Vegetable juice is a healthy way to start your day. Here is a short video on preparing a cold pressed vegetable juice.
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I like to start my day with a freshly squeezed juice of fruits and vegetables
Here, I am going to demonstrate how to make cold pressed juice using
celery, kale, green apple, lime, ginger , beet root and carrot
If you have some cucumber, you can also add that into this juice
First, I washed all the vegetables and green apple
and chopped them into pieces.
Removing the seeds from green apple is not necessary, but that is just my preference
I'm using Omega NC800 masticating juicer
and the shoot of this juicer can handle medium sized vegetables and fruits
So, as you can see here I'm making slices of these vegetables that are not very small
I have turned on the juicer
and now I am adding vegetable slices one by one
through the shoot of the juicer
This juicer has 2 outlets – one for the juice to come out
and the other for the fiber to come out
The fiber collected can be used for preparing vegetable broth or for composting
After preparing the juice with all the vegetables except beet root
it is a green juice as you can see here
I'm going to prepare a juice using half of beet root
and as you can see here, the juice is bright red in color.
By mixing these two juices, I'm going to get a very dark colored juice
And I have a delicious and healthy juice here
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