Aarón is nervous about the chicken liver skewers that Cesar is grilling. Subscribe now for more MasterChef clips: …
Over 15 minutes, guys.
Got to do something
with that hamachi.
– All right, Cesar.
– Yes, Chef.
Talk to me about your dish.
I have never cooked with
waste, so it's really cool.
I'm gonna be making grilled
chicken liver skewers
with sauteed beet tops,
with some roasted mushrooms
in there, and a little
bit of pickled broccoli
and cauliflower stems.
And I want to use that
guy, hamachi, maybe
make a surf and turf idea.
Chicken livers are a very hard
proposition to make look good.
Yes, right.
And I need you– 'cause you
have my apron on, you're one
of my three– to put
your ideas together
and make a cohesive dish.
Good luck.
Thank you, Chef.

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