Back pain is a common compliant in second trimester of pregnancy, In this video , introducing easy and safe exercise that pregnant woman can do to manage …
Hi friends am Majo Jose, Physiotherapist
Back pain is a common complaint usually
starting in second trimester of pregnancy
Today, I am sharing some easy and safe
exercise that the pregnant woman can do to manage
the back pain due to
postural changes in the time of pregnancy.
Body will produce progesterone and relaxin hormone
at the pregnancy period.
it causes laxity in ligaments, muscles
in pelvic area,
Thus joint becomes more loose
It gives instability in the spine and causing back pain
Other thing is while in pregnancy women
typically gain between
25 to 37 pounds of weight from growing
foetus and uterus
All this weight has to be supported by
spine ,
also in pregnancy
center of gravity shifts
due to the postural changes
It leads to the changes in mobility
movements, etc
The main reason for back pain in pregnancy is
stomach moves forward and downwards
this increases lordosis or in ward curve of lower back,
later it causes
tightening of ligaments, muscles in lower back
and gives extra load stress on lumbar vertebra,
causing muscle injuries ,disc injuries and bulges,
also sometimes result in
compression of the nerve which arise from
lower back to lower leg. It causes back pain and
radiating symptoms
let's see how to do exercise easily and safely
to reduce load stress on lower back and
maintain adequate normal length of ligament and muscle
This will help to reduce back pain
due to
postural changes in pregnancy

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