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Hello friends of Arte en Tus Manos for today we are going to share how to decorate these caps
that will not only be for our children but also for the whole family is a
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you really like it so we also start with this new project here on your
art channel in your hands welcome and good friends these are the materials we need to carry out
today's project I have two caps and one for each of the projects that this is going to be
for the kingdom and this is going to be for the snowman too for snowman you can
use it in white if the color goes by the taste of for the taste of each one in which
you want to put it we also need the fabrics in this case I am using felt and
felt wood I have a slightly darker brown color the skin color or light peach these are
the leyeras I found the color like this a green with red or that contrast that is much stronger
red this the faithful Another in camel color in white and a small piece of stuffed animal we will also
need scissors and there will be approximately two meters of pompoms depending on the color of the
fabrics and each set of buttons these are half spheres for what corresponds to the eyes
half spheres number 16 these They are like the species tears also that are used a lot for the
eyes and those corresponding to the colors of the fabrics subway pins cotton filling hot silicone
and if suddenly I have forgotten some material to name here in the lower part under
the title there is The description in the description I leave the list of materials if complete and I
also leave the link where they find the molds of this project then as well as
the people who are interested in our digital magazines also here in the lower part
under the title there is a description there we leave all the information for when the project has
any questions or comments then with these materials ales we start well here ahead a little
that what the fabrics cut is very simple as long as you have the molds then here
are the pieces for the snowman and here are the pieces for the reindeer for the snowman we
need a piece for the Cap that we cut it exactly as the mold is, we need
four pieces for the gloves in them and we leave a tolerance of 5 millimeters or one centimeter
depending on your sewing ability, yes sometimes it is better if you are a little more beginner to leave
a centimeter if you are already a little more advanced I recommend 5 millimeters is the nose piece
that is a single one is cut double here as you can see double the fabric I put the piece in the mold and
cut leaving a little also only less than 5 millimeters for the seam for the piece that
corresponds to the face I will cut one if it shows a lot or if the color of the cap shows a lot in
the white on the white felt then you can cut two as we did with the s Anta that I
showed you a week ago for the arms four arms four pieces are four pieces to
make the two arms then these are the molds corresponding to the travel doll for the kingdom
we are going to use the same piece for the hat one is cut flush from the face to the nose
, five millimeters are left four for the gloves, four for the arms, one for the trunk, four
for the ears and four for the antlers, if the same if they see that the shade they choose for the cap shines through
in the felt, not cutting and with these then we start ready so now we are going to start
with everything that has to do with sewing this for example is one of the pieces of the arms
here are two pieces and I am going to sew it only at these ends here in the upper part that
arrives approximately where the curve is and here in this lower part as well until the
curve arrives and then I'll show you why I don't close here because that's where I'm going to go around the piece
and here is do Where I am going to join the glove then the stitch we make is an intermediate
straight stitch it does not have to be very very very small the intermediate stitch is fine and we are going
to do it for all the pieces that correspond, for example to the arm, also those that are The
gloves would be like the main pieces in terms of the kingdom and for the snowman
they would also be the same two pieces plus the nose, those would be like the pieces that are sewn
internally and little by little the same I am explaining
ready so they are Then the four arms and the two of the kingdom and the two of the snowman here
he brought them closer so that they can see how the seam is then only up and down neither at this end
nor at this other because this is where we are going to sew now the You keep that it is with the piece
that I am going to continue this is the glove and I will then sew it all around the contour except here
on this side not because this is where I am going to sew it now to join it to the arms then the
stitch All the anger itself that will be the straight stitch this fabric a little thicker wood fabrics
is like a kind of fleece but it is a little stiffer it is a bit stiffer that it comes in some
very nice prints I am going to show you so you can see it has A little shiny glitter glitter
is very nice the projects so that we are going to do things all around this
ready here then I also have the four pieces that correspond to
the gloves here they are at this moment the other way around he approached them so that they could give me the
seam so with a straight tip it is a stitch it is not very small it is intermediate in terms
of the seam that is very well sealed and what we are going to do is turn around
