This is a 30 minute easy morning yoga flow workout for beginners that will focus on waking up your body, your mind, and allowing you to start your day in a …
hello my name is Yogini Rasa I am
certified open yoga teacher and today we
are having yoga class together for
positive emotions this will be a compost
of several poses some of them will be
more dynamic some less and you can
yourself decide how long you want to
keep the position and when you want to
add dynamic or to keep the position for
longer the main thing is to do this with
positive feelings if you start saying
all this is not for me then just stop
doing it and try once again with the
more positive attitude because then the
result will be far much better if you
can keep it neutral okay but try to kind
of enjoy as much as possible
each of the poses because they are fun
they are positive and we need to kind of
switch the attention from negativity to
positivity so let's begin take any
comfortable position where your spine
straight close your eyes and just
for a little while we need us for
concentration for what is going to
and we just take the breath in and our
Freed's with your belly you can put your
hands on the belly when you more feel
the air that's coming in and going out
yeah and
and out and
and keep on breathing and try to relax
your legs
try to relax your
your belly
your chest and shoulders
your head and say
your mind is focused on your body
and it's enjoying the process we are
getting right now
very well now try to take the position
with your legs drop needs a little bit
to the side your back is still straight
and we will try to inhale stretch up in
exhale and again you're filling your
belly deep inhale push up and I have
slowly inhale over there a little bit
holding of breath and exhale now we will
join the hands up and switch up a little
bit to the side – and yeah very well
good so let's continue raise that right
hand up and we're going to the right
your other hand is on the floor
and you can slide it if you wish and was
taking a very light stretches at the
moment up and then to the side
very well let's keep on doing it up then
go to the side nice stretch the hand
itself is reaching further to the side
so well go up and down once again up and
to the side and for the last time this
pose let's go up into the side
the stretch is longer but you decide
yourself how slow and long do you want
the stretch to be wait well okay let's
roll the shoulders back and forward
the beautiful day so a celibate playing
with the shoulders up and down good one
more time let's take a few deep breaths
just checking if the body is relaxed
very well so now what we do we cross the
leg but in a way that one needs above
the other and when the left knee is
above we are taking the right hand and
helping to turn to the left side and
hold it a little bit you can look behind
your shoulders or you can just look to
the side
release the position and let's switch
the legs again
so one knee above the other more or less
and the opposite hand is going across
we're looking to the side or eyes or
behind the shoulder
I'm the position for you at the moment
and see how long it goes so now we will
switch the size few times and define the
it's also very well to say in the center
position to hold it and then to go to
the side
you can have the knee more up for Dow
you can lower the feet or keep it on the
sole but it's small variation and again
let's switch changing the position of
the knee so we can have the balance on
both sides and trying to get a nice
and let's release it for a little while
you can do small flapping to help to
relax the seat or you can straighten up
the legs and also do some clapping and
one last time we'll do this phone
have a nice smile in your face enjoy
this moment and concentrate on the
positive you are on a man you are
devoting time for yourself and you are
taking a very good care of your body and
last time will switch for the soul
and hold it
relax your face muscles there should be
no stress
wherever while you are on the map
open up
okay well if you notice your breathing
from time to time we are now relaxing
then you will see how each pose gives
you different kind or pattern of
breathing and different way of thinking
let's try the downward facing dog for
today so we are getting on the meat
getting a roll force and let's
straighten the legs okay now let's do a
little bit in dynamic just to warm up
find how close or far you want to go
unless original pass and down ah we can
do brighter and down
one more time up and then let's just try
to bend knees a little bit and
straighten the other leg more to have a
good stretch okay I'm down let's relax
for a little bit again the back is
straight face is relaxed
a very good reading
I must retire the same pose straighten
up and lift one leg up have a nice
stretch and put it down let's go down
and let's relax it's a very good pal one
more time on all fours
straighten your legs your knees and the
other leg goes up and down and I'm the
knees and relaxed hmm very nice let's do
two more turns of these getting on all
fours straightening the knees putting
the leg up putting it down back on the
knees and again on this here
get on all fours throw it in the legs
put your leg up hold it for a little
bend it put it on the fourth on all
fours and Lodging break so a little bit
of relaxation here we have served the
it's excellent if you can hold your
attention entirely on the breathing and
they are no sighs thought troubling your
mind at the moment
if you have fully concentrated on
whatever you are doing the results will
be there soon okay we can go to the next
get on the knees bring the left leg
under the front and hold the hands up
bring your palms together just keep this
pose that's it
keep the balance if you feel like
lifting the knee up you can do so but
not that we need this at the moon good
let's lower the hand bring this leg back
and sit back very well small wrists and
again get up put your other leg on the
so the other one is underneath and the
hands up to join them together
hold it for some time and keep on
for the very beginning five breaths for
the pose is just excellent just to
release the pose and relax
one more turn for both legs but up their
