Vuelve la Clash Royale League! Sigue la retransmisión de la CRL West 2020 de Otoño, en la que los mejores equipos luchan por conseguir la supremacía en …
week two in The Clash Royale
League was full of photo
finishes I'm rich Layton and
this is your top five plays for
the second week of crl West
before we kick things off don't
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action as
the best players in the world
compete for a chance at at a
trip to Shanghai
China here we go play play
number five cream Real Betis
meet you food and Diego e up
against Cody go and Flash and
they are way behind have been
this entire to game we jump on
ahead though and they've taken
lead they lose it and this heel
Spirit comes out early why not
for the RG but to distract the
fishermen does its job no pull
on the Royal giant Diego e Amici
food come from way behind behind
codigo and flash I believe
they gave up the wind look at
that one more time heals fear it
not for the Royal giant but to
distract that fisherman Hunter
comes out trying to be a part of
that RG defense can't happen
that's number five on the play
number for both Mac versus are
Surfer and are Surfer has has
the lead but check this out 64hp
left has to use the fireball on
defense so it's not in cycle
to finish it off here and he
can't win
win the foot
let's look at that photo finish
one more time minor is in snow
ball is in the air but they
cannot beat out that speedy
Lumberjack chop chop
buff Mac takes the win huge one
for tribe gaming on to number
three book Mac again this time
in the opening game of to
against wings and are Surfer
with his teammate as aliens and
check this out the lightning
just sneaks
on through just as the timer
changes over row let's look at
just how close that was it was
absolutely insane like I said
close finishes
all day and look at this the log
comes through the timer is Tick
Tick ticking
away and that lightning hits
just as the clock turns you
cannot get any closer than that
Wings can't believe it airserver
can't believe it but Mac
celebrating Azalea's knew it was
in the bag the entire time GG
well played tried gaming went on
to win still undefeated
undefeated our number
play SK up against team K so
another classic of Javi versus
Ruben this robbery going back to
TRL 2019 and this game 1 of 1
1v1 very close but again as the
seconds tick away
Reuben steals it with a fireball
of course hobby would go on to
reverse sweep win the set and
clutch the victory up for SK
gaming and our top play of the
week Diego be up against his
former Squad and Team
Team Liquid playing defense it's
not one but two Sparky's has a
huge lead but that's a lot of
Sparky the minor picks up one
Sparky shot I Swizz to slow
things down zap trying to make
enough room It seems impossible
but Diego be more than up to the
task with a perfect tornado and
then the minor to cap it off
will come in right here to pick
up the mini Pekka and somehow
Diego be stays alive takes a
huge sigh of relief and clutches
win guys I hope you enjoyed this
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central European summer time and
of course watch more videos
right here I'm rich Laden we'll
see you back next week for more
Top 5 Plays
in a row 14 peso peso
yeah gift almost never
maintenance is massive
colleges and he commanded
and also change
change no but I mean you can all
guess when
I met Korra come on Daniel other
country in the audience
balsamo's party important enzyme
tournament Team Liquid game Casa
de una comida Victoria
Victoria came as a predicament
cuando El avión a Twitter handle
police are looking a simple
police are belt or a seminar
is a Fin de semana
es mucho mucho mucho Man
real jenandtony
polka Victoria soon as
he fossil ho lat of groceries
they don't really know seis
come on
finally I said okay I get it I
think about that total momentum
casino but Niko Mary who are you
kidding me me
tell me
repeat no no see no I do not
not get out
a so let's do a second reading
it has a academic Space station
and Country s economy through
the has autocomplete oh
Bella Ciela
incredible when you look at them
all medical domain
so ineffectively click on I want
to you don't wanna Freak Show
similar symptoms
North America Nothin
like that Fascinate the Samana
poem or a lot more choice in
League with your same period of
control does not pay gonna put
it on case of it doesn't
anymore key
to everything
how much was the island jinkies
must know that that the sake
think is so violent
Viola Miller
Miller yo Creo Que
es el momento liquid all right
this is a massive matchup for
Team Liquid something's been
going wrong back in the team
house they cannot seem to figure
out what to put together in
there 2v2 lineup gonna
happen log comes in GE GE well
played in that going to be
really hard especially at the to
be to of Benny who and
cootchie-coo is clicking weird
so Benny and coochie just kind
of out class their
their opponent San Diego and
Mitchie in game one yeah there
you go
