Un test d’innocence pour savoir si ton esprit est mal placé. DEVIENS UNE VRAIE BAGUETTE TRADITION 2.0, ABONNE TOI ! : → FACEBOOK …
Let's stop now the clap, we stop the "Clap hello", don't ask me why like that, I-
don't ask me… don't ask me why like that, I-
It makes me uncomfortable at the beginning of the video, I don't want it anymore but wait still want to make videos !
I love my wife, I love my kids, I'll soon have a renault scenic, I mean I've got the castorama card, I'm a
I am a satisfied man. I am very happy
This is not the problem. Buuuut, the "clap hello", I don't have…. anymore
I woke up this morning. First I had
a sh**y voice as you can hear it. And then, I didn't want to do the "clap hello" anymore
So vote, a referendum is appearing right there
Are we going to keep on the "clap hello", Are we going to cancel it ?
May we find another introduction ?
That you may invent down in the comments below. I don't know, it's you. I don't know You must choose
Anyway, You understood. Lets innovate about the introduction on my channel, because it's becoming long.
I let you propose new things in the comments. Today in this video, we will test your mind and mine so,
in order to know if you and mine to know if you or I have a dirty mind.
Well known example, What do you see here?
Do you see someone spreading his/her legs or two people sitting back to back,
or just the logo of the brand Kappa?
Quite clever product placement, i admit…
That's false, tottaly false, I don't give a shit about Kappa.
As you already understood, we have a picture and multiple ways to interpret it, depending on whether you have a dirty mind…
or not. Lets find all together if we are (sex) maniac or not.
First picture … (nervous laugh)
hemm… okay… Fisrt picture, the question is not necessary…
"do i have a dirty mind? do you have a dirty mind?"
The right question is " Is the man, who built this hot-dog stand…
clearly is a sex maniac, for the anal type?
Because right here…
Me, like that, the f… the f… the first image , when it came
I didn't see straight away a hot-dog stand. Maybe because I am
conditionned by the concept of the video, okay. If I saw that
like that, in the everyday life, maybe I would not have thought to buttlocks
with a chipolata inside… But now, clearly,
i will be honest with you, I see a ass. Well, you know… Why?
Wait, I will explain why… Because, a good hot-dog
It is more something like two half-moons, which come to lock up the sausage, okay…
At the limit, a sandwich that come to lock up the sausage
but it is not buttlocks this sauce between them
and the sausage, which is apparent at the point of it
finally, of the side of the crusty end… Non this hot dog does not exist.
It exists only when we want to make a smutty metaphor …
What do i see? They propose several choices:
A whale sticking out her tongue
hemmmm… so hemmm
Oh maybe yes… a "sperm whale" maybe… but the sperm whale lived for a very long time…
A penis, right like that we are sure… hem okay…
i have an even dirtier mind than the people who wrote the test
people had to see c*ck with blass here? No, because
I saw an ass, i saw an ass with a chipolata inside, but after that hem…
Each his own thing … this video will be demonetized ….
Yep, yep, yep yep yep….
This is conformed, i will not earn money from this video. I wish we will earn some fun
and that's the most important….
But money is cool tho… A hot dog? Never at any time i see a hot dog…
Neveet at any time i see a whale sticking out her tongue… A penis…
That's right, now that you say it…. But obviously, there is no correct answer
it depends on what you're thinking about, you now you are
a maniac or not
No, here, really, I think I have been conditionned by the theme of the video, so i hem….
awaited to see some boobs, but I clearly see knies
For those who saw boobs right here, know that boobs have nipples…
It's really a biological particularity
that human evolution gave to male and female humans, so if you don't see nipple, there is a sign
Either it is knies, or it is…
a blurred porn video from japan.
ohlalalalalala… I was so frightened to have to cut it
at the editing… but i clearly isee an eye. Never at any time I doubt.
Simply, with the scrolling frightened me a bit. When i scrolled at the beginning, effectively,
the fissure may have suggest something a bit more lewd
but it's okay
What I see here
I didn't see anything special, i just saw two guys, a bit ugly…
No, here i don't see anything… So, a couple, who is dancing… Yes maybe… It's what I saw, I think…
A sexy couple…? or boobs…? No.
Hear me, on this picture, i don't see anything, that is tendentious
but really nothing… Tell me … I don't know… i don't see anything….
I'm getting pissed of… Personnaly, it go as a cut duing the editing…
But maybe you will bring some fun in the comments.
I don't know, tell me what you see
How fast can you guess these words? Knowing that this is in english.
Yep okay so hem… The first one is "boobs". I am a tosser.
the second one is "freedom"… no because this is not written like this …
the trhird one is "F*ck", the fourth is "penis", the fifth "pussy"
and the sixth is "sex". That mean that out of 6 words, i guess
only dirty things, knowing that the first one could have been "boots" for example.
the third one could have been "funk". The problem is: the first words i learned in english
a dirty words, so….

