YouTubes most desperate vlogger CLEAN LIVING CLARA is back helping you to feel much LESS zen than before you started!A completely useless YOGA …
No, it's Cabernet, I feel like it goes better with yoga
You Tubers! Welcome to this week's episode of CLEAN LIVING CLARA and this week
It's very exciting… because this week, we're doing…
Hare, Hare Hare. Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna. Hare Hare!
There's a fucking Spider! Kill it! Kill it! Toby kill it! Stamp on it! Smash it to death!
I Just don't like spiders
I mean nobody needs twelve legs
It originates from uhhhh
I want to say
Which is really lovely it's a lovely place
Unless you get Delhi Belly, and then it's sort of
Not so lovely then
and what's really good about yoga
Okay, is that if you tell people that you do yoga like every week… which I do
They think that you're a really happy person. That you're not suffering from depression or anxiety
I don't think it looks like a dog
I think it should be sort of like that
More dog like
Then that
Child's pose!
I think it looks like…like…like begging… like a begging pose
You know
ahhhh beg

Please Timothy take me back
Please Timothy take me back.
Please Timothy Take me back!
I'll be better I'll be better this time!!
Laughing hysterically

Close your eyes!
And don't let anything from the outside world distract you…. just be in the moment and
It's my phone
It's Timothy!!!! It's Timothy Barnes-Jones!!!
Hell Timothy?
Hello Timothy
Hello Timothy hello Timothy hello Timothy hello Timothy
Hello Timothy
Timothy… Timothy …Timothy… Timothy
Timothy… Timothy…Timothy…
No he's not… he's not there
I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to call it back

So sorry
Just in case… just in case
um this one's quite funny, so just put your feet sort of quite wide apart um
and just sort of
Don't laugh Toby! It's not Funny!!!
Go a bit faster if you like
Don't forget to breathe
I'm doing it
I'm doing …
I'm not doing it
Basically you just pretend that you're sitting on a chair… okay
Quite boring that one
It's quite boring that one Sarah. Don't do that one
Okay, I just cuz if I want to if I wanted to sit on a chair just sit on a chair
Do you know what it mean?
It's called a chair pose just sit on a chair
Sit on a chair…
Toby just …
I'd just sit on a chair
Sit on a chair
I feel so uh Zen now
Woohooooo Zen
I mean zen
Make sure you subscribe!
Cos it makes me feel
less lonely… really
and it's really fun!
It's really fun.
And join me next week for ummm
Something really great next week. It's really great next week. I'm not going to tell you what it is
Cos i don't know

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