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It's Eric Bakker, thanks for coming back.
I've been away for about a week.
I've been busy, busy with my new kitchen.
Just to prove my point, you can see all the
paint splatters on my beautiful Casio watch
I'll soon hopefully be able to introduce people
into different cooking methods when the kitchen
is finished, but that won't be till later
in 2019 unfortunately.
All right, I've got plenty of topics to discuss
this week.
We get so many questions from people, I can't
keep up with it anymore.
I get like 20, 30, 50 questions a day, so
my apologies for those who get offended because
I can't reply to every single question.
Some people actually get quite shitty and
get quite annoyed that I can't respond to
every question, but I'm not exactly a robot
so I can't…
I need to get sleep and to do all the basic
stuff that you guys do out there.
I've got my own life, and as you know, I spent
a lot of time in my garden growing things
and doing things with my parrot and playing
You know, I've got a life too, but I do love
what I do.
I absolutely love it.
We're going to talk about enzymes right now.
"Can enzyme deficiency cause me to gain weight?"
Somebody says to me.
Well, I've made several videos on enzymes,
and in fact if you look at the book Candida
Crusher, you'll find a whole section on enzymes
in that book where I discuss how enzymes work,
what they are, so I'm not going to go into
all that now.
I mean, I could spend an hour just discussing
about enzymes, how they work and stuff.
The question is if you lack enzymes, do you
gain weight?
What's the issue with enzymes?
Do you need them?
Are they that important?
Well, if you look at humans, we're only meant
to live 70, 80 years, if that.
Young people have got a lot of vitality, a
lot of energy, and all older people, they
tend to get slower and they get more muscular
issues and cognitive dysfunction and you can
see a slowing down and deacceleration of the
life force as a person gets older.
Now, people who've written and studied enzymes
over the years have worked out that the older
you get, the less enzymes your pancreas and
your stomach will make, so you're going into
a state of decline by default.
I read a very interesting 2003 study, a Swedish
study, which actually showed that as you get
older the protease output, so the enzyme output
from your pancreas, it actually starts declining,
so that's going down.
Your body can't break down proteins properly
as you get older and older.
Two things you need to gain out of that.
One, eat less protein, especially meat protein
as you get older.
And two, take digestive enzymes because they'll
make a world of difference.
Of course you're going to gain weight if you
don't have enough enzymes because you're going
to get tired, you're going to get sluggish,
you're going to get slow, your metabolic rate
will drop, lots of things will go downhill
and become slightly pear shaped if you don't
have enough enzymes in your body.
Try and understand that enzymes are like sparks.
It's a little bit like trying to start a lawnmower
or a chainsaw or start any kind of combustion
If you've got a poor delivery of spark, so
if the spark plugs are not working properly
or the electronic ignition is faulty or something's
not right, it's not really going to do your
engine a lot of good, is it?
It's going to fart and cough and splutter.
It's not going to have the performance you're
looking for.
It's going to be slow until you fix that ignition
So no matter how good your food is, if you've
got poor enzyme output it doesn't really matter.
You're going to have too much food in your
gut that it can't break down.
It's going to putrefy.
It's going to rot.
It's going to improperly ferment.
You're going to get bloating, gas, constipation.
You're going to get sluggish, You're going
to get tired, You're going to obviously carry
pounds of fecal matter in the colon.
You're going to feel like crap.
So, here's the question I ask you now.
Are you pooping every day?
If you're going to the bathroom every day,
having a good solid bowel motion, if you've
got very good appetite, if you can maintain
good body weight as you get older…
Like me, I'm 77 kgs today.
I weigh the same as I did when I was 21, and
I'm 60, so that's what I'd like you guys to
look at.
What did you weigh when you were younger?
What do you weigh today?
What's your energy like back then?
What's your energy like now?
Have you gone pear shaped?
Have you a lot more bloating?
Have you a lot more gas?
Are you eating too much food?
You're either eating too much, especially
when you get to about my age, or your enzyme
output has dropped off.
Try some digestive enzymes.
They can really help you to boost up your
vitality and energy, allowing you to get everything
you need from that food that you're consuming.
You'll break it down properly.
You'll absorb the nutrition from that food
You'll excrete properly, and you'll utilize
that nutrition to power up that engine, that
vitality, that vital force that we've all
got, the DNA in our body.
When you have that and your metabolic rate
is up and humming, normally, i.e., your engine's
running at good operating speed, you will
not find it hard to lose weight, like me.
That's all there is to it.
If your enzyme output drops off as you get
old, you also are sitting duck for cancer,
particularly colon cancer.
Lack of proteases mean you've got too much
putrefied protein sitting in the gut and that
can turn into a big issue for you.
I know New Zealand's got one of the highest
colon cancer rates in the world for females.
I think we're number one, and I put it down
to meat consumption.
Too many people in this country eat large
amounts of meat, and especially cancer starts
binding them in the bum when they get to my
age because they've had a lifetime of high
meat consumption.
So again, one day people won't eat anywhere
near the quantity of meat they're eating today
simply because it's not feasible as our population
So take a leaf from my book, eat less meat
as you get older, a lot less, switch to lighter
proteins like fish.
If you can afford it, salmon, or just fillets,
white fillets.
Far better than big land animal-based proteins,
especially slabs of it.
You will gain weight if you eat too much and
you have lack of enzymes.
You'll not only gain weight, you'll be more
prone to cancer as well.
So there you have it.
Take some digestive enzymes.
Check out CanXidaRestore, the probiotic enzyme
formula I created.
It's pretty cool, but any digestive enzymes
of a high quality should do the trick.
Check out my other videos on enzymes and don't
forget to click on the link in the box below
if you want my free report.
Thanks for tuning in.

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