and I say hi
think so
Mario be avoided as a player can
I do it again but seriously
this is the thing
the game on Toronto Quito nobody
bother your payroll
a key Mira repeated every
to Toe with a full bar but a
little chicken
who knows
meow Daniel
Perrin contradictory
contradictory I don't know
in precipitation precipitation
Clara Bow in Tennessee
in activist educator internal
controls controls literature on
the team
multiple complications and also
I know you're
going to go you're going to go
to our moon depend so much on
the California Arizona
who net effect of control in
grave live in democracy
garage door economic Story
entangling down
down no no officially
this operation for this recipe
are they
by the way no I can't
what I mean
logically the iniquity
definitely a Mandela who annoys
me more
they told Jody
I'll take one more
little delinquent
no Iron Man
at the moment
but today is no no – yeah
I'm thinking think it's not mean
to quandary in but you're gonna
put it on selecting a Melissa oh
so easy
of the applicants a present
Caputo I am anyone I love animal
or a big chunk of area and
welcome Simon I thought pick out
a memo
to see you
the liquid when the re-enter man
see the Hawaiian evil a
full throttle and dossier
dossier body away for
you could have done will be any
Yahoo Orion so I can really keep
the weight in liquid hello Doris
killer Superior inclusion
the moment of the window movie
and oh okay okay whenever I do
that give when I go to the bar
case or not
any random an awesome
you'll see exactly if I don't
play around
no no
hey to take a look
look at
we need be very controversial
area for my Posada put it neon
tovo it looks like Communists
Global sea level a bruja
no no
mix Runner run for it while
you're talking to – okay
I got it loose on alone I got a
son of Adam the connection
collection of data port de los
avianna party
if I want to mess with the quite
seemed prepared uno dos see I'm
prepared jugando m per second
come on referent Antonin artaud
paramour ellaria hello Cora
I'm petty officer
Jessica minion don't ruin
Santo André de Pista come on
Robin Romano a unique moment ago
Napoleon I don't know even throw
no es Una rata sentences
man who gave us oh Sarah said I
well poor kid
commentary okapi nagae capacity
grunting gasps okay no I don't I
don't I don't know
knock on door Entre ellos La
Primera Victoria
don't control us load run in one
at me
excellent excellent
excellent yeah
that's what I'm trying to say
get it
yeah yeah
videos I was
us a look at the bleep you
mother complete details
UK can't believe in the hotel
lobby pick that color
let her know not be gonna cover
everything needed to go go no no
no holdup water
water there's he goes hello I'm
gonna happen to Jesus he said
the plane complicated
party a movie
get it up
up get that and send somebody up
a little okay go look at who
forgetting things are gonna be
fixing to come from Adidas
condo listen and learn Lily sure
it's an Electra
the health center
it gave him
Wow garyun hello key party
disciple for
give whenever Tia as a team
begin with move move move Muy
whenever T de viento de Baca
elimination donor Chico Team
Liquid band already plated MK so
it can understand real a pita
that we can either gonna eat
no way
but as here has to say the world
run or legal Academia Noona
Paula and anyway it it'll
Cameo paraiba ever perfect
Jones Inlet velocity
me anything
yeah no No
Sam sir
I got with you
put him
finish no Lydia oh no leeway you
got it Nia mucho mucho mucho wow
keep a lookout at how do I know
the wrong command I want a body
and the real and your boy not at
all I guess you know if India
go sweetie no no no
no no
cincuenta por ciento De Molina
plan C
anywho many who came out of the
USA now for pretty awesome
you lose
glad to see a smile much of it
helped me more multiple
countries pledged his support of
companies are getting
eat the ponies hunedoara
infernal wow cannot even but I
see back and
secure turkey by my Hunger for
gold Ezekiel
I mean Kendall who
and the hypocrite
from Taco Bell
Taco Bell and when they don't
drunk but I heard of
email or see I'm gonna brief you
on the way telephone and our day
job okay okay or here
match point but of Eeny El Nino
where he know of any kind of
your kisses your point and
out of uni it whoever and
believe me I didn't kiss oh
Ruben perazzo garlicky
it looks like
a dog at our condo by the way
notice a Leo let's head home Al
efficient if he's a little while
but one of the other women their
way Rene Turner well uh own
basically know I know true and I
prayed and Clemente already
repeated in case
no no
I said yeah yeah yeah and I know
you did
okay so we know
let me repeat your gig Casey
broke a just a second when
dinner party
compared the chorus other
front squat
give anybody that I think about
it public
not important
now intro Neil is a fighter
me down
of course
we gave Faldo your is real
real movie
one atom liquid educated
educated and Teddy empty
can see is a little bit early
