It’s important to stay healthy while pregnant. Have you considered getting chiropractic treatment while pregnant? Learn how a chiropractic adjustment is done in …
– Hey, it's Dr. Greg with
Align Wellness Center
and I wanted to just take a few moments
to answer a frequently asked question.
Is it safe for someone who's pregnant
to wind up getting chiropractic care?
And it totally is and today we're going to
actually do an adjustment with one of our
patients who's pregnant and has been
seeing great results.
Because this is Megan, say hi Megan.
– Hi.
– We work with Megan
on helping her manage her
stress through her day.
She's a teacher, she works with students
and is over her desk.
Several months ago she became pregnant
and we're just starting to get to a point
where the table laying
down on your stomach
has become uncomfortable.
So we're going to go ahead
and do an adjustment
with her and you'll see how gentle
an adjustment is, how easy it is, and how
important it is for
someone who is pregnant.
So if you want to go ahead
and lay down on your back.
That'd be great.
Now for an adjustment for
someone who's pregnant
is so important because
one they're taking care
of themselves and their developing bodies.
So they need, we need to
make sure that their message
they're getting everywhere.
One of the first thing I'm going to make sure
is that Megan's neck is moving properly
and her spine is working well.
So I'm going to do a gentle
adjustment to her neck.
And then we're going to wind
up checking her hips,
her pelvis, and her spine to make sure
that she's moving properly.
Can you hold your leg
there, keep your leg there.
– Yep.
– Keep your leg there.
– Yep.
– Keep your leg there.
Great, can you lift your leg up straight.
Turn your foot out.
Straight up, turn your foot out.
Additionally, as the
body winds up changing
the lumbar spine curve and movement
within the lumbar spine is essential
to allow her developing
baby to grow larger
and at the end when you've
got to go through delivery
is what those movement of those segments
as well as the pelvis, allows for the baby
to be delivered easier and safer.
So we're going to go ahead and have you lay
on your stomach and for some of our
pregnant mom's to be, we wind up using
a special pillow that was designed
with a cutout for their
abdomen so that their stomach
they can lay on their
stomach and be comfortable.
We're going to push on some different parts
of their body to see if we can wind up
making a correction happen.
We'll do an adjustment
for that in just a second.
We're going to feel through
the rest of her spine.
Take a deep breath in,
and all the way out.
Gentle force.
I'm going to check to see how her knees
are bending as well.
Megan, I'm going to have you
turn on your side towards me.
I'm going to turn your hips.
Let's go ahead back onto your stomach.
I'm looking to see that her legs
are the same length and
they look really good.
Awesome, now Megan you're all powered up
and we've adjusted her spine
so she work her best with it.
Stand up quickly for me.
Is that painful at all Megan?
– No not at all.
– Nice and easy.
– I feel better.
– Awesome.
If you have questions
about getting adjusted
while you're pregnant or
thinking of getting pregnant
and you need help with
making sure that your
spine is moving right so
that you're ready to go
when you are, happy to help.
I'm Dr. Greg Gerstin with
Align Wellness Center.
And Megan, is it okay if we share
this with everyone, everywhere?
– Yes.
– Thank you.
– You're welcome.

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