AYAN NA SI BOLET BULATE! Kuwento ni Dr. Luis Gatmaitan Guhit ni Aba Liuch Dalena Check out my Kwentong Tagalog Channel: MGA KWENTONG …
Story by Dr. Luis Gatmaitan
Illustrations by Aba Liuch Dalena
Hey kids, did you ever have worms in your
Isn't it yucky?
When a tiny worm comes out from your anus, it means there are a lot more worms inside your tummy.
Lots and lots of them might be living there together, eating away the nutrients that are not really for them.
Maybe you're thin even though you keep eating because the worms get the nutrients from the food that you take in!
Do you know that there are three kinds of worms that can live together at the same time in your tummy?
There's the hookworm, the ascaris, and the trichiuris (traykyuris).
And they're all friends!
When one of these three kinds of worms come out from a child, we, the doctors, begin to suspect that the other two kinds of worms are inside that child's tummy too!
The main character in our story is a bad worm called Bolet Bulate.
He is an ascaris, also known as a roundworm.
Let's see what's going to happen to him.
Joshua and KC always go around barefoot.
Their parents, Daddy Bilyo and Mommy Lea are tired of warning them about the dangers of walking barefoot.
They just won't listen.
They only wear slippers when Daddy and Mommy are around.
But the moment they are by themselves, Joshua and KC race with each other to throw off their slippers.
"Yipee! It's faster to run barefoot!" Joshua shouted.
"You're right! And it's more fun to play hopscotch without slippers!" KC agreed.
Instead, they wear their slippers on their hands.
Then they'd run as fast as they can.
When they are tired of this, they'd remove their slippers and use these to play tumbang-preso.
They would hit the cans aligned in rows with their slippers.
How happy they are to see their poor slippers getting deformed.
Not only that.
Joshua and KC are used to eating at the dining table with-out washing their hands.
They pretend before Daddy and Mommy that their hands are clean.
And when a chance to eat with their bare hands comes, they would surely do it.
They think that using a spoon and a fork makes eating harder.
"I eat better with bare hands!" KC says, her mouth full.
"Oh, yes, and I really don't like using a spoon
and a fork!" Joshua agrees.
One day, Mommy Lea arrived home and found the children chasing each other.
They were so dirty, smelly, and barefoot with dirty toenails.
"Didn't I tell you to wear slippers all the time?
And why are your hands so dirty?
Worms might enter your stomach!
Joshua, you're older than KC but you're not
being a good example!"
As soon as Mommy Lea turned her back, Joshua whispered to KC,
"How could worms enter our stomachs when they are so big?"
"Hmmp! I don't believe that worms can really do that.
They live in the soil, right, Kuya?"
"Yes, of course!"
If there was someone happy about all this,
it was Bolet, the ascaris worm.
Bolet was able to enter Joshua's body easily.
It happened when Joshua was again too lazy to wash his hands before eating.
Bolet Bulate hid under Joshua's long and dirty fingernails.
Nobody noticed him stuck in the dirt.
Bolet was just a tiny egg then that our bare
eyes could hardly see him.
When Joshua brought the rice and pancit to his mouth, Bolet held on tightly to a noodle.
He clung to it as Joshua chewed.
Seconds later, Bolet slid down a long, long
passageway that ended in a pouch, Joshua's stomach.
Then he found himself inside the intestines.
There Bolet had a metamorphosis.
His form began changing each day!
From a very tiny egg, Bolet became a threadlike worm.
He grew and grew until he became a big, fat worm.
Joshua's internal organs were shocked to see what Bolet had become.
They couldn't believe that an egg that looked so harmless could change into a long and dangerous worm.
"I am Bolet, the ascaris worm!
I am the first worm in this tummy!
And I'll start to multiply very soon!" Bolet announced.
And he burst into a frightening laughter,
Everyone got scared.
This was the first time they had ever seen
something as ugly as Bolet Bulate.
They all trembled in fear.
"Oh my, an invasion has begun!" Bing Intestine was so nervous.