and one will be eliminated so
you can
do it
– II do lay take it anymore
Sarah later
kayak be great question adamant
ruining on
their asses citizen Khan Academy
okay put it that way why did I
didn't hate that jiggle wiggle
yeah kind of
get off of me ass yes Cece at
least I wanna
come on here like an REO Canada
but it's okay you paid or roving
you're not saying quandary
Hamachi come on oh and doce
trece Bahamas no
my part but a symbol of the want
to stay together ruin
some four days City boy boy
Cinderella on of the Sierra
when momento Revenge
I see
past her one day yeah but if
video so you're going
we're not going day came in
second on
TSE yes yes yes yeah
you've gotta go Fado you re
welcome welcome to no I couldn't
and they know no nobody
yep yep
yes it is
Wayne Papa me buddy
home with you later edema
edema you got it
this is damaged
The Entity
or person oh El solito little
matchup is Ian britanik chance
again Silas gonna lie here and
die come on
home within a super cuando
what I mean mean why not to
determine the temperature
did you will play
see government say says he's
okay no no sir sir
I say yeah yeah he's the Sierra
better than well yes you're
because I needed that you see it
together exaggerated billion
know I can see your message
space in case I'm not going to
tell my David chiu olive oil 1
nothing K so K mojito
are any much as him I still see
him very nice tank one Minister
sir give me the controls not
Erin Condren resolution is
his celebrity Silver Lake but
look at how are you
know you
you hey Bubba Bubba
he said people people even know
what happened
no no
the end of an Empire you know I
like to ride Elixir so yeah
classical example of Brazilian
key sold over fake to me I came
I keep forgetting no no put KOCO
can I go over getting a grip on
the globe
low end up with a permit
Gino kept way of article you are
not nice
I can see it
see see
Bonita in Asia
today I gotta get
over those 15 everything see if
you like what you don't want
this integration tests
– muy bien pero the safe in our
principal the Peruvian computer
conserve our productivity
no permit
say it again I can tell us
don't have it
no no never
no no
all right I gotta go
then idea
hey don't worry captain it comes
doesn't matter nice nice nice
I can
it'll get it on eBay got to
phantom pain
has Elena so you know reality no
idea Johnson oh no I know that
guy said click to ride
motorcycles on the drop a la
mejor Ebola
is spreading them predict the
egg or
and uh no naka sir you know me
there isn't much of a poor foul
for the
the parish Asura a party 21 no
yet their room when I guess you
know for now Victoria ruin a
when I mean once has he failed a
lot earlier I think it's ruined
pero Lo Bueno que Vio Avec
algo De Beque Co one
one me either
I think a Sentimental second
recorded today's you know yes
Asturias Victoria and CEO Rueben
Rueben Rueben Rueben Rueben
Romano yeah my nuggets here
Drew Endy also ruin a policy
to wipe order metal to a Double
Image Point know it in liquid
much point in their place they
must be some quarters 0 then it
gets into ruin who are
no video in some quarters in
Ohio I guess
he married
not the case here the mono de
Camino a la casa do until they
can so that was the never
partied has the belly
can encounter contrary campeón
De La Semana de puta Mandela
party at Israel real gameplay is
famous famous
he come on news show don't do it
women don't do it
so remember girl Marissa
impression on Des a yellow cake
area he didn't you
can either tankini top of Duomo
– an opportunity
it's then don't have an
intravenous is salamander words
no no shame in other words they
laughing at
wound up one day I don't wanna
mucho mejor
all season long they've
struggled the entire time
they've been
organization they have to win
this match because if they do
not not only will it ruin the
confidence for the squad moving
forward but there's basically no
chance they're going to make it
in the playoffs unless they win
out after that he's always yoga
your ugly old
we know that Steve has de
Guadalajara Esports and Country
has mono
mono listen got a little
bit of a movie from the he can
hurt the coral Mundo
is atrovent 18 and Russian
movies from groundwater Del
oriente and re-evaluating
guess so words for example in
times of War when you move this
reacting caesarea reminded in
fundamental of common core is
the remove the Rhinoceros
I want you to cross over Diego
equals virtual campus dandumb
video keeps flash Cody go eat
noise or precious oils available
vehicle that you need to repeal
be live on peyote and
seola me
come on
under this image of a specific
basically a specific event in
canto the rectum and
gonna tour infernal apology
for acting
like what a few of these
on you
the nipple
thank you see malakoma for come
on Master Ali
Khan played on no I'm glad
you're not paranoid carotenoid
is so low electrical quality
they leave
the perfect time entering the
but everyone out for that but
they howdy now look at what I
want to hear anything st.
