Pizza might be the most eaten thing right now on Planet Earth. It has plenty of versions and each has a unique taste. We are going to start our Pizza category …
In the name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful.
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Today we are making Pizza in Mayela's Kitchen
First we will prepare its Dough
Lets start cooking
Things i need to make dough are
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Sugar
60 ml cooking oil
1 cup mild warm milk
1 packet yeast
as per this cup
i have taken 3 cups White flour – All purpose flour
Which i have strained
In white flour i will first add cooking oil
with help of hand
i will mix it very well
so it mixes well i all white flour
Remember that the best dough you make
the best soft Pizza you will get
After oil gets mixed then i will add salt in it
with it i will add 1 tbsp sugar
You can used powdered Sugar too
Here i am using normal sugar
with it i will add 1 packet Yeast
after adding some milk
i will mix it with my hand
during this period
i will add milk when required
and will mix white flour well
If you wish you can make dough with milk only
if not then if you have added 1 cup milk in it
later you can add 1 cup mild warm water in it if required
After using 1 cup milk i also have used some mild water in it
Now i will mix it – turn it in to dough
Do not make your dough too hard at start
Keep it soft
and do not add too much milk or water that
that it becomes really soft
then while making pizza it will be hard to control
and you pizza will not get cooked well
After mixing it for 2 to 3 minutes
Our dough is ready
Here i will take 1 tbsp cooking oil in my hand
and will grease dough and bowl with it
Now after covering it with a cloth
i will keep it to rise for 2 hours
Until our dough rises
lets prepare the Chicken we need to make pizza
Here i have taken half kg / 500 gram boneless chicken
Which i have cut in to small cubes
I have 1 tbsp chopped garlic here
1 tbsp red chili powder
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp black pepper powder
1 tbsp dry coriander powder
Half tsp oregano
60 ml cooking oil
First i will add cooking oil in Cooking pot
After oil gets hot, i will add chopped garlic in it
and will cook it until it becomes lite golden
Garlic has become lite golden
Now i will add boneless chicken in it
and after mixing it with spoon for 1 minute
i will add dry spices in it
Now after adding all dry spices in it
i will mix them all
Now i will cover its lid and keep it on low flame for 5 to 6 minutes
So chicken leaves its own water
You can see that after 5 to 6 minutes
Chicken has left its own water
Now i will cook chicken in this water
and will saute it well
Never saute chicken immediately after adding in Pan / cooking pot
because much you saute it, the more harder boneless chicken will become
and it also becomes tasteless
You can see that oil has come on side of the cooking pot
Our chicken is ready
When i left dough to rise
I forgot to show you that
i covered it with plastic wrap
If you have plastic rap then do cover it with it
So no air enters it
If you do not have plastic wrap
then normal plastic bags are available in every kitchen
then use those shoppers to cover it well
so no air enters it
then above it, you can cover it with any cloth or kitchen towel
Your dough rises well this way
Here you can see our chicken is ready
Home Made Pizza sauce is also ready
i have taken 1 packet Cheddar cheese
and 1 packet Mozzarella Cheese
1 piece onion sliced
1 Green bell pepper sliced
1 Yellow bell pepper sliced
Sliced Mushrooms (1 can) and
Black Olives
If you wish you can also use green olives
Here i have covered pizza pan with foil paper
and have done oil brushing over it
First i will sprinkle white flour on Kitchen counter
and after taking 1 piece of dough
i will spread it with help of hands
Now with Rolling pin, i will spread it slowly with lite hands
I will keep it 1 to 2 inch thick
Now i will put this rolled dough on foil paper
and will set it with help of my hands
You can see that your dough should be this much thick
Now i will put some holes on Dough with help of a fork at some distance from each other
this will help dough to cook / bake well from inside
First i will add 2 tbsp Home Made Pizza sauce on dough
If you wish to see Home Made Pizza sauce recipe
Its link is in the description
You can see it from there
I will add 1 tbsp more Pizza sauce on dough
I will apply it well with spoon
Now i will add Cheddar and Mozarella cheese on it
with help of hand i will spread it over dough
Now i will add sliced Onions
Sliced green bell peppers
Yellow bell peppers
Children like Colorful things
that is why to make it colorful
for children i have used these bell peppers
Red bell peppers were not available
If i had those, i would have added them for sure
Now i have added sliced mushrooms
Black olives
Cooked chicken
and now again
after adding Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese
i will sprinkle Thyme and Oregano leaves over it
Now i will keep it in oven to bake for 10 to 15 minutes
Oven was already preheated on 180 degree
Every ones oven has different system
Here my Pizza
got ready in 12 to 15 minutes
Pizza looked beautiful
and it was that much Delicious in taste
Here i am showing you how soft the dough was
on other side also you can see that how well it is baked
With second dough
We prepared deep square Pizza
We will share its complete video with you soon
With help of Pizza Cutter
i will cut Pizza in to slices
Here i am going to cut Deep Square pizza for you
It was also really delicious
Pizza's taste was really delicious
You should try this recipe for you and your Children
and do tell me how it went for you.

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