For the Clovis Community College (California) BIOL-20 Online Lab. Narrated, filmed and edited by Emily Wilson.
welcome to your tour of the Somso
pancreas spleen and duodenum model. This is
the spleen.
This is the pancreas and this is the
duodenum of the small intestine. The
pancreas produces digestive enzymes and
bicarbonate to be released into the
small intestine. The common bile duct
indicated here and the pancreatic duct
indicated here merge at the hepato-
pancreatic ampulla indicated by this
point in the wall of the duodenum. The
accessory pancreatic duct indicated
there also secretes pancreatic products
into the duodenum. Inside the duodenum
you can see the plicae which are folds in
the intestines. The duodenum leads to the
jejunum of the small intestine.

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