her Kang dong bell icon Lindsay
shopping see killed
right now but
I believe me – it was funny
tiddle controls it wasn't the
mucho cuidado porque él Rey de
Peter didn't tell us
– it's a calendar
Andrei so sorry when you play
gonna get –
shut up Shana any bacteria
okay I need to make make
I live in a hotel no Simon
I'm okay
nothing's real
I mean hotel is he
co-wrote a guy with you
and I don't mind
no no chance no I just an
somebody on the telephone again
until 1:30 go a complete
one else in the room is it isn't
nonsense you about they gotta
kill more people than you life
but you're okay
I don't give a no no
– like I mean think when
de Lille métropole you know what
I felt
Gator hanging out with a
colleague or some Naruto
therapy is spiritual corruption
codomain Jonathan Toews
Wow no no no
gracias Abuelita
novel we improved our for also
David don't know for those who
know those
not required before the horse
definitely I mean the frail for
like Francia internal going
around the phone
while it while you can
have a Cheerios problem in to we
don't know what's that –
of the principal
out there
to get those internal internal
Dora he wanted to interest in
teaching model De Moto Moto your
brother mean I marital
archaeological Rarity oh no I
literally Adam me see you don't
want o go nowhere on a Christian
Hali cops and they don't know
ever the rest of Westeros
authorised by hello Tiaras as
being hooah Academy married over
La Posada
bigger on top of it
you know not about nothing else
left you high and didn't come up
when one yellow
where are the boys
no no no you are excused
bravissimo Rourke
no no no I'm going to do is get
em a CDC but I offender vendor
no point I got
the real Ray is permitted wow
come on
yeah raising that if we can say
no and Report over no no my home
for you
however Maharashtra be dishonest
Shakira Wauseon
Colorado their goal pal no no no
todo Manitou to escape
no it is not really superheroes
you know cake
put in similar three-pointers
aggressive oh no Vermont Allah
is eternal eternal controversy
is Alex
in a karaoke
of karaoke yay
I thought
know what I did
in a room with
so Leo's operator or yeah he
said ranked fourth in the
Premier League
yeah dignitas
give me a go and drunk oh let
him know
mucho mucho
its internal
no no it muscle yeah he does
think I can control absolute
over here
if you don't know know
am anymore we are in the double
no no no no no no
say what are those are all I
but oh holy get automated a
the whole and will last and the
VM I wonder who take guard but
I've been ignoring my electric
we'll see you tomorrow
and CoQ10 seat in the house yeah
it may he go
you clearly say Kyle Acosta is
the guy
who can rap
only other
Bellissimo creepy got here what
is happen to do you have to
check or not yeah no can we say
Jonathan Pollard alinea bad idea
if he
mother Carolyn on radio it can
see that whatever
la vida Lincecum
video below will be sir Silicon
Valley con mucho
I don't know
I can
See ya soon
Killer Bee
all the way up
way to sound like
you know they chose your mom a
lot any other
the match étoile as you can see
on intercom believer is ready
leave it
so a member Eric or even a no no
you're gonna
okay you're needed in the ocean
is holding my friends more
younglings say homogeneous
1 million is
going to do now
I can't
talk yeah
and it was
is another
bien por Lindsay Rocky is a
donkey Danny Santos
when I told Ians emails at the
point I don't know
yeah you are boom thank you
thank you
yeah that's on the move
mechanical signal
another naked a cup of coffee
what up and took a job at a time
yeah pick out
a way to get back on Castle
Oracle sourcing Amora the broken
ankle ankle yeah he drank
there is no pony
pico de gallo muy bien
Mussolini it wasn't an actor
know I said okay
no your honor Amanda Amanda not
woman no sir
and also get here today
muy bien in the
anything fundamental super
soluble knowledge is ordinary
NADA nada good job nany
convention comments you know
no okay
when we the end but a company
we're gonna lean second ago
they might not really sorry Cara
important important don't say no
no say yes yet and Wendy while
ever ducky getting a problem
you know
I am know might forget
it yeah
but I have to leave no Paula
Diego at IBM
preliminary contract Tyson Tyson
bomb oh yeah
don't worry about it
why not
yeah about not
worth of
map on page 210 daily with you I
mean I've got cash to say I'll
work stranded on some interval
why couldn't it
no horizontal format they could
appear died
no you're not fast but I'm I'm
learning yes she was
in said really Stella manually
pump into momento de llegar a
and we got it in
tank of gas
karaoke you know
reading this single I want to to
to know but I got our – yeah
maybe another one you know
giving the habían No No can we
not play no no boy oh you're not
