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– Hi, I'm Doctor Jami West.
Did you know that what you can be eating
causes your headaches?
So a lot of people think of
a food sensitivity or a food allergy
as something when they eat it
and their face breaks out in a rash
they look like they're
from the movie Hitch.
The tongue is swollen,
mouth starting to close up,
can't breathe things.
Well that's an anaphylactic reaction
and that's less common
than a food sensitivity.
So if you've ever woken up
and your hands feel kinda
stiff and your joints are achy
or you kind of gain two to three
pounds magically overnight,
that's a food sensitivity.
And those things happening
are what can lead to your headaches,
to that band compression around the head
where it just hurts so bad
and it feels like someone
has a vice grip around you.
Well what you eat can create
inflammation in the body
and that can create the pain,
the headaches that you're having
over and over and over again.
Some of the common migraine
triggers are chocolate,
wheat, corn, dairy, red wine, cheese,
a lot of your richer foods.
But some of 'em are just things
that most people aren't sensitive to:
lime, beans, coconut, nuts.
It doesn't matter, it doesn't have to be
straight across the board for everyone.
But what you're eating day in, day out,
especially if you're eating
a lot of the same thing,
try pullin' those out of your diet
and seein' if that doesn't
help those migraines go away.
A lot of what we do at our office,
we do food sensitivity testing
because I'm not gonna guess
what five million foods
that someone's eating can be sensitive to.
But we can dang sure do some blood work
and get that figured out really quickly.
Pull those triggers
out, let the body heal,
and then you start doin' it,
adding 'em back in slowly
and miraculously, with getting
adjusted and strengthening,
working with the tissue,
the headaches start to go away.
So part of your headache triggers
are definitely food-related
food sensitivities
the things that sometimes
I would never guess a patient
would be sensitive to.
If you know someone
suffering with migraines,
with headaches, with issues like that,
they need to get tested
instead of just going on and on and on
taking tons of of Advil,
tons of ibuprofen,
tons of Tylenol, Excedrin Migraine.
Tons of things that's wrecking their body,
their kidneys, their liver.
They need to get it taken care of.
So if you know of someone
that needs to see this
that can help, share it with 'em.
Click the link and let's get you set up
so that you don't have to suffer anymore.
(bouncy, clapping music)

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