Que el ser humano consuma cada vez más toxinas no es ninguna novedad. La acumulación de estas toxinas en nuestro organismo tiene obviamente, …
It is not new that the human being,
due to its nutrition, to its habits,
to its lifestyle, continuously accumulates
more and more toxins in its organism.
Now, the problem why you see so many
types of depuration methods, so many videos
so many strategies, blog posts about
eliminating toxins, has to do specifically
with a mechanism which is the baseline for
all chronic diseases.
Chronic disease is a disease that will
coexist with you for a long time.
From cancer to cardiovascular diseases,
and many other types of illnesses are
generally linked to two types of problems
at a cellular level. On the one hand,
the accumulation of toxins and on the other
deficit of essential nutritional substances
for specific activities. Regarding toxins,
what you need to understand is that toxins
access your organism through two systems.
Either through the respiratory system or
through the digestive system. If we leave
aside the skin as an element that absorbs
toxins, which exists as such, but in a
minor percentage, the two basic
mechanisms for toxicity accumulation in
your body will be those two. Respiratory
for everything related to gases and
obviously, the digestive for everything else.
If you realize this, you might say to me,
"Obviously, most toxins that enter our
body, do it through the digestive tract".
So today, we will see what types of
depurations we have for eliminating toxins
from our organism in order to prevent
chronic diseases and for which type of
sympthoms are they useful.
As I was saying earlier, your toxins will
enter into two types of systems: the
respiratory system and the digestive
system. On the one hand, for the
Respiratory system, there is a type of cleansing,
Which is rarely known, called Proetz which is
very useful for allergies, for mucus
buildup in the sinuses, for
chronic rhinitis, obviously for sinusitis
which basically consists of saline solution
injected under pressure to your sinuses
through a nostril and extracted through
the other. This process is extremely
simple and performed by many
otorhinolaryngologists, what it does is
allow you to repetitively clean the sinuses
to reduce inflammation, to reduce chronic
sinusitis to reduce the impact of allergies
to your airways. A lot of positive effects
through a cleansing process to eliminate
toxins from your respiratory system, which
does not have negative effects, nor
side effects. Unfortunately, it does not
exist a mechanism to clean the lungs. At a
respiratory level, what we have are
cleansing systems, or systems for
toxicity depuration for the sinuses and
the upper airways.
But, fortunately, most toxins that
enter my organism, do it through the
digestive tract. For this, we have a lot
of mechanisms that you can do for free,
that can be done at home, that are not
risky and that will always be beneficial
for your health in the long-term.
To understand this concept, follow
me in this example: you eat a meal rich
in toxins, rich in substances that you
want to avoid accumulating in your
organism, that passes through the
digestive tract, it is generally absorbed
at the small intestine level in your
intestinal mucosa. Now, let's assume
there is a part which is not absorbed,
it will go through the intestinal tract
through the esophagus, stomach, small intestine,
large intestine and if it is not
eliminated through fecal matter, it will
be accumulated in the colon. If I
accumulate toxins in the colon, I will
alter my bacterial flora, I will hurt the
colon's mucosa wall, increasing the risk
of developing diseases. This happens a lot
with animal protein, which starts
generating putrefaction when it is
accumulated. That is where the
colon cleansing comes into play. This
cleansing works similar to the
reverse osmosis process, a filtering system
by which in this case water enters
your body through the colon, what your
colon does is to stimulate the peristalsis
of the colon's musculature. Allowing it
to eliminate toxic substances,
allowing it to eliminate undigested animal
protein adhered to the mucosa wall
at it will obviously also lead to sweeping
the intestinal flora you have in your Colon.
Having this in mind, when will it be
convenient to have a colon cleanse?
It will be convenient when I am at the
beginning of an intestinal flora change,
to perform an intestinal flora "reset", by
removing the intestinal flora I have, making
it possible to incorporate new flora to
make the change faster, it will be
beneficial when I have a history of
consumption of high-volume of animal protein
with a bad digestive mechanism, it will
be beneficial when I have constipation,
but It won't be beneficial to do it often
if I am trying to obtain a new intestinal
flora. Why? Because if I want to improve
my flora and get colonic cleansings often,
I would be constantly eliminating my flora
That is why you have the moments in which
is ideal to use it and the moments
when it is not ideal to use it.
On the other hand, as I was saying, the
vast majority of toxins that you absorb,
Is absorbed in the small intestine mucosa,
which generates two problems. It leads to
intestinal permeability, which grants toxins
a pathway into your body, bacteria,
and things you normally would not want to
absorb. And for this is useful the
small intestine cleansing and a mechanism
that fixes the intestinal permeability.
The small intestine cleansing is extremely
old. It has been used in Ayurveda for
thousands of years. You can find it by the
name of "Shank Prakshalana". It is a
cleansing which is free and easy to do, but
is ugly symptomatically, because in
general you prepare a salty water
solution, which usually generates a very
important diarrhea, which allows you to
clean the entire small intestine mucosa,
and in fact, in Ayurveda the cleansing is
considered to be completed when the water
exits your body with the same color
it had previously entered. So as you can
imagine, it is not comfortable, but if
you have a problem of intestinal absorption
or a problem of permeability, it will be
very useful to do a small intestine
cleansing and to combine it with other
tools that allow you to fix the intestinal
permeability, such as bone broth, collagen
or glutamine. On the other side, what
happens with the toxins that you have
already absorbed in your organism and
have already past the intestinal mucosa
into your bloodstream? Those toxins will
normally have 2 very important filtering
systems, which will be the liver
filtration system and the kidney filtration
system. From these 2 filtration systems,
normally the hepatic is more important,
you will understand why. What it does is
to receive all the venous influx that
comes from small and large intestines,
which has absorbed all the nutrients that
you have consumed and pass through a vein
called "Portal vein", into the hepatic
system. In your liver, you will metabolize
a lot of the nutrients that you have
consumed, and obviously, also the toxins.
