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Kneel before me.
I said
Is not this simpler?
Is this not your natural state?
It's the unspoken truth of humanity,
that you crave subjugation.
The bright lure of freedom
diminishes your life's joy
in a mad scramble for power,
for identity.
You were made to be ruled.
In the end,
you will always kneel.
Not to men like you.
There are no men like me.
There are always men like you.
Look to your elder, people.
Let him be an example.
You know, the last time
I was in Germany,
and saw a man standing
above everybody else,
we ended up disagreeing.
The soldier.
The man out of time.
I'm not the one who's out of time.
Loki, drop
the weapon and stand down.
Not today!
The guy's all over the place.
Agent Romanoff.
You miss me?
Make your move, Reindeer Games.
Good move.
Mr. Stark.

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