"W-what shall we do?" ApendiKiko Appendix tearfully asked.
"Look at him. He's so creepy, I feel like throwing up!" cried Sebyo Stomach.
Holding his head high, Bolet started doing
the rounds, inspecting each organ.
"Why, you all smell bad!" said Bolet, covering his nose.
The organs were furious at the arrogant worm.
But they couldn't do anything.
Bolet had invaded their territory.
"Joshua is my ally! And all hard-headed kids too.
If he only obeyed his parents. I would not have been able to enter his body.
It's good that he doesn't know that I look
so different before becoming a big worm!
In the midst of the terrified organs, Bolet
delivered a speech.
And then he gave a riddle to all:
"Who among you can guess where I really came from?
In the beginning, I was just a tiny egg but upon entering a kid's tummy from an egg, I became a larva like a piece of thread wriggling and wiggling.
Can't wait to roam and enter into the gall bladder, lungs, appendix, and liver, And into the intestines,
I who was once a teeny- weeny larva have taken a new form, a big, big worm!
And of course . . All the nutrients in your body will become mine!
Hik-hik-hik-hik! Hik-hik-hik-hik!"
Atoy Liver, Bing Intestine, Apeng Gall Bladder, and ApendiKiko Appendix couldn't stand the awful sight.
Their world became a dumpsite.
Bolet Bulate started laying lots of eggs.
Then these eggs became lots of larvae.
And the larvae turned into long and dangerous worms in the intestines!
Eggs, larvae, and worms were everywhere.
Some were clinging to one another like balls!
Joshua's intestines, which used to be healthy, became a breeding place for worms.
One day, Mommy Lea noticed that Joshua couldn't eat.
He was pale and weak.
KC, on the other hand, complained of a stomach ache.
"What could be the problem with our children?"
Mommy Lea asked Daddy Bilyo, who was also worried.
"They used to be very active. But now, they look sick."
"We'll go to the doctor tomorrow.
We can't take chances," Daddy Bilyo answered.
That night, while Joshua was in the toilet,
he let out a scream.
"M-mommmyyy! There's a worm in my poop!"
Daddy Bilyo and Mommy Lea rushed to his side.
"So it's worms that are causing your trouble," Mommy Lea said.
"Maybe, your sister KC has worms, too."
"Don't worry, we'll deworm them!"
Daddy Bilyo assured his wife.
And he prepared the deworming medicine.
Bolet Bulate and the rest of the worms had
no idea what was in store for them.
He was sleeping soundly while his fellow worms were playing —wiggling, pulling, and sliding over one another.
Open your mouth wide! OK, swallow it down.
Quickly, Purico Purgative slid down Joshua's throat and reached his stomach.
He was ready to save Joshua from the invading worms.
There was a big fight with lots of blows here and strikes there, a pull here and a push there, a front kick here and a back kick there.
The worms were defeated!
Bolet was awakened by the noise.
He saw many of his fellow worms already paralyzed.
Some were convulsing, others, fighting for
their lives.
Most of them died.
Bolet quickly made his escape.
Along the way, he hid in every little fold of the intestines so that Purico Purga won't be able to spot him.
He even held tightly to ApendiKiko Appendix who almost collapsed out of fear.
Finally, Purico Purgative caught up with him.
"Where do you think you're going, Bolet Bulate?
Your end has come!
You and your eggs and larvae!"
"Eeeeee, there's the villain!" cried Bolet.
"Oh, and he's calling me the villain!
Shame on you! Umm!
You really haven't learned your lesson yet!"
Minutes later, the once proud and dangerous Bolet Bulate dropped dead.
Bolet's take-over of Joshua's stomach has
finally ended.
Joshua and KC finally learned their lesson.
They now go about wearing slippers.
They wash their hands before eating.
And they don't let their nails grow long.
Never again will they allow any worm to enter their stomachs.
Meanwhile, many egg-worms are watching from the ground.
They are waiting for children who don't like
to wear slippers and wash their hands.
But are you going to let them in?

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