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Greetings and more greetings from New Zealand.
How are you all out there?
Thanks for tuning in.
Fruit and weight loss, does it work?
Of course it works.
If you're going to eat fruit and eat a lot
less food, you're going to lose weight, but
common sense, fruit contains a lot of sugar.
If you get gut upsets and issues and hypoglycemia
or low blood sugar, you may be eating far
too much fruit or the high sugar fruits.
My favorite fruits for weight loss are the
digestive fruits, particularly fruits like
papaw or papaya.
Pineapple, which contains bromelain.
I think papaya contains, what's the enzyme
I think it also contains bromelain.
And then the third one is kiwifruit, which
contains a very unusual enzyme in it, which
has a tremendous effect on helping the pancreas.
I really like kiwifruit.
So those three fruits, in my opinion, are
really good ones for weight loss.
Watermelon, which contains your citrulline
in it, that red coloring, that's also good
for weight loss.
But remember, watermelon's very high sugar.
So if you've got a candida problem or a vaginal
issue and you're consuming one big watermelon
a day, you might have a lot of problems, all
So I would probably recommend that you go
more for the pineapple, a piece of pineapple
or the papaya, the pawpaw.
I find kiwifruit to be acceptable for many
people, even when they have a yeast infection,
they don't seem to have too many issues with
the kiwifruit.
Kiwifruit's remarkable, it has many compounds
in it that aid in the really good balancing
of the microbiome.
So if you can eat kiwi regularly, I recommend
you put it in your diet.
But fruit's fine, but don't overstep the mark.
Don't eat 12 pieces of fruit a day thinking
that it's going to be the Nirvana for weight
loss because it's not.
You need more than fruit in your diet to sustain
good longterm health.
I don't give a damn what fruitarians say,
you cannot live a fantastic life just eating
fruit alone.
I've not seen a patient really feel good longterm
just by consuming fruit day after day after
There's some crazy people on YouTube, even
promoting the consumption of 20 bananas per
That's okay when you're 20, but I'd like to
see what that 20 year old butt looks like
when it's 50, it'll be more like something
that stops a locomotive at the railway station,
in my opinion.
Anyway, enough of that.
So yup, can you eat fruit?
You can, but in moderation.
Eat the right kinds of fruits.
Probably my favorite fruits are berries and
I think you can eat plenty of berries, especially
in conjunction with a phytonutrient diet.
Don't forget avocado is a fruit too.
So if you're looking at weight loss, one avocado
per day is a fantastic add-on to your diet.
So when you think about fruit, don't think
about can fruit or tin fruit because it's
just full of syrups and sugars.
Think about natural fruit, preferably tree
ripened, that's organic.
Now you see why I live in New Zealand.
I grow all my own fruit.
We've got a hundred fruit trees on our quarter
acre, and hopefully this spring, summer, I'll
be able to take the GoPro outside and blow
you guys away to show you what kind of levels
of fruit that we do grow here because fruit
is a fantastic part of the healthy diet.
It's not the diet.
It's a part of a balanced diet.
Thanks for tuning in.
Don't forget to click on the link if you want
my free 17 page candida shopping list.
Thank you.

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