leaving are you doing sister
nice Dad Mal match as I see a
Louis a every dog has a big
yeah the who I don't want who I
don't do a little soul of
Control – Alberto no control
what is it
sit sit nothing I wonder what
yeah but I know is no question
of global no no serious edible
really mean mean no I hope
you mean yeah you want to lie
here and die
or brandy
all right when I did
hello a miracle in my life
I know
they call you
I think I got it
he will call your
I'm a dad where do you know
I'm Chicano Nazarene Nazarene
who a movie in Bombay
they took
the Democrat Reno no no bias or
and it paid off Bassam
Rito see that Asana momento
Peto I'm gonna take these
entitlement and they can pull
together the elune reporter
Jackie brousseau in mind
car no said really just just
csis CSIS more records
cannot help it that I said
although I have torment augment
converter India where the
elaborate educating the public
on try to be named estar muy Mal
I want to give up
getting thing that I tomatoes
pattering a position guitar
go back
why don't ya know the name of
know no
know us
then what is this happening
Becca but I want to go Daniel
Arabic Allah they just
Allah Allah
then don't go – oh my Lord you
should be significant
I see
you want
his Handler Vienna corner
this over dinner
hey Sarah
Timber kakadudude wait by a
and I nice
Alex uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh
Mira thank you I'm a banana I'm
Kara treat see what I see you a
moment ago
ago Dana
L must be no concern about you
not take out oh yeah don't have
ruined that
is no idea who our victim a
conservatory easy for me
know my mojo you want a
cigarette okay
non-trivial on TV and in the
you know what I need
play great about it date
you know
English isn't
this watch I compete the end of
what I con queso con esto De
Cuatro de winter sorry top 10
stupidest Tea Party City so no
solamente final final see why
today gathered in case of to
look at doing that it
happen I love Ramirez in the
world match
condition poor guy
a needle believe it or not
première partie of yellow Sokka
the total area a premier
a little
bow bow
energy goes again
guess I got mono
you know I guess I don't put
on me that Kelly no – I cast
or lying down for lat
from vegetable bake a cake Ian
Pedro Parade route El reading
task being a mirror and oh oh
man only berlioz Shadow tamas
kassey control the laughing on
CCC why not yeah throw that they
don't roll of playoffs our top
no sir we didn't see see see
does that mean they are going on
bounce LM freedom and equality
alien friend Demetria jornada la
lucha fall upon the same okay
Latin a second a capital Space
Station has lost
really wasted millions in my way
the last days on the split the
Pythagorean theorem because the
Hebrew Carlos
owes $10,000 Cena
Waldo comforter you're getting a
bunt de Siempre my reasons to
the contrary Misfits and it's
the same thing
he says La Guardia
space station and SK playing to
take control of number one it's
leadership battle and I don't
care who you are there is no way
to pick the winner in this
one now is it salmon Morton seem
to be playing Better Together
than AC RF
soon the reorder the ceiling
historical knowledge already
done it not all of them offer
them this 15 out
sermon he space station yessica
biking Savvy a premier
echolocation sing for Casey
cutting primeiro Lugar time
Joe DiMaggio Jim is gonna try me
improve is evil as soon preska
but I assess EG Space Station
get it
how you doing
champagne yes I copy more things
Oprah's a movie or Thrice adios
he wanted to control the agents
down Ctrl V / know while we're
not Rosario's
it had poison even do not
control you know how we got on
the microphone
Emma basica more than Como
moosari oamaru to remove
championship on inside
a kiss –
no he okay okay que
poorest continent for Duncan to
the try on a crab and $100
this is he to the media
coordinator in North Dakota
station bruninho
brunette everybody knew toboggan
hey buddy
maybe God Daniel Casey yeah
feeling good to see you
back back back back back back
well by say all y'all don't get
it out their teeth oh don't mean
y'all are
both the phones that o Hanuman
so Bongo nothing Beyond those
diamonds hidden
in my life
kill Linda
indicate yes
yes New England Revolution
in the space station
when he kicks on is a tacky chi
chi know the rest for tomorrow
can you
wash dollar each other apart is
demented or Monopoly no
glow that old motor
open family home or denoting a
lawyer Toria phonetic
they are getting back on that
remember a horror movie you know
chat as follows and Twitchy
active notifications suscribirse
Al Canal de YouTube youtube be
active there's a company on
you can see her again
teeth chattering come on Cinco
consecutive has quinoa Cinco
Cinco know Cinco Cinco
Cinco Cinco
I'm told I'm in the movie
under a fence
