Before coming to Yashoda Hospitals, Mr. Joy Kishore Debbarman from Tripura was worried about several factors, including the language barrier. These worries …
Mr. Joy Kishore Debbarman, Tripura | Chronic liver disease – Dr. Bharath Kumar, consultant gastroenterologist
Dr. M. Manisegaran, consultant surgical gastroenterologist
Namaskar, my name is Joy Kishore Debbarman, and I came here from Tripura.
Actually we the residents of Tripura never heard about Yashoda Hospitals.
We just knew about Apollo Hospitals, Global hospitals, and some others.
But when I heard from my sister-in-law that there is a good hospital named Yashoda at Hyderabad
where facilities are very good and better, we planned to come here.
But after coming here, my conception about a hospital totally changed.
I was very scared at my house thinking that I didn't know anybody over here, how will I communicate, language problems, etc.
But initially felt relaxed when their car picked us up from the airport
and dropped us at the guest house without any hassle.
I would especially like to mention the name of 2 marketing personnel, Mr. Shubham and Mr. Alok.
I got immense help and assistance from them.
The way they provided all the facilities and assisted me to avail treatment within a familiar and homely ambience,
I felt that I was at my own house.
I got admitted for 2 days in the hospital. During my stay, for instance, I forgot for a while if I was at my home or in a hospital.
The hospital staff, technician, and everybody over here is just excellent.
Everybody is cooperative.
Lastly, I'd like to say one thing.
Keep it up Yashoda Hospitals
Keep it up Yashoda hospitals!
Dhanyavad (thank you)

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