Instagram: Lyrics: Verse 1 (Lil Twin) Ridin’ Bitch get me through the highway Like Harvy Dant speaking on a mountain In …
bitch get me throught the highway
like Harvy Dant speaking on a mountain
in Arkhem
two faced thoughts on my mind
and my army will kill the world around me
and i will
watch the world on fire
And i will be laughing laughing laughing
like Joker
dancing on the car like a broker
who stole your money from your pocket on the
Wall Street But it's OK
Is controlling my vibes
I'm a junkie
So I dont need advice
think I might overdose
And it's likely
But I'm in paradise
So don't judge me bitch
You don't know my kind
On the Higways
You will find me right here
Palm Trees
It is done, nature’s will broke us
High in the mountains built upon stone graves of mankind
I can see through them, sins lay under, experiences hardened them
Kill that pussy, you sad fuck, a man, you are not
Slit the throat of thy whore
Spread that that pussy breed a colony of slaves
Don’t ever fuckin lie
Raped by your own father
In the ass with the glass, broken into pieces
Upon them the cross and cock of you local priest
Torn apart rectum, bleeding insides
A piece of shit , damaged cunt you are
The liquid you seek
Is a river, which ends in the emptiness
You may try to live with it
Though everything you make, wont help you with escaping destinity

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