for Sulu sea clangor of Tycho
space station lift no money for
an interview I received an
icicle no he was not a man
Elixir but all
quality product
soul atom also if I have better
I guess I did
of here but I forgot
Vanessa Yoho
Yoho knocking nobody's here but
us even a Hooter going to see
you again until an immortal our
bought idea
but I'm gonna condense yeah I
but I never said yellow no
Javier Gonzales has no idea it
had the opportunity
to see I've been reading her
control control yeah no
and being the
condos eternally liberated from
all eternity water table is
impressing dividend window
controls for Alexei dough in HD
format oil is impressively
deeply what
a solemn president it was
horrible of deer camp
what better what better don't
want to be in the a be a
negative way you can play
it she has to say that I don't
want to be in or pair didn't
mean but I mean when do we end
win rate in the controls it was
a joke
keep what what are the girls
home it's not as cool as
a road test the safe word
engraved I wanna have a terrible
idea in a polo Machado
lettuce do you
people can acquire
a second consecutive games
you know Buda Buda Buda look at
a notification
saying Alex no nobody
okay what happens here
nope nope
want a full minute and see when
they build a castle
it won't open anymore anyone to
try and keep it handy for
soon Loop
yeah yeah yeah
what are these names names see
all right
little cubby man to
uncontrollable diarrhea what
yelling match
Joseph multiple variable VAR
name s gracias
Sarah wow
different way
a second
he already knows and primavera
we're not only on one community
Natasha can see
well in the
darkness are released
the income of the me nobody
Primavera along the chalk data
well the mo had met a very
acidic I see the gun Adam is a
of Serotonin play of Gracia
handsome wealthy I got her fac
fac as if Visions all but one
you need to catch some stuff I
don't know how we got our start
on the calendar
you pay the police
get up critical new minimally
Saga lasogga choza
that yourself
how come only one processor
yourself it's too much Lobby
Mose boy
boy you side excitedly if it's a
good ol butthole
butt hurt
remote oh I
lo tiene que Chico
how are you hello to you about
your your car away come on
happy for you never will be
ruined oh my God hello
hello beautiful
yama's wow no no
I don't mean to trouble but I'm
not here to play
means in Big Data Chico
better than you wait when I look
older I thought why not say
torment of the Colorado a low
I already told you
I think
I chi chi Hoon who am I being
consumed well I don't know any
encounter God
and as I can can
no no no
it couldn't work on trial in
st. Louis MO
see a lie concealed an entire
poker chip damage Sidibe and
apple Mountain View controller
on you have agreed
agreed Kono mini Pekka
about an area it how you got
those tickets total and I
these delivery no no no no
effect of here a turkey
bacon yeah
Delilah battle because steroids
eii I made of kick well we
argued a little bitty big lady
I don't know
sorry you know know who Adam
also how are you that mean I'm
get away me but
you're not really gonna make a
nice Linda
they can avoid it I'll tell ya I
don't know what I found
it is
a hard worker person
only when necessary hell are you
talking about
the same way okay God but when
someone's identity in the movie
Caliente Caliente what our own
engineering for nothing
so good have you ruin necessary
god he already said no no
I am gonna come there though
it's a difference
it's engraved you know wow
Mauricio every time a consumer
or a Mohican plan entryway need
to Chico I'll see you
soon are Lo vemos El partido de
Lindsey see
physically not I'll call you
locura locura
no not the impression I love
it's a gamma ray silly to really
the premier okay que habrá Una
towards see si si si si si si
si why not an evil dummy be near
here no no problem idea
it was going to totally
totally has a nodal
dramatization know we moved on
even in a dock control reports
for the past are important
Paris hi
put it in once I drive you know
things you know intruding – yeah
O'Connor wrote an essay
but I need out of it looking
through the endure any well okay
Karis we don't know
bring a bottle
of imported queso di need to
hurry CPR the try
think is reading it and they
said only themselves brutal heat
and remove one AAA Battery on
but I participated look we don't
know if they can support
yourself results are really
working to improve so
not break them bottles glass
painting contractor in stats
button has realized I know Danny
Poore characters is more
important the HR manager
government know how uh-oh
collaboration amongst our can
help help you
yodel symptoms muy importante so
what I did which no can I come
all video or for our University
Deco Para ustedes

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