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As time goes by, the human body also gradually enters the aging process.
The older the human body, the faster it will age.
As a result of the aging process, the musculoskeletal condition also begins to degenerate gradually.
It is accompanied by pain and discomfort in the joints.
Instead of letting the body enter the premature aging process
You can absolutely use good joint exercises
to help prevent and control possible osteoarthritis diseases
This is also a method to help people have a satisfying life
Because bones and joints are always supple, the body is always firm.
Exercise 1: Standing alone and pulling legs
Effects: of single-hand leg stretching exercises
Helps to relieve pain and redness in the knee joints. The joints are relaxed.
Prepare position: Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart.
Step 1: Bend the right knee and bring the foot toward the buttocks,
Use your right hand to hold your right leg in place
Step 2: Try to bring your heels as close to your buttocks as possible,
You can rest your other hand against the wall for balance.
Then hold this position for about 30 seconds, then relax and repeat with your left leg.
Do 3 times a day to get the desired results
Exercise 2: Single leg raised sitting
What it does: Single leg lifts strengthen the muscles around and around your knees.
Prepare posture: Sit on a chair, legs bent at a 90 degree angle
Step 1: Slowly lift your right leg and let it parallel to the floor, left foot on the ground
Step 2: Hold for 30 seconds then gradually lower right leg down and repeat with left foot.
Do 10 such exercises 2 times a day
Exercise 3: Bend the pillow
Benefits: The knee bend exercises are very effective to help the knees and calf muscles reduce stress.
This is also a quick way to relieve knee pain and help the muscles, tendons and ligaments more supple
Prepare position: Lie flat on the bed or the floor
Step 1: Fold the left pillow close to the body, hold for 15 seconds
Step 2: Raise the left leg back to the original position, then switch to the right leg
Exercise 2 times a day for 15 minutes each time.
Exercise 4: Back flexing
Effects: This exercise can help stretch and relax the spine, relieve pain in the shoulder, neck, back
Prepare posture: Sit up straight, legs stretched
Step 1: Bring your hands straight forward and slowly bend your torso to the floor and hold this position for 15 seconds
Step 2: Relax and return to starting position, repeat the exercise 10 times
Exercise 5: Cat's back
Cat back exercises can help relieve spinal and neck pain
At the same time strengthens the wrist, helps blood circulation and improves digestion.
Preparing posture: Place your knees at a 90 degree angle to the floor.
2 hands spread out against the floor, forearms and elbows straight.
Step 1: Push your belly downwards. Raise head and neck towards the sky, hold for about 10 seconds
Step 2: Push the back arched upwards, the neck and head bow close to the body and hold for 10 seconds
Repeat 10 times
When first practicing, the patient will see increased pain
But gradually it will significantly improve your joint pain
However, you should remember to exercise daily musculoskeletal treatment and persevere to get the best results
In addition, you need to visit a clinic for diagnosis and support with modern and appropriate treatment.
With 5 useful exercises recently, Check Health hopes to help you improve the health of muscles and joints
Wish you good health and do not forget to share this knowledge with the community to help many people know.
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