Bed time yoga for good nights sleep. Join me for this calming yoga practice to unwind, decompress from your day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.
Hi everyone, welcome to Amala movement
I'm Charlotte
Today we have some bedtime yoga. So this
is really great to do at the end of your
to decompress from work and to find some
rest and relaxation before
you go to sleep. So wear something super
cozy, grab yourself some pillows and
and let's get started
so you can totally do this practice in
bed, make sure that you've got at least
two pillows with you
but there's no limit – have as many
pillows as you like, as many blankets and
cushions, just have them around and to hand
and we're going to be starting kneeling,
if that's not comfy, of course
find an alternative that works for you
let's bring our palms together, Anjali mudra
closing the eyes, dropping the chin
gently down towards the chest take a
deep breath
in through the nose
and a big sigh out and exhale
and as you sigh out, can you really allow
yourself to let go
let go of any and
all unwanted tension that's
built up during the day
exhale like you mean, it like you're
letting go. Like you're shedding away
these unwanted layers
don't be afraid to make noise. Two more
deep and loving, meaningful breaths
keeping the eyes closed, keeping the chin
down towards the chest
interlace the fingers and press the
palms of the hands
up towards the sky. Straightening the
and encourage any yawns, stretching out
the whole of the upper body
good. One more breath, really press the
palms up towards the sky
Exhale dropping the fingertips down
towards the earth
and then placing the palms of the hands
over the eyes
feeling the weight and the warmth here,
allow the eyes to soften into their
let the head feel heavy, let the skin of
the face feel soft.
Start to blink the eyes open and taking
the palms of the hands away
moving slowly, moving mindfully, moving
like you love yourself
come on to all fours
drawing your belly gently in and up
towards the spine
pressing the palms of the hands down in
towards the mat
rounding the spine and looking in
between your legs
pausing here for a few moments.Feeling
active stretch through the shoulder blades
and then dropping the belly down towards
the floor, slowly coming
into our cow position. Squeezing the
shoulder blades together
letting the heart beam forwards
coming back into our cat, rounding
through the spine
squeezing the shoulder blades away from
one another
dropping the chin down towards your
feeling this as a really active press
into the floor or the bed
and then dropping the belly down towards
the earth, squeezing the shoulder blades
beaming the chest forwards
these soft and loving exhales
great. Placing the tops of the feet on
the floor
and we're going to move our body in a
circle, so it's like we're stirring
something in a pot, and I really
encourage you to close your eyes
and just indulge in this movement. Please
don't overthink or analyze or worry what
this might look like
this is going to be looking very
different for everyone
Commit to moving with what
feels good
and stirring your pot the other way so
reversing the circles
feel free to pause in any places
that want a bit more
time and softness and care
and attention
and then next time that your pelvis is
on your heels, pause, take a child's pose
have your knees nice and wide.
Stretching your fingertips really far in
front of you so
actively walking your fingertips away
from you.
Let the elbows soften into the earth
palms come together. Bow your forehead
down towards the earth
and wrap your hands around the back of
your neck
taking a moment here
If it feels nice we can squeeze the back
of the neck
give yourself a lovely little neck
why not
soften your belly
know that this is a safe space for you
to completely let go
relaxing the hands down towards the
blinking the eyes open and coming up
all fours.
Beautiful. I would like you to grab your
pillows and blankets. Pop
a few of them in front of you, at the top
of your mat –
like this – and then have a long one
so we're kind of making a a 'T' shape with
our pillows.
On all fours, step your right
foot very quietly and gently all the way
up to the top of your mat.
Shuffle your
right foot
towards your left hand, so it's coming
across the body
and then lower the hips down onto your
so this is a very supported pigeon pose
you can prop yourself up as high as you
need to
a deeper stretch, would be your left
foot further away from you. An easier
stretch would be your left foot closer
towards you
so play with a place – uh – play with
finding a place that feels good
and then use the pillows at the top of
your mat
to really cushion you. To support
yourself as you lower down
come to rest your head in your hands.
Take a deep breath in through the nose,
and a meaningful
exhale and release
through the mouth
Unclench your jaw
Drop the tongue away from the roof of
your mouth
and we can hold a lot in our hips,
around our Psoas and our Glutes, and our
often can be very very tight.
and all the stress of the day
tends to be held around this area
so breathe deep,
and with every exhale is there something
that you can let go of, is there another
that you can encourage to melt away
then, with as much ease as you can
bringing the hands down towards the
Quietly and mindfully bringing this
right knee
back onto all fours, having a wiggle of
the hips.