and then we will have the glove ready and the four that will remain we are going
to do here we are going to take one of the arms for example in this case this is the one that is going to be done
in contrast to the reindeer arm that the longer part is going down yes and the part therefore
narrower towards up I thought that is what gives us the position of the arm so
using the thumb upwards we are going to insert it into the hole here
very carefully
and we are going to make them tie the seams here and I am going to bring them closer to see it
so and we are going to tie the seams of the gloves with the seams of the arms here they tie and
we are going to know in a straight stitch also all this contour and thus it will be a single piece
well here then and join the two pieces he approached them to Let them see if there is the seam
around the contour and now the part that we left unsealed, remember that I told you
that it is not sealed very carefully, we are going to start to win the glove through that hole,
careful not to damage the seam
and so we do with All the four arms with their respective glove and also what we started
to do is fill them in, let's say that this is the part that has a little more work on
the cap because they are pieces that have a little more sewing and that but it makes what ede the truth is
different and beautiful, something that I must clarify for you, the molds are what the base is what
the base is what is going to be put here the base is for a big fat woman if they are going to use them for smaller caps
of course because they are To make the same cut in the molds for the children exactly the
same and when the uvi that cut the excess or before gluing them cut the excess and the
perfect left fits them for any size but sometimes it is preferable that the mold is a
a little bigger and a little bigger so that to fit better at weddings we turn it around and
what I tell them we fill in we dream and this piece remains at least of these pieces are ready
seen like this then the arm remains when we have already sealed also after having
filled it and then later I am going to put an ornament here to separate or differentiate the
arm from the toilet but for now they are ready what we need is only to decorate them
the stitch you use can be an invisible type stitch or also the stitch that is
small and that the thread is not very noticeable and that allows us not to lose the shape of the
arm so much because here I am going to put them aside now I am going to start working the ears
of The reindeer in the ears, as you can see, do not leave any tolerance for the seam, cut
the piece flush, and what I am going to do in this scared festoon if they teach you
in other projects but here I am going to give you a brief step by step then I am going to enter
the thread, it is always done like the ring and that allows once it alludes to the piece
I leave approximately 5 millimeters and I start to sew around the contour it
always remains as in a ring it is pointed it is called a scallop or it is also called
Dragon stitch , others also tell you that it is like a fillet stitch or it is actually very simple
and in these pieces it gives a very nice rustic touch for the projects so the other is the same
stitch and what we are going to do is put them together one poc or also with a seam and that is how the ear would look
good here then I already have the ears all I did was fold the base and make a seam
here at the end and only what I did was fold and tie a knot and this gives us this ear look
ready the same I did with the Scottish cough both and we have the edges as well, he left them
aside and now I am going to start working the antlers on the antlers as you can see, neither
add centimeters for the seam the short flush either for a small cap or Whether for a
large cap, the pieces in which the accessories are the same, both the arms, the ears,
the nose, all these pieces are the same, the only thing that changes, if it is a very small cap, is the base at
home. What am I going to do? to start making the same tip of the ears the stitch
the scallop point the point put around the contour of my project
just as it says with it start the seam the ears do not fill them not because of the effect that I
wanted to give that i was It would be a bit folded and as thick fabrics, two filters
are thick so it is not necessary more, very necessary to fill them but the
antlers themselves then the wedding sew all around with this stitch and at the base from
a small hole but insert a A little bit of filling cotton, so
I make the stitch
floating and so it remains fully cooked, I already did it in red, you can
use the color of the fabric if you want, here is to highlight the work a bit and
the truth is also The color contrast has been very beautiful I like you can do it the same
good here the two antlers are ready now what I am going to do is fill it
just a little starting because the hole that is in the lower part is something small
so I must help myself with a pencil to be able to introduce the cotton but then
we are going to fill it only a little to give it as one with a different appearance in appearance
a little fuller so that we do not have so much pl anus actually is so that it is not so
flat but look at that with the pencil the entry is very easy and here it remains and it is giving this primitive shape
a little more plump so that is what we are going to do with the sauces
and that's how they are then the antlers in the lower part after filling them also with the
