Các chất quan trọng hay bị thiếu hụt trong dịp Tết. Những ngày Tết, nếu gặp thời tiết nóng bức, khi mọi người tụ tập chơi đùa, đi lại nhiều,…
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Important substances or deficiency during Tet
Tet, if the weather is hot, when people gather to play, travel more, sweat more attention should drink plenty of water.
1. Why the body or lack of water during the New Year.
Everyone knows that water is the source of life, the essence of life, and the demand for water is particularly increased with a diet high in protein, rich in substances like in the New Year
But sometimes at the table, people only pay attention to each other wine, or soft drinks are irreplaceable.
Everyone knows that water is the solvent needed for all chemical reactions, so to digest well, metabolize the substances from food, the body needs enough water.
Specifically:Adults aged 55 years and over:30ml / kg, from 19 to 30 years old, heavy physical activity:40ml / kg, from 19 to 55 years, average physical activity:35ml / kg.
Also with the water needs of minors:40ml / kg weight.
Need to drink enough water for the organs to function well.
For young children, due to a number of different physiological traits, such as incomplete kidney function, greater body water, no thirst for drinking, and so on.
Should children's needs, also need to be determined separately as recommended by the Institute of Nutrition is:
150ml / kg of body weight per day, including breast milk, liquid milk, fruit juices, broth, and so on.
For families with children who do not know how to drink water, the parents always ask, how much water should be given to children every day, from which age to start drinking more. country?
If the baby is exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, there is no need for any other supplements, including drinking water.
From 6 months onwards, children start to eat powder, porridge, children need to drink more water to ensure good digestion, avoid constipation in the amount calculated on.
If the Tet holiday in hot weather, when people gather to play, travel more, sweat more, should pay attention to drink plenty of water, especially fresh juice to compensate for water and electrolytes. body.
2. The role of electrolytes in the body.
The main electrolytes required for the body include sodium, potassium, potassium and chlorine. Chlorides are essential substances for the body's ultimate function, such as circulation,
Sodium acts as a regulator in the cardiovascular system, potassium plays a role in transporting nerve impulses, and maintaining normal blood pressure.
Chloride together with sodium, potassium helps maintain water balance, blood pH and gastric juice, HCl.
If the body lacks electrolytes will face serious problems:potassium decreases in cases of vomiting, especially due to drinking alcohol on Tet
Chronic renal dysfunction, particularly in cases of kidney disease, should be noted for controlling potassium, not to increase blood potassium potassium poisoning, disturbing the heart rhythm and slow heart rate, can stop beating.
For normal people, when sweating, need to eat more potassium in fresh foods such as fresh meat, fruits, persimmon, ripe banana, fresh coconut milk, vegetables.
In the electrolyte, sodium alone is rarely deficient, only in the case of diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, kidney disease such as kidney failure.
Na is available in processed food, animal feed.
Chloride in salt, sauce.
Diets high in potassium and low in sodium often lead to low blood pressure.
Caution should not be excessive consumption of sodium, due to high salt intake, will cause hypertension.
Chloride deficiency when vomiting, persistent persistent, chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, kidney failure.
At the same time, many electrolytes, sweaty cases, vomiting, should be taken with oresol solution during the day.
Our country is half hot weather year-round, especially on Tet Holiday many fun activities, eat many parties, are very vulnerable to water and electrolysis.
Be sure to drink plenty of water and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during Tet to ensure adequate supply of water and electrolytes are needed at all ages!
Ensure the health of the whole family, to always have the full Happy New Year!
Dr. Phan Bich Nga, National Institute of Nutrition.
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