FREE Love & Light Distance Reiki Session focuses on physical and emotional wellness of the Digestive System and Pancreas. With Dorian Lynn, RN, Holistic …
hi and thank you for joining me here I'm
Dorian and I'm a registered nurse
holistic wellness specialist Reiki
master healer and creator of the
bioenergy aromatherapy method which is a
new way of caring for yourself so that
you can heal faster live a better
quality of life and be happier who wants
that what I have for you here is a fast
and powerful distance healing Reiki
session to balance your solar plexus
bioenergy Center but before I get to
that I should tell you a little bit
about solar plexus energy so that you
can decide if this is an area where you
need healing now your solar plexus
energy travels in a circuit throughout
your digestive system and middle spine
and it also energizes your pancreas this
energy travels because your cells are
talking to each other they're carrying
messages along they keep your body
functioning properly and every time a
message is passed energy moves and when
that message doesn't get passed along
the cell that was supposed to get the
message doesn't get the energy signal to
start doing what it's meant to do and
it's activity stops it sounds disturbing
don't you think I mean we've got
billions of cells doing all sorts of
things inside us and we need to keep
them all working together to keep us
balanced and healthy as you can see here
the system energized by your solar
plexus energy center includes many
different parts of your body and your
pancreas needs enough energy to produce
its insulin enzymes and hormones that
help break down food and are also an
important part of the immune system
solar plexus circuit energy that isn't
travelling properly may show up as some
of the physical problems that you see
listed see how they all relate to the
digestive system and the pancreas but
imbalanced solar plexus energy may also
cause emotional and spiritual problems
you might be feeling irritable fatigued
depressed or you might have trouble
sleeping so you could see how important
it is to keep energy flowing through
your solar plexus circuit for both
physical and emotional wellness and to
help you I'm giving you this free
distance healing Reiki session right
here and the fact that this session is
recorded means you can watch it and work
on your healing whenever you need to but
I suggest no more than once a day now
you might be wondering what does Reiki
feel like well it usually feels warm and
relaxing there's really no expected
experience because Reiki treatment is
unique for each person who receives it
but most often results include feelings
of less stress more relaxation and just
a sense of feeling centered and balanced
to prepare for the solar plexus energy
love and light Reiki session you only
need to be someplace quiet where you
won't be disturbed make sure you're
comfortable enough to stay still for
about five minutes and close your eyes
tell yourself that you want to accept
this healing now think about what you
would like to heal and hold that thought
until the session is over and at the end
I'll be back with your aftercare
with love and gratitude I invite all
Universal energy into this healing
session today please help us release all
the necessary energies so that this
viewer and recipient can be healed of
all impurities and imbalances please
help them to be healthy and happy so
that they may be free from all suffering
thank you thank you thank you now take a
few deep relaxing breaths and enjoy the
with deep love I offer my humble thanks
to all Universal energy all spiritual
and Reiki guides who have helped us in
this healing session today
thank you greatly and compassionately
for helping us to Heal what was required
may you continue to shine your love and
light down on us so that we may grow on
our pathway forward thank you thank you
thank you your session is complete take
a few seconds now to bring your full
awareness back to your body and your
environment it's also important to drink
a little water to help flush your body
since you've just created a shift in
your bio energy system and you also
might want to do a simple grounding
exercise and over the next several days
be sure to look for subtle and gentle
changes in your body and emotions I hope
you enjoyed this distance Reiki
experience for your solar plexus
bioenergy circuit for more information
on your solar plexus circuit and the
rest of your bioenergy system please
come visit me at bioenergy aromatherapy
com with love and light

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