Learning American English? In this Advanced English listening lesson, we will join Conan O’Brien on a visit to the doctor. We will focus on understanding …
Hello language learners!
In this video, we will join comedian Conan O'Brien as he visits a doctor
Now this visit was from before the global pandemic… ok?
He makes some jokes… while we will focus on language and learning some everyday English
The full video without interruptions is in the description below (check out Conan's show!)
Let's listen
"I've felt not great"
This is a little grammar mistake
Now Conan O'Brien knows language very well… I promise you
but like most Native Speakers, he isn't worried about it in this situation
He's just speaking quickly and informally
"I've felt not great" should be
"I haven't felt great"
This NOT needs to move in front of the verb
FEVERISH is an adjective for when you have a fever
A SORE THROAT is when you have pain in your throat
OK… NyQuill is a reference to a typical medicine in the United States
So if you don't know what this is, it's difficult to understand the joke that is coming
NyQuill is an "over the counter" medicine, which means
you can buy it WITHOUT a doctor's note
It's used to treat symptoms from the common cold or flu,
and importantly, it can make you become sleepy…
really… really… sleepy…. zzzzz
These are your ANKLES
When you have your pants around your ankles,
it means your pants are pulled all the way down
An ALLEY is a small street between two buildings
Often alleys are dead-end streets
Think about a film from New York, where you can typically find cats, dogs, criminals, trash cans…
and I don't know… homeless people…
"A LOT OF" was also reduced to sound like "ALOTTA"
This is a SNAP
We had a little fragment here, as she corrected herself immediately
STUFF means things
"Stomach stuff" means "stomach problems"
So stomach pain or maybe a stomachache
But that can also be an indirect way to say
that you had to go to the bathroom a lot
This LIKE is filler, it doesn't mean anything
OK, we're going to get into some vocabulary here that is a little… mmm… specific….
NAUSEA is when you feel like you want to vomit
"to throw up"
This is a typical symptom of the flu
DIARRHEA… how to explain this 🤔
OK… this is when you go to the bathroom from the…
back side… not the front…
… and it's very… ummm… watery
(like a river of water) 😉
This is a word that always makes English speakers smile
Generally, English speakers get very uncomfortable
and indirect when speaking about such things
In fact… I can't believe I choose this video to use…
but… it's part of everyday life, right?
(fart sound)
You can see they note this word…
our word of the week…
The EXAMINING ROOM is where the doctor examines you… where they look at you and check you
"Let's do that" is an expression that means:
"Yah.. yes… let's do what you just said"
It's confirmation
To take someone's temperature is to measure their temperature
ALRIGHT is very common in American English
It means OK
We often reduce… or eat… this L
and it sounds more like Ah-RIGHT
RIGHT ON is informal
and it means "very good"
Remember, we use the Fahrenheit scale in the US
Again, A LOT OF is reduced to ALOTTA
WAX is the material that builds up in your ears over time
It's pretty bad (whispered)
PRETTY means QUITE here…. not beautiful
English speakers often lower their voice or whisper when giving bad news (whispered)
CANALS are ear canals
I thinks she says "occluded"
which was a new word for me
It's a medical word that describes when an ear canal is blocked
TO STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT is to put your tongue out of your mouth
She said "do you hate this?" really fast
Sudafed is another reference
It's a type of (brand of) medicine
WIMPY means weak
BECAUSE is reduced to *CAUSE
The crystal meth problem is referencing the big problems that US has in dealing with this illegal drug
This is all spoken very quickly
Let's listen again
This wasn't very clear
and GOING TO is reduced to *GONNA
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