same seam with peston stitch is like this they are ready for when we start to form
the kingno now that I am going to make this is the piece that corresponds to their nose and I will to
leave a small tolerance of 5 millimeters around the contour and I'm going to sew an
intermediate straight joint, that is, I introduce that something like that throughout all these circles and throughout that circumference
here the plan is against those you may notice a little that the intermediate line is intermediate sewing and I 'm going to go up
I 'm going to fill with a little cotton too,
so it will fit us so it fits well for what you want to tell me the piece
and then it is just woolly and this would be the nose ready x square fence can place
here the back then it is convenient is not to be ready
ready I already have almost one can say that all the pieces of the kingdom now then I am going to start
with those of the snowman that the truth is very few what distinguishes it a little more is his
nose the carrot here what I am going to do is also sew in a straight stitch the internal part
good here already with the nose of the blood what is the carrot that corresponds
as the carrot of the snowman and we remove the piece well
the king in amos and them
here then I bring the camera a little closer so that you can see what I am going to do
a little here at the end that then we cut it carefully not to damage the piece and what
I am going to do is start to go around with the thread around the contour to give the effect of
the carrot then here I am not going to leave it the square of the camera I am going to turn them
and that will allow us to give us the effect of the carrot
this look what if we have left
and then we cut this excess and here at the end I am going to insert the needle and I am going to tie it, they
can fix it if they pointed something out they do not fit but the shape is
ready what we expected all the pieces are already complete so now we are going
to start working on the caps well then here we have The piece that corresponds
to the king's face we are not going to stick it here where the front part of the cap begins,
here we are going to stick the piece from side to side if suddenly there is a little left over, stick it
and then with the scissors cut the excess ready then I'm going to start gluing it here then
ready in this step then the two are like this on the cap as my cap is turquoise blue and
the white was a little shimmering so if I glued the tone twice the white color and the white felt
what I did It was that I cut two pieces, I glued them, they can also know them for people
who suddenly like to sew they can sew them and they can also make a personal stitch on the cap
and it is very beautiful and is much safer. They can only do it on both caps then here
is this now what I am going to do is glue the piece that corresponds to the hats then the
handsome men are going to put the place for them and I am going to also glue them with hot silicone what I tell them
too You can know it if you have more time if you want to make them for you and it is that you
finished the house better, you can also sew them that I would never use stitches since
ready is the piece that corresponds to the cap always make sure that it has
been well glued if there is any piece Some part that lacks a little silicone, that is,
in the event that things happen and if it is going to be perfect, ready but
always the people who are going to use silicone make sure that it is well glued
with time they look and in the missing pieces and they continue to stick it ready so the
upper parts of the caps are now what I am going to do for example on the reindeer is to put
the piece that corresponds to as if it were the trunk then v We are going to apply the silicone,
we are going to apply silicone all over its contour, you can also do it with festoon stitches,
the truth is, I sport for a little inconvenience in time if I wanted to
know it but I don't have time then I'm going to put it very centered
on my face I glued it then I can do it, it's not too late, let's not say that at that moment I 'm not
gluing it, but I can then pass an off-type seam, it is such and it is very nice
and defined, it would not also give it a little volume, the seam would give it a little more for
real we are well done there we go now what I am going to do first I am going to work I
can say that the kingdom a little more because it has more pieces then now I am going to use
the one that I am going to glue the ears and antlers before putting the decoration of the goal then
here I am going to place the first ones I am going to place the antlers and where I would like them to be and
I am going to help myself with some pins
to avoid holding it
so that it arrives and the vote is also
ready when I know Then I'm also going to put the ears very well, I'm still working, the antlers are already
dry, glue them, now I'm going to put the ears. Remember that I
only sewed in the part here of the union but they are left behind that I
can make them flat I can put smash to say so then here I am going to put this silicone
and I am going to stick it like
that I am going to stick the other one too
now I have a stuffed boa remember that I also showed them with the santa only is to take a
piece of stuffed animal about 4 centimeters wide fold it and glue it with silicone here is the
sample of how it is and after that we are going to glue it here on the edge of the hat ready that is what I
