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Eric Bakker, the Naturopath.
We're back again with another weight loss
Can we eat oats with lunch and dinner instead
of other carbs for weight loss?
Don't always be fixated on this carb thing
for weight loss.
It's not just a carb equation.
Doesn't work like that.
Oats is great.
Twice a day's a bit much.
I think once per day is fine in my opinion.
I don't think I'd be eating oats with lunch
and with dinner.
I'd be looking carefully at the different
types of foods that really, really benefit
me for weight loss.
For example, smaller portion sizes, chewing
food properly, eating at appropriate times.
Making sure you have the right type of food
for your kind of lifestyle and activity, eating
the right protein.
All right?
These are all very important considerations.
So I would prefer that you have oats once
per day and then you have something else on
the dinner side.
Check out my video I did on sweet potato for
weight loss because I think a bit of sweet
potato in your diet might be really good and
I think you'll really enjoy the sweet potato.
You can cook them up, you can bake them, you
can boil them, you can mash them, you can
do everything with them, and they are not
bad for weight loss.
In fact, they'll fill you up.
They're excellent for weight loss.
They're one of the best carbohydrates you
can eat for weight loss.
So oats for breakfast if you can, or for lunch,
and then have the sweet potato for dinner.
All right, give that a go.
Thanks for tuning in and thanks for the question.
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Thank you.

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