teachers probably wouldn't have thought
so though. So maybe it is a good thing.
Also I until now I'd no idea what a boonie
hat was. I'm not very good at being an aussie.
I also never really use the word mate… It
feels awkward and sounds sarcastic when I
say it.
The second australia day video was also about
the AC1 sentinel, this time in 28mm scale.
Seehorn Actual says: Well happy Australia
day, herbert.
Now How do you store all these models you
put together?
I'm just going to drop in some video from
a previous video here where I showed the boxes
and shelves I store my tanks. Since most of
the models I build are tanks this is enough.
I've also got a couple of bags for bolt action
and flames of war stuff where my painted infantry
I'd love to get some nice, fancy glass display
cabinets, but I don't really have the space
for that kind of thing anyway.
Potatwo inc said he was staying inside on
Australia day because it's bloody hot outside.
Also I would love to see a chindit slash australian
Cracken 110 would also like to see a bolt
action australian army.
That could be pretty much every day. It's
way too hot all the time. Except the week
or two that we get of winter…
I've actually been thinking that I might get
a handful of Australian infantry figures.
It wouldn't be an entire army, but I could
have an Australian command team and a few
models and mix them with british figures to
fill out the force. That way I could field
a semi believable australian army if I felt
like it.
John Pedulla says: Well the music in the beginning
is okay… But the US anthem is much more
Uh… I Can't tell if you're taking the piss
or not.
Using the united states anthem in an australia
day video about an australian tank made by
an australian would tooootally be patriotic.
Matthias Kellerman says: Interesting. The
vehicle is probably the company B casting,
that would go a long way toward explaining
the patchy quality of the kit.
After looking at their StuG 33B I would say
you were lucky that the kit was so user friendly.
When you paint it are you going to render
the micro phallus purple?
You know… I think you're right. Until now
I'd not heard of Company B, but the picture
on their website it exactly the same as the
one on war and peace games's site.
If the rest of their stuff is bad then I guess
I should feel lucky that that model wasn't
I am quite tempted to paint the dong flesh
A discussion with my friend the other day
got me a little tempted to use some green
stuff to make the phallus a bit less… nub…
like… I probably won't but it's a funny
As for the colour, I'm undecided. I guess
we'll wait and see until I actually paint
the model.
John Smith says: This is a really weird looking
tank. I assume this is also dangerous because
it is australian in origin.
It is odd looking. That's what I like about
it… It's unusual. I do kind of have a thing
for strange unusual looking tanks.
It's definitely dangerous. It doesn't have
a very big gun, that's not the dangerous part.
It's incredibly toxic venom is what's going
to kill you.
Just don't let it bite you and you should
be fine. Like most of australia's deadly,
deadly wildlife, if you leave it alone it'll
probably leave you alone. Probably.
Gustav II Adolf says: The german word for
fat is dick, which is moderately amusing.
Not that it's related to this tank though.
Wait a minute.
I knew that! I learned it when I heard of
the Dicker Max tank destroyer.
Which is a sensible name.
T. says: Australia is cool. I once watched
a doccumentary about australia. I like how
you drive around in old wrecked cars and trucks
that spew flames and have been fitted with
I also love the post apocalypcit paint job
you give all your cars. Living in the middle
of the desert seems awkward though.
When will you get around to painting the Ratte?
Also what sort of super glue do you use? It
looks like it has a brush applicator, which
is useful.
Yeah. The desert is pretty inhospitable, but
we need the space for our cars and trucks.
If you drive them too near the trees along
the coast all the spikes and stuff get knocked
off and then you have to go to the effort
of putting them back on.
Nobody wants that extra work, so we live in
the desert.
I'm not sure when I'll paint the ratte. I
do have a goal on patreon to paint it and
to be fair, that is a fairly expensive one,
but it would force me to paint it, but one
day I'll probably just be in the mood and
start on it anyway.
The super glue I've been using lately is Selley's
quick fix. It comes in a bottle with a little
brush applicator.
I'm not attached to that particular brand,
but I do like the super glue that has a brush.
I usually just get whicever of that sort of
glue is cheapest in the super market.
It's cheaper than modelling specific brands
of super glue and I've found it to work just
as well.
On Friday I put up a quick tips video in which
I demonstrated some methods I use for holding
onto models while I paint them and the following
comments are from that video.
Surfing Moose says: I use the smaller tamiya
bottles (the ones that look like larger testor
bottles) with blu tack.
Also I do subassembly painting. I rarely if
ever attach the tracks on tanks until they
have been base painted.
Once the hull and tracks have been painted
separately scratch off some paint and attach
using crazy glue. Now the weathering can start.
Subassembly painting is a good idea, particularly
if you plan to paint the tank immediately
after building it. A lot of my flames of war
tanks were painted that way.
It doesn't work so well for me. It can be
months or years before I paint something I've
built and you can't play games with them if
they're in pieces, so I usually attach the
tracks to my tanks.
