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Today we will see the difference between Brown Rice & White Rice and also see which Rice is healthier for you
Rice is a very popular grain which is consumed by people all around the world
t is the staple food for many people living in Asia
Rice comes in various shapes, sizes and colours.
But the two most popular Rice are White Rice and Brown Rice
White Rice is commonly consumed Rice whereas Brown Rice is widely recognized as a healthier option
Brown Rice is a whole grain that contains the Bran and the Germ
Whereas White Rice is a Refined grain that has the Bran and the Germ removed.
This is the reason why Brown Rice is considered as a healthier option than White Rice.
Brown Rice has more Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants. It is good for your Digestive System
It makes you eat lesser but keeps you fuller for a longer time
Whereas White Rice is a source of empty Calories & Carbs, with a very few Essential Nutrients
Brown Rice is high in Magnesium and Fiber both of which helps to control Blood sugar levels
Research suggests that regular eating of Brown Rice helps stabilize Blood Sugar levels
And decrease the risk of Type-2 Diabetes
High consumption of White Rice has been linked to an increase risk of diabetes.
Brown Rice contains lignans and plant compounds that helps to protect against heart disease
Whole grains like Brown Rice may also lower LDL (“Bad”) Cholesterol and increase HDL (“Good” ) Cholesterol.
The Average Glycemic Index of Brown Rice is 50 whereas the Average Glycemic Index of White Rice is 89.
Foods with higher Glycemic Index spike the sugar levels very fast
Whereas food with lower Glycemic Index like Brown Rice don’t spike your blood sugar levels
In simple words, no matter how much ever White Rice you eat, you will still stay nutritionally hungry
The more White Rice you eat, the faster you feel hungry
On the other hand, Brown Rice being nutritionally dense, you feel fuller for a longer time.
This also helps in weight loss and lesser hunger pangs.
Eating Brown Rice everyday is a healthier and better option than eating White Rice
Whole grains like Brown Rice are known to be more beneficial to health in general
And the abundance of minerals in Brown Rice can help in keeping your body healthy and fully functional
Brown Rice is loaded with powerful antioxidants and it offers protection against free radicals
It protects your cells from oxidation damages and lowers your risk of developing serious health problems
Including Coronary Heart diseases and Cancer
Brown Rice contains loads of Selenium which is important for healthy heart
Regular consumption of Brown Rice reduces build up of plaque in the arteries.
This lowers the risk of developing Cardiac disorders such as vascular diseases and Hypertension
Brown rice is good for your Brain and Nervous System
It is rich in Vitamin B and accelerates the metabolism in the brain.
The presence of minerals such as Manganese & Magnesium makes it good for your brain
What are the adverse effects or side effects of consuming too much Brown Rice ?
There is no published study on the adverse effect of consuming Brown Rice
But the Bran of Brown Rice contains some anti-nutritional compounds such as
Phytate and small amounts of Arsenic
Some pharmacological studies have shown that phytate inhibits Iron absorption
Brown Rice is safe for almost everyone if you follow a balanced diet
You can eat as much as Brown Rice you want, whenever you want !!!
But if you have special medical conditions regarding Iron absorption
You are recommended to seek your Doctor’s advice before taking Brown Rice as your staple food
So, these were some of the differences between Brown Rice & White Rice
Please let us know in the comments section which Rice do you think is healthier for us
And I hope you will come back to us by saying "BROWN RICE” in the Comments section
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