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Can acupuncture help with food cravings?
Most definitely.
Acupuncture helps to balance the body's energy system.
Acupuncture helps reset the nervous system.
It helps the body to produce endorphins
which are the body's natural opiate
It is a relaxer or feel-good hormone.
The treatment approach is to create a Parasympathetic state in the body
instead of a Sympathetic state.
What this means is that
The body can go from a state of "Fight-or-Flight." Like if you are running from a tiger…
To a more relaxed mindset of "Rest and Digest."
Which helps you to make a more conscious decision about healthy food choices
as opposed to hastily reaching for a poor
food item.
Emotional eating is when most of us grab for anything to soothe the mind in a stressful moment.
It is temporary relief or instant gratification.
We all come from a reward system.
Especially at an important
social event such as a birthday or wedding.
If we behaved properly as children we were rewarded
With cakes, candies, cookies and sweets
How come
at certain times of the day I have energy crashes
and all I want is sugar?
Many times it is just the result of eating
high-impact foods.
Such as a granola bar or dried fruits. Drinks such as coffee and fruit juices.
Coffee will directly kick in the adrenal glands and
start asking for more sugar for an instant high…
an instant energy boost.
These foods will stimulate and spike the
blood sugar levels for a while and then
we crash.
According to traditional Chinese medicine the cravings
will happen at a specific hour of a weakened or compromised organ strength.
A very common example of this
is when we have a late afternoon energy crash between three and five.
Many of us are subjected to this energy drop called "adrenal fatigue."
Which is a part of the kidney energy cycle.
Fortunately, in Chinese medicine, we
can strengthen this weakened organ
with diet modification, acupuncture and herbal
Another common question is
Why is it so hard to find healthy food at a
grocery store?
The food industry like any other business is profit driven.
Pre-packaged foods are the norm now.
Pre-packaged foods include canned foods, plastic wrapped foods
bottled juices, cereals, grains and most
These are the types of foods that will be advertised.
Longer shelf-life
means less waste,
lower labor costs for food handling. Hence
more profit.
The old rule of thumb is to shop around the perimeter of the store.
The foods that are on the outside are the freshest foods.
This will include most of your fresh foods including meats,
fish, vegetables,
dairy, and frozen vegetables.
So how can someone get on the right track and start eating properly
with control?
First, there needs to be
proper motivation for the person.
Education, accountability and
creating a sense of urgency
to get healthy is extremely important.
When anybody walks into the office that is the first thing.
Whether it is for weight loss or any kind of health concern
I have people write a motivation list so they have a reason to want to make the changes
This creates a sense of urgency
to get healthy which is extremely important.
Second, the person needs an
accountability partner
This is someone who will check in daily to make sure they are eating the right foods for their specific diet.
Working alongside a health
care practitioner such as an acupuncturist,
that lives the healthy lifestyle you want is a great start.
Just like any other problem you are solving you
first have to recognize what the problem
Identify if the habits are strictly emotional eating
time-crunch eating
or just plain eating bad foods because
you do not know how to eat healthy.
If you are having these cravings and
having trouble dealing with them
Please call the office
Make an appointment
and come in.
We can help.

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