Both ways are good, but sub assembly painting
can make things go a lot quicker and easier.
Alex Kinchin says: For plastic tanks I just
glue a bit of sprue to the bottom. Means it
won't sit flat without some fiddling, but
you can paint the bottom with ease.
That's a really good idea. The bond should
be pretty good with the sprue being the same
material as the model. You could always blu
tack it to something, or directly to the table
if you want to sit kind of flat.
Maybe sharpen the end of the sprue and stab
it into a block of foam if you've got a bunch
of parts that need to be held. I think that's
a good idea.
Gustav II adolf says: You can hurt yourself,
or worse, the model. That's how one should
prioritise! Herbert is an expert. Trust him.
Yes trust him
And adds: I use toothpickers (toothpicks?)
with a bit of blue-tac for the separate, smaller
parts such as wheels and antennas. But I tend
to build 35th scale models and thus have many
small parts.
You should definitely trust me! I mean. Your
body can heal… but if you damage your model
you then have to fix it. ..Nobody wants to
do that extra work.
Tooth picks for small parts is a good idea.
I do similar for things like wheels on larger
scale tanks except I use barbeque skewers.
They're kind of like tooth picks but longer
and slightly thicker. I probably should have
thought to mention those.
Neo bragg says:
well… I don't know exactly what this gesture
is called… but it make me chuckle…
What is this called? Sex fingers? Suggestive
in out in out fingers?
I want to know so that I can describe it in
On Monday I uploaded some Verdun Gameplay.
And the following comments are from that video.
British Modeller says: Actually your scottish
accent wasn't so bad. It sounded like a person
from the isle of arran off the west coast.
And top bunk productions added: I'm a quarter
scottish, so I can confirm that your accent's
You mean I don't win the worst accent award?
Goddamnit. I never win anything.
Well I guess that's okay.
I used to work with scottish people. Maybe
that rubbed off on me in some way.
They were always amused by my terrible attempts
to emulate them.
Gmias Briada says:
Oh he werfed a mine at me… I am german and
can not take this damage on my language…
Oooh ja, das boot und ein glockenspeil…
guten morgen haben sie Verst�rkte Ausl�sung
How's that for damaging the german language?!
The very end bit is me trying to ask if you
have intensified triggering…
It amused me at least…
And now for some comments on the most recent
episode of Derptopia!
Matthias Kellermann says: herbert, your high
density residential areas with no utilities
are reminiscent of the soviet �paradise�
of the 30s. Are you a closet stalinist?
Top bunk productions adds: He's one nuclear
power station away from making it into derpnobyl.
A closet stalinst? Nyet comrade. Nyet!
No utilities no problems! Don't even worry
about it!
I can't wait to get a nuclear plant. It will
finally put derptopia on the map once and
for all!
Topbunk productions says: Now you have to
face the challenge many mayors face. A populace
consisting mostly of idiots.
Hmm… It really is a challenge… I had thought
my life experiences of seemingly being surrounded
by idiots would help. But it doesn't. It really
Mayoring is hard work. I guess if people get
too bad I can always break out the old bulldozer
and show them what for.
Seehorn Actual says: I'm enjoying this series
more than I should. Must resist buying the
game… Must resist buying the game… Must
adult things… Must buy game… buying game
Haha… well… Your powers of resistance
may have failed, but I hope you're at least
enjoying the game. I quite enjoy it. Obviously.
Gustav II Adolf says:
Howdy Herbert. Mighty fine vidya bout yah
topia there. Ya ever tried fistful of frags?
It sure is one helluva cowboy game, real wacky.
Ya can kick people. Shoot em to death. Drink
whiskey and throw ya gun at em when ya ain
got no bullets left.
Go check it out, pal. It's free. Yee-haw!
This message convinced me to have a quick
play of fistful of frags. It was pretty fun.
There was nobody else playing, but the multi
player servers have bots so I played with
those. Not a bad game. I might even play it
Look for a video about it soon!
And with that, this week's ask a herbert erpaderp
draws to a close.
Just a reminder to any patrons that might
not have seen it, there's a poll over at patreon
where you can vote which battlefront plastic
kit you'd like to see me build first, either
the tigers or the M10s.
Right now they're tied. I don't want to have
to flip a coin to decide.
Of course if you're not already a patron and
you want to vote too, there's a link to patreon
in the description and in the end card.
In addition to taking part in polls, patrons
get to see my videos a little earlier than
everybody else and there's some bonus patron
only content too.
The January out takes video is going to be
up in the next couple of days.
If you have any questions you would like me
to answer in next week's ask a herbert erpaderp
of if you just have any general comments go
ahead and put them in the comment section
Also be sure to do all those other youtubey
things like subscribing, sharing and clicking
like. Assuming you did like the video.
If you really like the videos, check out patreon…
which I just spoke about. If you've forgotten
skip back a few seconds.
As always, I shall return soon. Until then
happy whatever it is you're doing and thanks
for watching.

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