Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting: Yes, bile sludge is a real thing. Here’s what you …
let's talk about bile sludge it is a
real thing
and what it is it's a pre-gallstone
gallstones develop over a period of time
sludge and what we're talking about is a
concentration of cholesterol
without the thinning agent which is
bile so that's really what it is
and it can create a lot of problems now
bile salts you don't just have bile
there's some cholesterol crystals
there's calcium salts
there's bilirubin which is a byproduct
of red blood cells when red blood cells
get old or damaged
bilirubin is the byproduct of that
there's salt
there's mucin which is a compound
involved in the mucous
layer that lines the inside of the body
and the gut and the mouth
it's all over the place and then of
course there's bile salts
so the more we have of this and the less
we have this we start developing sludge
and then it turns into a stone this
happens quite frequently
in pregnancy because there's so much
pressure on your abdominal cavity
up into these organs right here the
pancreas the
bladder and the liver then you get the
stasis or stagnant
sludge that can develop in the stones
realize you have two types of bile salts
you have
bowel salts that are made from your
liver and also bile salts that are made
from your
microbes so if you had a history of
and you destroy the friendly bacteria
that can create a bile deficiency
and then increase your bile sludge
when you get a gastric bypass you're
going to increase the risk of getting
stones because you
alter the mechanics of the small
and the stomach as well and so if we
look at this we have the liver
we have the gallbladder right here this
is the bile
then we have the pancreas then we have
the small intestines the gallbladder
gets contracted when you eat
squeezing about 70 of that bile into the
small intestine
now you're also getting the pancreas
that is releasing
lipase and it's going to help break down
that fat at this point right in your
small intestine
but many times this sludge can
get jammed up and stuck in these ducts
throughout here through the pancreas and
down through here as well
and then you get a lot of pressure you
get a lot of pain
and inflammation and that can even cause
it can then back up to the liver
creating inflammation in the liver
and eventually cirrhosis because what
happens bile salts
are detergents and they're meant to be
in the right place
so if they're in the wrong place let's
say they're stuck up here in the liver
that can create a major irritation to
the liver tissue
and create a lot of side effects one of
the symptoms would be pain
in the right upper quadrant right here
and so that means that we're not getting
that flow through here
and the sludge can also develop in the
gallbladder itself and then eventually
turn into gallstones too and prevent
the release of the sludge into the ducts
one really important function of bile is
the elimination
of drugs medications xenobiotics
that would be any foreign chemicals to
the body drugs or chemicals
toxins heavy metals fat soluble
poisons all sorts of things that
shouldn't be in your body
if you have the following symptoms like
pain in your
central part of your abdomen right here
or in the right upper quadrant
or even the left side and if it's bile
a very simple solution would be to
start taking some purified bile salts on
an empty stomach
what that's going to do it's going to
help release this
blockage and allow the drainage to occur
through here and you're going to find
the symptoms greatly diminished now
the key is taking in an empty stomach
because if you take it with food
those bile salts might be focusing on
and not helping you drain some of these
blockages through here
now realize this is just temporary as
implement the correct diet if you're on
the correct diet
you shouldn't have any problems at all
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