little claws
left up the leg goes forward and the
hands go up and you are holding the pose
and down okay and for the very last turn
the last your pot entire attention is on
the relaxation and breathing like
forward hands up and you're holding the
go down and down good
Sabri again was the belly
if you want to learn more about the full
breath and haven't done that already we
have a nice video now as well as other
breathing exercises in hatha yoga
and here again what we will do for the
very beginning we will put the hands
behind the back and it looks like this
and we want to join them together as
much as possible just to have old chest
open to open up
okay relief and now do a little bit of
back mending shooting cats cows hose
yeah and now what we will do will get on
the seat all right here we go
we send wise we bring old hands the
found joint behind the back and we are
going down screaming forward for a more
comfortable pose you can keep the hands
above the knees
and slowly we get
well relax patience
again you are breathing with your belly
go down the hands behind the back
and up
keeping the balance there loosing the
leg the hand and relaxing the legs you
can do this laughing again and one more
time the hands behind the back
pumps together they're going down
it is too much we keep the hands above
the knee
when we seem to pose very well
breathing and breathing we will learn to
breathe properly then we will feel much
and again feet wide hands behind the
back going forward
and give it a nice deep stretch or small
stretches and going up it's enough for
the very last time Ralph take a deep
breath in here now
yeah Oh mmm
and I was
a little bit of for stretching for the
legs stretching gives us very positive
emotions not that wide as they were
before gradually we're bringing the
heels more together the knees will go
outward and we are going down so with
the pounds we want to touch the ground
at first and find the comfortable
position so we can feel stable you're on
your feet together and your elbows are
on the level of the knees and they are
kind of helping you to bring these more
to the outside and let's keep this pose
for a little bit
whenever you feel the foes is taking too
you just release the pose and take a
small rest and whenever you can you
close your eyes and focus on the way
your body's here okay let's relieve the
position slowly round your back and
little by little you're getting up good
relax again you can move the seat they
were holding us for a long time in
unusual position and we want that to do
that again so these will go to the sides
heels as much as they can go inward we
are going down touching the ground
feeling stable and putting this and up
first we Stark was a love to herself it
may sound easy but it takes it's a
challenge to learn to love whatever you
do the way you are to express yourself
and then if you need some adjustments
you do them more easily very good
stretch excellent just excellent
and let's release
going up with the rounded spine and
rolling the shoulders back and relaxing
for some time and again breathing most
of the choir breathing is taking care of
itself but usually we breathe here we
need to learn to breathe the entire
range our first thing is to fill up our
and we'll go down one more time so again
remember these cues are more inward and
the knees go outward we find the most
comfortable position and we stretch the
be very kind to yourself if you feel
that this is too much you say on
whatever level you can keep those around
five bread maybe three breasts if it's
comfortable but no pain should be
allowed just a nice stretch the way you
can hold it yeah excellent and now from
here we can just go down we are here
having only them and just bring them to
the one side into the other side it's a
nice stretch for the waistline there
could have been some tension and we
won't lay down how and very nice
and just stretch up the hands go up
leave em and relaxes you can bend them
slightly and again try to bring the
knees closer to the ground and you can
look in the absolute direction and stay
in the middle bring one knee closer to
you relax the lower back
and then lower down and bring the other
okay again the first
from the section
lower them both down and now let's hold
them both
bring them close to the chest but
remember this is the pose of relaxation
thereby there is no much effort in
suppose it's for relaxation and suppose
we will do laying on the back it's a
sense the shoulders bring the legs up
and your entire way is on their
shoulders not on the neck neck is
completely free and just hold this for a
little while in the beginning I like to
have my knees bent then I kind of check
the situation whether I want to go
further and then if it feels like doing
so I raise them up and if I want to go
down I again round the spine and bend
the knees okay one more time
let's do it so remember first the knees
are bent then you go up and then you
will work out well
this was a good race workout and what we
need to do after great workouts we need
to take your rest so this is going to be
ah we take the entire mass we relax the
legs we bring the hands a little bit
apart from the body
and with me again with the full body
Oh see we're working hard today so we
want to relax them
and we say to south but ot Gosselin
four knees are relaxed along with a
lower leg
the phallic area is relaxed and we feel
how they it warm and heavy and relaxed
or abdomen is relaxed
so chest is to relax
and with each exhale they get even more
or less for shoulders I relaxed
and those hands on the laughs
or Meg if you relax
or face and head otherwise
or mine and Mt
we are simply relaxing
the thoughts are far away and we are not
getting engaged in them
my entire body
my entire body and it's relax
I am completely relaxed
we're not try to move your fingers and
toes bring your hands up and have a nice
rich look after a good sleep and real
Bello turn to the side and stay here for
a little while
hmm what a wonderful workout it was
thank you for joining me I hope you like
this so press likes and leave some
comments and I will see you for the next
workout write down good luck

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