Can you drink lemon juice? This is a challenge video where we each pour ourselves a pint of pure lemon juice and drink it, …
(Singing) welcooomme to theeee
Haha that's out of tune!
Welcome to the Gannit Lounge!
Today! We're doing lemon juice
250 litres, 250 millilitres haha 250 litres!?
250 milli litres!
Times 2 so we've got a pint..
Just under a pint, 68 millilitres short of a pint!
I don't feel very well today!
To make it easier on ourselves, we're going to pour it in a pint glass!
Mines just popped out!
That's cos you're solid!
This looks nice! Lemonade!
Ah there's definitely a pint
There's nearly a pint in one!
That smells alright that
I'm down with this challenge
Bit strong!
This is gonna take ages
Aw god, how strong is that smell!
That's gonna smell sorry
For the purpose of the tape, I've just trumped
These two went out last night, so they're a bit hungover
I'm alright!
Good cure!
He's alright, he's not!
Should've done it first thing this morning!
Thanks to sainsburys local of gateford road, Worksop!
For supplying the lemon juice, thanks belle for showing me!
I went to the pet shop the other day..
Said I want to buy a pet wasp..
He said we don't sell wasps!
I said you've got one in the window!
Selfie time!
Yeaaaah lets do it baby
Let's do this shit
Wait, let me just get my mouth ready
(Weird mouth noises)
We've got a velociraptor in here
He's done it!
What ya doing!?
It's so sour!
It finds every, like, sore
Aww, no!
Brushing it off my teeth!
It tastes…
Exactly how you'd expect it to
Yeah it does!
Back in the room
You won jonno
It weren't a race
Do you want some 13 million scoville to wash it down buddy?
Why can't you do it?
Can't do it
Buddies I can't do it
Not drinking it
Lemon juice has given me balancing powers
Balancing powers!
I think I can stand on top of that bottle!
You can take em home
I've just stood on that bottle, Photoshop me on
If ya wanna see Lynny get his nipples pierced…
On a special video
If we get 100 likes on this video were gonna do that
On camera, gonna get his nipples pierced
With no eyebrows
I'll get my nipples pierced yeah!
100 likes on this video! Pierced nipples
And we'll film it!
You wanna do it in a shop or shall we do it for you?
Why don't we get one done in the shop and I'll let you do the other?
Cos he has a special gun
No no they don't
They just have like a needle
Thanks for watching, please scoment
Scoment? Ahh you do it
Thank you for watching
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The.. g?
Pheona Morris! Thank you
Emo life… Thank you!
Don't be so.. Racist
Exotic Python!
I feel proper sick!

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