am going to do I make sure that the pieces are well glued both the antlers like the ears and now
from side to side I'm going to make a silicone zig zag like this and what I do now is then glue
the stuffed boa that I just gave and show them you have to apply good silicone in this part
and we are going to put it on ntonces very carefully so as not to burn to the top
well and here then what corresponds to the plush of the hat is ready
here also the snowman is placed like this so that it remains the
same decorated as the kingdom the texture makes it look different with the face although
it is also white and here what I am going to do is that with a little black fabric paint I
am going to make a smile you can do it with a marker or with a marker depending on how
they also say this in each country I learned a little trick from a colleague in the marathon in
which we were participating about two weeks ago, two or three weeks ago, and that is that it takes a
round base, it can be a lid or a glass that will soon have wider and they will mark on
the fabric preferably making pressure in the lower part and that allows him to love them like the
shape of the smile a little more perfect ready then there look how soon the path is
marked that guy I share it is not mine he does not see it I did not invent it I shared it one of my
colleagues in the marathon I thought it was nice I thought the idea was very nice so that's why
I share it with you because as triple zero thinks, what I'm going to do is outline what I already did
that I already did with the cover
well Here they are ready here I just made a line on the reindeer and the snowman
and made him a complete smile, the normal thing is that the felt or lenci cloth
absorbs the paint much more so you have to give it some touch-ups so that it looks good so
that It was well outlined so I did it in a simple way and now
what I am going to do is that I am going to make the nose here is the one with the snowman
and I am going to put it remember that you have to hold the piece very well the classroom painting I have fresh
then I have to hold for a while until the nose hits very well and I do the same with the king
ready here I already glued the eyes I made some details with a little paint it is only to
put a few points and I also glued the eyes to the king and he i did s points to each eye these
are from the half-sphere buttons, the back part is removed and they are glued and can be decorated
like this with a little paint ready, look here I am teaching you things each time I teach you a little
more and now it What we are going to do is paste the thousand and we are going to decorate what the
hat is to distinguish it from the work of the hour. It is worth the redundancy and we are going to decorate everything is complete.
Well then they are remaining look at how that thousand is and give it a super special touch
if there is someone who, for example, wants to leave them up to here says no I do
n't want to make them any more I'll offer them and so soon more specific I would think
simpler if they are already ready of sweets they can sell them like this but I did Some arms if they saw
all the step by step, it is in the arms that makes something additional to the ready project remain so what
I am going to do is glue them I am going to glue them I am going to put silicone in the center, it can be said of the
work as such of the arms and I am going to put them at the ends of each one here for example it is
and that makes your work much more laborious, much more elaborate, it also charges
better when they have these accessories because they are more work, the arms are also more work
with those of the King here they are also I am going to generously
glue the silicone materials
to everything but if you notice this project if you really are not there
or do accounts this project is not very expensive if you have work if it is laborious
but it is not expensive because the materials that can be used in terms of the fabrics
can be scraps ready I'm just going to glue and hold them remember that with a
silicone always better to hold so that the pieces are very firm
and that's it then the arms are already glued yes fully glued and in the upper part of the
hat I put a pompom on each of them contrasting with the color of the fabrics that we put in the
project. I hope you like to put it into practice. And they do it for the whole family
for their children so that they sell it is a project, the truth is that it has work but it is also
economical in terms of materials and they can even be scraps or scraps that they have at home,
what must be most valued in this project It is the labor if more than the cost of the
materials, the labor has to be sold at a very good price if you are the one who sells it
sells it at price 7 if you who buy it pays the good many times the person
What does these projects do? Burns up late if you have your needs like every human being and
then look at the things you can create then we will give away your like if you liked this project
share it on all your social networks activate the bell subscribe in the red button if it
was even in thefts because you have not subscribed leave us your comments that are important
to us, for example in the previous project we discovered that they wanted another reason so here
is the reason they were asking and we wait I know that the truth has been put with a lot of practice
that was done with a lot of love. See you in a next video here on your channel Arte en Tus Manos

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