But what is the problem? Your body is not
adapted to be efficient in eliminating
toxins which you were not supposed to
have eaten in the first place.
What your liver does is to metabolize
everything, but in a prioritized order.
It often prioritizes first the carbohydrates
and alcohol from which extracts energy faster
then the fats and lastly, the proteins.
This order is important because if I
overindulge in carbohydrates or alcohol,
my body will not have the capacity to
metabolize the fats as it should and this
will lead, in time to fatty liver.
Also, the proteins that come in third
place, fortunately have an alternative
filtering system which is the kidney
filtration system, but to which they will
harm. If you normally eat a high amount
of protein and do not have the kidney
filtration system in proper conditions,
you will have a problem regarding the
accumulation of proteins and you will
start to hinder the filtration system
because you start plugging the filtration
system with the excess of proteins
That is why it is common to learn that
those who had a kidney extraction surgery
can consume less protein than a normal
person simply because they lack an adequate
filtration system. Now, the toxins
elimination in the hepatic level,
will exist only after the metabolization
of carbs, fats, and proteins and only if
your liver still has energy and is able
to deal with it with a toxins elimination
system, based on a molecule called
Cytochrome P450 and mostly on glutathione
which you can, fortunately, take as a
supplement to improve your liver's
purifying capacity. Now, simply due to
the huge number of functions your liver has
tuviera que hacer una sola de todas las
If I would have to choose only one
of all the cleansings I will name, I would
probably choose the liver cleansing.
There are many different types of
depurations: with herbs, with Silymarin
and milk thistle, with different types of
processes. The most useful will be a
physical elimination process. A situation
in which you help your liver to expel
toxic substances through its normal
excretory channels, the common bile duct.
This process is extremely easy to do and
it is useful if you have a hormonal problem
because the liver starts the production of
many sex hormones, it is also useful if
you have an accumulation of fat in your
viscera, also if you have a cholesterol
balance problem. There are many situations
for which it will be positive to perform
a liver cleanse. A liver cleanse is free,
you do it at home if you do not have
gallbladder stones, it has no risk, and
I can take advantage of this time if I am
at home under lockdown due to Coronavirus
to do the liver cleansing properly or
why not a purifying process of various
different depurations to take advantage
of this moment and eliminate as many toxins
as I can from by organism to make it
function better. Picture going through a
purifying process that makes your organism
work better. It does not even imply making
dietary changes. You can also do that if
you want and take advantage to add the
benefits of eliminating toxins and of
having better raw materials to build your
organism. On the other hand, the rest of
the blood flow is generally filtered at
the kidney level, where you will excrete
the disbalances you might have of minerals,
of sugar and many more toxins that we
often abuse of. In fact, our kidney
filtering system is one of the most abused
Certainly, if I had to consider the
2 most harmed ones will not be intestines
they would be liver and kidneys. Doing a
kidneys cleansing is incredibly simple,
which is useful when you retain toxins,
when you have fluid retention,
it is useful if you have hypertension for
the correct regulation of sodium, it is
also useful if you have diabetes or if you
often have high blood glucose levels to
correct the blood glucose level. In fact,
some people employ it to
eliminate small kidney stones, however,
you should probably do that with better
judgment. The point is that there are
plenty of situations in which you can
benefit yourself by doing depurative
processes to eliminate toxins, which are
easy to do, most of them are free, they
can be done at home and the only thing
you need is to have enough time available
to do them. I will leave the link in the
description to the instructions of all
these processes we have discussed.
A purifying mechanism perhaps completely
different but worth mentioning is the
heavy metal build-up cleansing. It is
increasingly common in our bodies, due
to the water we drink, due to the arsenic
levels, the aluminum included in many
industrialized goods, mercury in some
foods contaminated with mercury,
that we build-up heavy metals in our
organism, which alter the body functions
Many work as poison, many work at the
level of fat accumulation, or accumulation
in the nervous system, like what happens
with mercury, and ruins our health and
our mood. It is very common to, for
example, find depressed people or people
who have altered their mood due to an
accumulation of toxic levels of mercury
in their blood. Doing a heavy metal
depuration is unfortunately not as simple
as doing a liver cleansing or a kidney
cleansing. But if you will do a
heavy metal depuration, my advice is to
use glutathione, which is a great element
to help to eliminate toxins, use some type
of green juice, use some system of water
filtering in which you know that you are
eliminating heavy metals, and if it is
true that many fish have high levels of
mercury, things are not black or white
and since human kind's highest deficit
is Omega 3, and the second in priority
is vitamin D, you will come across with
the problem that is not as simple as stop
eating fish, since I will end up with
a deficit of the 2 substances that we tend
to have the highest deficit. Hence, there
is a very fine balance between finding
food not too contaminated, don't go too
crazy about it, and on the other hand
eating food with a good level of omega 3
and vitamin D, simple because remember that
chronic diseases are triggered by any of
this 2 situations: toxins accumulation and
nutritional deficits. Everything can be
compensated. If I have excessive toxins
accumulation, I can do depurations and if
I have a nutritional deficit of omega 3 or
vitamin D, I can take them as supplements.
These concepts are extremely easy to put
into practice. Once a year you could take
one week off to do all these purifying
processes together and start the year
from scratch and not accumulating
toxins in your body, because they will
generate chronic diseases and there is no
need for you to suffer the consequences
of such diseases.
Use these tips to improve your quality
of life and if you liked this video,
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helps a lot of people to access these tips
which are unfortunately not spread enough
and a lot of people miss the chance to
make changes and improve their quality of
life in a non-orthodox way.

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