I admit that the first image that i saw, the very first image that i saw
was clearly not bald men from the top
I tell it you very honestly, we were not looking at a baldness
we were really looking at hem…
at boobs, i want to be honest, so i saw boobs
Ladies and gentelman, you alreday understood the concept of the video,
now we are going to do test and get judged and tell us at how many percent we are innocent or
we are retarded in the way of sexual perversion
something really, really dirty …
Let's go, norally its a bit harder
So firstly, what can we se that could be tendentious on this picture?… This women here may be naked…
Isn't it? okay… "What is the first thing you see in this picture?"
A women without clothes, I really
totally argee, some friends who are smiling. maybe some you
simply saw humans having a good time,
me i'm really obsess with the woman and the left, who is seem to be undressed.
Ohlala, i really saw a naked chick
Okay we continu the test, ladies and gentelman

Noooo, but noooooooo
My sight goes directly to the thing it should not… Yes, obviously i see an ass
It is a bit weird… What freaks me out is i find ….
I still find it weird… You would have shown me this picture
Outside of the game, i sure i would have said "i see her ass"
I have to be honest with you. What do you see? "Some girls getting ready."
"A girl with no pants on" or "'A camera". I really clearly see
A girl from the back, who has no pants on, there is no doubt at all.
Okayyyyyyyyyy, end of the monetizing.
Okay okay okay
Oh fuck! Yep, those are pigs, those are pigs.
the proposition was written down here because hem… i did not see the pigs
I did'nt see any pig… But we really are looking at animals.
To tell it politely, i was imagining a man …
with spread legs… that's it… How many of you are traumatized
currently? You can vote thank to the poll that is displayed (top right corner).
Are you traumatized by what you just saw? The percentage should be interesting.

Heeeeeeem, no… Here, here… here I clearly saw at first sight
that those were some chairs. Why?
Maybe thank to the skin color. The difference between the the color of the chair and
and the woman who moreover seem to be a bit wrinkled…
whereas the chair is somehow really nice to watch… It means that the chair is nicer than the lady
That's not reaaly cool for her. I saw
two women sitting on bar stools.
I was not weird about this picture.
What do i see here… i see a woman who is riding a bike.
No i really saw a woman riding a bike, but actually, if you really care about the details….
Do you see a woman…
With a bit a flesh, about what we could wonder what it is, or a woman riding a bike
Personnaly, i saw a woman riding a bike. An happy woman.
No matter if she was born as a woman or not, the most important is
she is happy…And maybe that she could show a minimum of modesty …
Oh but that's… no… this his her saddle! We will never know.
there is no good answer, nobody will ever know.
We won't call her to ask it to her, huh. But really, i relaly saw a woman riding a bike.
Is that her saddle, is that her cock? You can give your opinion thank to this poll,
to know if it's a saddle, or ..a cock…
No, it didn't work. It made me laugh, but it didn't work. It's reaaly more something like a slide in the background, misplaced…
…Maybe the cameraman who failed
The man is carring a woman
There is some lexical field from the field of view
which could recall the sex…
a big top, something like Pinder circus. Me, i see hem…
No, i see some slides, i see some slides.
Honestly i saw slides at the first sight, i will not lie.
Ohlalalalaaaaaa… Ah, i can't lie to you.
I Can not lie yo youuuu….
I have to tell the truth :(
I saw a dick !
And not a thumb… That was bizarre… the picture that i saw was Bizarre
It did not stay to long in head, but it was strange…
Me, I… Me, I saw a dick… Obviously there is a poll! here you go
you can vote, do you see a thumb? do you see a hemmmmmmm…
*penis* you are the one who chosse.
Whaaaat is thaaaat
Oh noooooo… Here too, I saw the thing i shouldn 't have seen…
No, here my brain was reassured by the posture
of the girl who is being fisted.
clearly the the theme of the thing… The girl in the middle
seems to be really serene for someone who getting a fist in the genitals.
it didn't convice me enough, I directly said to myself "Nah that's flase."
But really, what are they doing? how could this situation happen?
We can see that the two are stressed here.
She pushing her buttlock to help her to climb on her knie. No, that's really credible.
I'm not cheerleader, i'm not pompom-girl but…
There is nothing strange. That's it, those are cheerleaders who try to help their friend to climb
No, no, that was not bizarre at all.
But don't worry, I still am dirty in any case.
Ohlala, this one is really dirty, it's dirty!!! because i get fooled…
by an halogen lamp. Now that i understood the trick, there is no more doubt.
My brain does not even catch the spread legs back with the string.
But the first thing a saw, that was it! there was no doubt.
No, i saw … yep… yep … yep…
A woman who is spreading her legs… Yep, there is a poll, of course!
It's here, you can vote!
Calculatiing *nervous laugh*
Well… My mind is composed of 90 percent of dirty things
like a confirmed sex maniac
against innocent pictures… and 10 percent of innocence.
10% of what remains finally from my childhood, you see.
from credulity…
the first thing that goes to your mind is dirty.
that mean that you are a widely open-minded person. Thats true that me hem….
Around some beers with my friends, we can speak about a good dick… a good cock…
without blushing, that's sure.
ladies and gentelman, this is the end of the video, waiting for the big projects
which will arrive on my channel. You know there are several currently running.
You know there is the redbox trip. You may are waiting for some of the episods
which are not realesed yet. It's coming, do not worry, but we prefer to show you quality videos
because the editing is extremly long to realise.
there is a mass of other project which are being written and/or shot and that will
be realesed on the channel during the summer.
You can wait them with some shot video like this one to make you busy.
I love this kind of stupidities, so i hope you like it.
Like the videos "the worst of…", me I love the "the worst of…" video (x3)
i'm at the episod 8999…
But i still love this kind of video, so i hope that you enjoy this kind of videos.
I let you give a blue thumbs-up if you enjoyed the video.
Subscribe if it is not already done, click one the bell to be aware of the videos that are coming soon.
I finnaly have to say , it was Amixem.
Come on, we stop this hemm…
"over"… Maybe something else…
Make a suggestion in the comments, maybe we could have a lot a comments to read.
Until then "Over".

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