BarbaraNichols #NYactors Today I provide a short Barbara Nichols’ documentary and visit her gravesite location. Barbara Nichols gravesite location is part of …
Hi guys! It's Meg. I'm going to show you
the gravesite of Barbara Nichols.
She was an actress from the 50s through
the 70s.
I'm gonna talk about her life and it's
all coming up.
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Today's visit brings us back to the
Empire state.
Pinelawn Memorial Park is located in
Farmingdale, New York.
It has over 500 acres of land and is
right next to Long Island National
To find Barbara Nichols' gravesite, you
can take that road you see right there
and then make a left here, and she's in
the Garden of Sanctuary.
Barbara Marie Nickerauer was born on
December 10, 1928 in Mineola, New York
to George and Julia Nickerauer. She
started as a showgirl,
became a pinup girl, and later appeared
on Broadway. In the mid-1950s, Barbara
moved to California and began appearing
in both movies and television.
Some of the films Miss Nichols appeared
in were, Miracle in the rain,
1956's The Wild party,
The King in four queens, Sweet smell of
Ten North Frederick, The Naked and the
Who is that lady? starring Tony Curtis
and Dean Martin.
Where the boys are, House of women,
The Disorderly Orderly, The loved one,
and The Photographer. Miss Nichols'
television roles were often as a guest.
Some of them are,
The United States Steel Hour, Danger,
The Red Skelton hour, The real McCoys,
The Dennis O'keefe show, The Twilight
Miami Undercover, The Dick Powell show,
The Beverly Hillbillies, Batman,
Green Acres, Hawaii 5-O,
The Doris Day show, and The Rookies.
On October 5, 1976
Barbara Nichols died in Hollywood,
California from liver failure.
She had been in a car accident years
earlier that damaged her spleen and
She was only 47 years old.
Barbara appeared in over 25 movies and
50 television shows.
She never married or had any children.
Her parents
George and Julia Nickerauer were both laid
to rest next to her in 1997.
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