Get a really great workout on the mat. You will be using your own body weight only.
Hi I'm Leslie.
And today, we are taking it down to the mat
and you're going to work your chest, shoulders
and triceps.
Just your own body weight.
No extra weight added.
So come on down with me.
Let's do triceps first.
We're going to do all the way down on your
Take your hand right by your shoulder and
lift yourself up and back down.
Lift yourself up and back down.
Good let's try it on the other side.
Really start to feel that one.
Let's see how this goes.
And Go.
So that's a little bit tough.
For your triceps.
Here is a little bit easier for you.
Your going to have your hands under your shoulders,
knees under your hips and your just going
to set your for-arms down lift up.
Even that simple move you start to feel it.
And now you are going to try it a little farther
Take your hands farther out from under, if
they were right under your shoulders, a little
bit farther out and try it again.
That was good.
Time for our pushups.
Now your diamond pushup you still work your
triceps also.
But we are getting into the chest now.
So, diamond pushup put your hands like this.
Right, kind of by your chest and either do
it on your knees or feet.
I'll show you knees first.
And go.
And then let's try it on your feet.
Ready and…
Ok, good shake it out a little bit.
Now let's get that chair.
Decline pushup to work your upper chest.
So do a normal pushup but now your feet are
up here.
Make sure it's not going to move at all.
And go.
And that is going to be good for that.
So set it to the side.
Shake it out a little bit.
Time for shoulders.
If you have not already felt it in your shoulders.
You're going to come into a plank, plank.
And all your going to do while you are in
plank is touch one shoulder and then the other.
So you're a nice straight line, your hands
are under you shoulders.
Ok so then we are going another for the shoulders
called the bird dog.
And I guess it's cause your kinda flying and
you are kinda in a dog position.
Let's see how that looks.
So what you are going to do is put your hands
under your shoulders, but your legs in an
"x", And then maybe not too far out because
it will be hard.
You're going to do opposite arm and leg out
and down.
Let's try five.
One, two, three, four, five, good.
And to the other side and, one, two, three,
four, five.
Ok, this time take one hand and put it behind
and hang out for a little bit.
And then let's go ahead and switch.
Try to make your back flat, try not to lift
up too much.
Nice ok, I think I felt that one, I think.
So we are going to go back to the top and
see what we can get.
Back to those triceps.
On the side, hand by the shoulder, lift up.
Just going ten this time.
Alright let's try it on the other.
Ok, and a little bit more of the simpler tricep
was hands are sorta under your shoulders and
drop down to for-arms, back up.
Still engage that stomach.
Now reach out farther to challenge yourself.
And go!
Next ok, chest diamond pushup.
Knees first, and Go!
Yep so I can't talk so much when we are doing
pushups, it's hard.
So then we do that diamond again but on your
Ok, shake it a little bit.
Take it to the chair.
Decline, upper chest.
Make sure it's far enough back.
It's not going to move.
Set your feet up there.
And go!
Holy moly, that's all I can think of for that
one right there.
Ok, So now we need shoulders.
So with our shoulders we do that plank and
just a shoulder touch.
Catch your breath, catch my breath.
Now I'd say the hardest one, bird dog.
Switch, other side.
And now one arm, here we go.
Since we are already down here, and let's
do some stretches down.
So you're in your butterfly position, you
press your knees out to the side.
You're going to get your arms your triceps.
And then the other.
You're going to bring your arm across, drop
the shoulder.
And a little press in.
Shoulder triceps.
Go over.
And then you're going to open out.
And then the other side, over.
And then out.
And deep breath in.
Again inhale, and then slowly come all the
way up.
Shoulders and breath.
And you just worked shoulders and triceps
and chest with no weight but whatcha' got.
Alright see you next time bye!

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