Black Ops 3 Zombies Zetsubou No Shima All Radio Locations Guide “Maxis Radios” black ops 3 zombies zetsubou no shima radios easter egg for hidden …
Black Ops 3 Zombies Zetsubou No Shima All Radios Guide "Maxis Radios"
Iran is coming here with your video on
how to do all of Max's radios on the
location so this one's in love be if you
go over to impress expedition is great
I so that's the first one the second one
is down in the lab tour it was coming
through the main door turn right and
then go downstairs and follow the part
I'm going you're looking for the glow
and like in the corner way to get the
pebble water from just over there and
the next video will be sat down on the
floor but it's quite dark to find it but
if you go over and click attribute times
you'll find it in isolation
we have become too many survivors of a
catastrophic event tonight
I was forced to prepare now just
experience that we were just like it was
so that is the second video of the third
video is also downstairs but it's too
much anyways the packed lunches and the
power is you want to go left and outside
to the drops and the radio is dying down
here hidden inside this box and this is
what this one says long time ago
I'm sure I swore to follow my
instructions to comply with my every
water small to enact whatever plan i can
meet you
we could overcome the details that we
ourselves agreed to
however much it pains my heart I always
I'm sorry i withheld certain truths from
so that's that one will move on to the
next one and which up in lobby or lumpy
and there's one in want to be and this
one's right upstairs on the very top
flow over in the corner and you will see
the regular and this is why it says
liver spots
time natural water and the very last one
again is in the lab area when you head
down right towards the bottom so you're
right on the Lord floor
what you're looking for is this little
chemistry set on this back wall where
I'm looking at now is the final radio
stretching as far as I could see my song
scourge the party I saw children for my

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