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Welcome back to another
interesting episode of TwoSet Violin.
That's right.
So, recently we saw a video from uh…
And it's – What is it?
Tambourine tower to the moon.
Basically, Pewdiepie…
Sticky tapes 69 tambourines…
Look at that. That's actually ridiculous.
And so…
We thought, hmm…
If you can do it with the tambourine…
Today, we're gonna make a pyramid of triangles.
That's right.
And how many do we have?
That's right.
How are you guys going?
There's a bunch of uh…
Eddy: It's a very messy filming room by the way.
Triangles here.
Thank you to the sponsor…
TwoSet Apparel.
Eddy: Hahaha.
Let's just open them all.
That's a lot of triangles.
Two triangles.
We have four here now.
Dude, this is so heavy.
I wonder how –
I wonder if it's gonna get louder or change the pitch.
Watch out, watch out, watch out. Ow, ow, ow.
– Woah!
– Oh!
No, we should not hold all of them.
My toe almost got jammed.
Kids, don't try this at home.
We're trained professionals.
You might have to stand on the chair soon.
I might need bigger biceps for this.
Do you like my staccato shorts?
Get it? Staccato is short. Play a note short.
That's why it's on shorts.
Hidden meaning, guys.
Oh, dude, bicep! This is a workout for Eddy!
Simp Sibelius.
This is so much better.
It sounds like one of those like windmill –
Bells in the house.
Eddy: It does.
Take a deep breath in.
And think of…
A green field with a beautiful lake.
You are now lying on a boat in the lake.
Looking at the clear blue skies…
Feeling the gentle breeze…
As you feel your breath come deep into your chest…
– And down your abdomen.
– All right, what do we do with it now?
Why do I know that?
Because I have trouble sleeping at night.
Guys, look at that. Can you guys see it?
All that triangle.
What should we do with this?
Can I play it?
I think we need sticky tape. Do we have sticky tape?
We don't.
We have all our triangles now.
We have, I mean –
We have our sticky tape…
And now we're ready to build the triangle pyramid.
I reckon we should model it like the Egyptians,
which means square-based pyramids.
Executive decision…
Has been made at the highest level.
It's time to make the triangle pyramid.
– Ooo.
– Oh!
It actually works.
We've never tested this before, just so you know.
All right, here's one.
Guys, look at that.
I hope this works.
That looks like it's not going to work.
Just how – No, it's not gonna work!
We can do a lot of tape and just hold on.
Once we figure it out, it will be a breeze.
Never give up.
The bridge to success requires pressure.
I mean, never.
No, it looks horrible.
That looks a little…
Nah, I think I prefer the other one.
All right, change of plans again.
The first way was better.
You live and you learn from your mistakes.
Oh, dude, you're so fast.
– Next one.
– You should do all of it.
I'll be the manager overlooking the safety protocol here.
Ow, ow, ow, call the ambulance.
You need to wear a helmet.
You're not complying to union rules.
– Ow!
– Oh no, that looks horrible.
You know what?
Here you go.
I think I'll just help you.
Yeah, help me.
Tape it.
I can imagine the viewers just skipping past,
but no skipping! We need all our watch time.
It kinda is actually working.
I'm actually excited.
I haven't been so excited with geometry since never.
The base of the triangle instrument, ding, ding.
Now, we need to do it 4 by 4.
No one has ever done this in history.
Well, not that I know of.
We're gonna break our own Guinness World Record,
the most triangles in a triangle.
The most meta triangle in the world.
I wouldn't put it on yet.
I hold it here. You tape it on.
Mmm, I don't know about the structural integrity.
Oh my god, it's already like –
It's falling down, hey.
Yeah, it's collapsing.
Nice. Ohh, fortified.
It's lost its resonance a little bit.
It's all right.
Nice. All right, one more. Let's keep going.
Dude, that's actually an artwork.
Dude, we could put this in a museum.
Brett: Dude, that's awesome. Guys, look, we got this…
We got the second layer.
– That's actually insane.
– Wow.
Two layers. Dude, we're getting there.
Eddy, what do you think?
– How are we doing? How are we doing right now?
– I've never built something so large in my life.
I'm so proud.
This is the most construction I've done in my life.
Can you guys see?
The great triangle pyramid.
How cool is that?
Now, we can play it.
Oh, god! Get the camera on. It's lifting up, guys!
Ohh, it's so heavy!
Ah! My biceps! Ah! My fingers!
This is it!
– Look at this, guys.
– Triangle pyramid.
All right, time to play the triangle instrument.
I'll play the violin, you can play the triangle.
All right.
What's a good piece?
Make sure to hit the subscribe button.
– Yes.
– Accent the like button,
cause the accent kind of looks like a triangle.
And uh…
Yeah, that's right.

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