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The secret to create attractive eyes on Tet
Tet is the perfect occasion for people to refresh themselves.
But not the physique or the costumes, but the new eyes are the first to impress the opposite.
Many people think that makeup is the easiest way to have real eyes.
However, there are many other ways that are simple and have long lasting effects.
1. Nutritional supplements.
Provides necessary nutrients to make your eyes look healthier.
Vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and so on, are essential nutrients for the eyes.
These are commonly found in foods such as dark green vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, and grains.
Spring is the food season is more plentiful than ever.
Therefore, you should combine diversified, as well as flexible menu changes, so that Tet feast is enriched and provides sufficient nutrients that the eyes need.
2. Get enough sleep.
Every day, the eyes are affected by many factors such as wind, dust, ultraviolet light from the electronic screen, and so on, plus stay up late because of busy work at the end of the year.
This results in poor eye health, and frequent itching, redness and fatigue.
Sleep is therefore the best time to rest after a long day.
Getting enough sleep will give your eyes as well as the muscles around you enough time to recover, ready for a new day.
This also offers other benefits such as:reduce stress, improve memory, increase resistance, and so on.
3. Makeup for the eyes after makeup.
On the occasion of Spring, we usually only invest in beautiful makeup that rarely care about removing makeup.
However, this is also an equally important step.
The lack of eye makeup can allow the bacteria to grow, or cosmetics fall into the eyes when sleeping, itching, redness.
At the same time, the chemicals from the cosmetics also penetrate deep into the skin, promoting the formation of wrinkles and aging process.
Harmful ingredients such as lead, emulsion, and so on, in some products can also cause eye damage, resulting in many other consequences.
4. Apply eye mask.
Apply face mask to restore vitality.
Do not forget to take advantage of the leisure time before Tet to take advantage of some foods such as potatoes, aloe vera, cucumber, etc., mask the eyes.
These masks are not only easy to make but also help the eyes relax, while removing the dark circles, giving a fresh look to the new year.
It should be noted that many types of masks are good for face, but are not suitable for delicate eye areas, especially those with dry shrink properties such as clay, mud, rice bran, and so on.
Also, materials with high acid content should not be used, as they can corrode the skin and cause eye damage if exposed.
5. Limit use of stimulants.
Tet is an ideal occasion for meeting friends, gathering and eating.
The ability to use stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and so on, is also high, causing many eye effects.
In it, alcohol alleviates the quality of sleep, causing the eye to become lethargic, tired.
Smoke stimulates the eye, causing the eyes to dry, causing dry eyes for a long time.
So, enjoy a healthy New Year to protect your eyes and keep your health healthy.
6. Use eye drops every day.
Healthy eyes not only need protection from the outside, but also need care from the inside.
However, there are nutrients that the body does not absorb through the diet such as Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Potassium L-Aspartate, and so on.
So, use eye drops containing these nutrients to nourish your eyesight well each day.
Also, choose the products from reputable companies, and use and preserve the instructions on the packaging.
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