Do what you need to do.
and very simply transitioning to the
other side so stepping your
left foot all the way up in between your
this left foot shuffles to the right
side so it meets your
right wrist drop the knee out towards
the side and come to land
on your pillow or pillows underneath you
remember that one side is going to feel
very different from the other so don't
go in with
any expectations and then
soften down onto your pillows
find a place that you can support your
whether that's resting in your hands
you may be able to place your head
on the floor or on the pillows in front
of you
give yourself enough space to breathe
beautiful slowly start to blink your
eyes open
with love come to press yourself
up transferring back onto all fours move
your pillows
out the way we'll be using them again in
a little bit
wiggle the hips from side to side
crossing the ankles crossing the calves
and just
swish yourself onto your bottom
gently come to lie all the way on your
stretch the legs out in front of you
stretch your arms over your head
interlace the fingers
press the palms away from you point the
wriggle the body stretch out through the
armpit stretch out through the hips
now flexing the feet press the heels
away from you inviting all of those
yawns all of those
deep breaths and then relax
relax the arms down by your side walk
left foot to the left side of your mat
and your
right foot is going to cross over your
ankle stretch your left arm
overhead and catch your left wrist with
your right hand
so coming into a very passive banana
so this might be enough for you to find
a deeper stretch
shuffle your shoulders towards the left
of the mat
allow the weight of the body to
let go
allow yourself to unwind from your day
come back to those really gorgeous
deep and meaningful breaths
bringing your legs back to center
unraveling your body come back to center
drop your arms down by your side bring
the right foot to the outside
edge of your mat cross your left foot on
top of your right ankle
bring your right arm overhead catching
right wrist and then shuffling your
towards the right side of the mat and
find somewhere that you can completely
let go
so feeling this opening all the way down
the left side of the body
running from your left fingertips
down through your left elbow
your left shoulder
the left side of your rib cage
your left hip the outside of your
left leg your left
ankle and your left toes fill
your breath into the left side of your
and then relaxing the arms coming back
to center
bringing the legs back to center
feet standing knees up towards the sky
and taking a happy baby so what we're
going to do
is bring the left knee in towards our
body and then catch
either the left shin
or the outside of your left foot or your
first two fingers
around the left big toe exactly the same
with the right leg so either catching
your right shin
the outside of your right foot or the
first two fingers
around the right big toe take a rock
from side to side and i invite you to
really just play
with that movement so explore
straightening one leg straightening the
other leg
taking a rock maybe up and down the
spine slightly
trust your body learn to trust your body
follow your
body's intuition
and then keep the feet away from the
floor but bring the knees
in towards the chest rock yourself up
like a ball
hug the elbows round squeeze the chin
up towards the chest look in between
your knees
again you can rock here if this feels
nice feel the lower back
keep squeezing for three
two one
and then let everything go
let your head fall back into the mat
just for a moment
beautiful grabbing your pillows i
at least two pillows here this is very
dependent on the
flexibility of your hips
what we are going to do
is come to sit up with your knees up
towards the sky
place one pillow on the left side
depending on how fluffy your pillows are
as well you may need to
fold them in half like i'm doing
so we've got one pillow either side of
the knees like a little pillow sandwich
come to lie down on your back
my feet are still glued together at the
moment my knees are glued together
and then keeping your feet together and
drop your knees
out towards the side so a very very very
supported recline
reclined butterfly
feel free to adjust give yourself some
adjusting time
you want both knees to be relatively
dropping out towards the side so fluff
the pillows if you need to stack
extra pillows use extra blankets feel
free to put another blanket on top of
really indulge in this well deserved
you time
bring one hand to rest on your belly one
hand to rest on your chest
take a deep breath in through the nose
and a meaningful exhale
out through the mouth with me
again inhale through the nose
exhale out through the mouth
feel this cushioning feel the support
that you have
underneath the knees
allow yourself to let go of any
and all unwanted tension in the body
feel these layers of stress just melt
let your belly be soft
know that your legs are supported your
hips are supported
allow the weight of your head to
fully and truly sink back
into the earth behind you
allow the skin of your face to soften
the eyes to gently fall back
into the sockets
your breath can quieten
allow your mind to be still
just for a moment
and taking this time to rest
and restore the body and mind is so
important is so fundamental
to our overall health and well-being
thank you for taking this time
to tune in to listen to slow down and to
nourish your body with all the good
please do feel free to stay here for as
long as you need
and maybe you've already drifted off to
take your time
when you're ready to finish your
bringing your palms together anjali
from gently pressing up to your third
i hope you have a beautiful sleep
and a lovely well deserved rest

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