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Hello, everyone
Right now, we're talking about
the works that Jesus did in the
gospel of John.
And just as Jesus worked in
John, in the same way He wants o
work inside of us.
Therefore, in the gospel of
John, explains to us in detail
how Jesus can work inside of us.
Because the most difficult thing
is that in the word of God it
says, God says "My thoughts are
not your thoughts."
This is not only true for people
who sin, who do evil, who do
terrible things,
No matter how diligent you may
be, your hearts fundamentally ae
different from the heart of
Therefore, if we try to accept
the word of Jesus while we still
have our thoughts, they will not
And so, we see this often in the
people who meet with Jesus.
And so, in all the people,
whoever met and spoke with Jesu,
that was always the issue.
When Lazarus died,
Jesus says, "He lives."
But Mary and Martha, they said,
"Our older brother is dead and
his body stinks. How can he
"That's nonsense."
And same thing at the wedding
Canaan of Galilee.
They were out of wine.
And Jesus said, "Fill the water
pots with water."
There were six water pots of
And they filled the six water
pots of stone full of water.
In our eyes, also in the eyes of
the servants, anyone can see ths
is water.
But Jesus said, "Draw out now
and bear it to the governor of
the feast."
The governor is expecting wine,
not water.
And the servants could never do
such a thing.
But what did Mary, the mother of
Jesus, said to them?
"Whatsoever He saith unto you,
do it."
The most difficult thing in our
spiritual life is,
If the thoughts of Jesus and our
thoughts are the same,
if the words of Jesus and our
thoughts are the same,
then spiritual life would be so
much easy and so much fun.
And therefore, whenever we read
the words of the Bible, this is
what causes the problem.
So, right then, will you follow
your thoughts or accept the wors
of Jesus?
Even though our thoughts are
different from the thoughts of
the word of Jesus is the heart
of Jesus.
If you accept the word of Jesus
exactly so into your heart,
and when that word settles in
your heart,
and when those words of Jesus
have taken place in your heart,
then if the word of Jesus is in
you, begin to lead you,
then you begin to walk through
On the other hand, if you put
away the words of Jesus and walk
according to your thoughts,
then, you are walking your own
Until now, we have trusted in
we accepted the opinions of
others when it fit your own.
When the opinions of others do
not fit your own thoughts, we
just rejected them without any
However, people who ultimately
know that they are wrong,
they begin to throw away their
own thoughts and accept the wors
of Jesus.
And that is what it means to
believe in Jesus.
Believing in Jesus, going to
or going to service,
or confessing your sins,
or giving offering,
or providing service,
or praying,
or doing good deeds,
you cannot say those things
means believing in Jesus.
Because even people who believe
in other religions, not Jesus, o
those things too.
To believe in Jesus means,
to recognize that your own
thoughts are wrong.
Therefore, even though the word
of Jesus may not fit your heart,
but still accepting the word of
Jesus into your heart, that's
what it means.
If, no matter who is amongst us,
if you precisely discover how
filthy and evil and wrong we ar,
when we face the two of them,
our own thoughts and the words f
when you throw away your
and when you accept the words of
then you become a person who
does not trust himself, but trut
in Jesus.
On the other hand, if you throw
away the thoughts of Jesus,
but if you accept your own
then that's the person who
believes himself.
And I had had that happen so
much in my life also,
and I have talked about this
many times.
One time, I was suffering
terribly terribly because of
stomach ulcer,
and for three months, I suffered
with stomach ulcer,
and it was very painful.
And even having just watery
porridge, which would give me
In three months, I lost 7
kilograms of weight.
And then July, it was almost
and in July, students come on
and we have many events, and
camps scheduled,
but that morning, I woke up and
I was praying to God,
I had a thought with my body
like this, there is no way I can
get through the summer schedule.
And that morning, I especially
prayed for my stomach in front f
"God my stomach hurts so bad."
I lost 7 kilograms in 3 months.
And so if you get ulcer, you
know it's like very fast diet.
"God, my stomach hurts so bad."
"Please heal my stomach."
And I sincerely prayed to God.
And I prayed and I opened my
And suddenly, one Bible verse
came to mind,
it's a Bible verse I knew very
well that I memorized.
Even though I memorized and knew
those words,
but I never had those words
strike up in my heart.
But when I finished my prayer,
that Bible verse began to strike
up my heart.
Mark chapter 11 verse 24
"What things soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe that ye
receive them,
and ye shall have them."
It was so easy.
"Oh, whatever I desire and I
pray, believe that I received
It was so easy.
So I said, "God, my stomach
And I prayed sincerely, "God,
please heal my stomach."
And then, I prayed and
afterwards, believe that ye have
receive them.
I believed that my stomach is
all healed.
And I was very thank thankful
and it was nice.
And after the prayer, I said,
"My stomach is all healed."
And then, I thought about it,
"If my stomach is all healed,
then I should be going eating
But the problem is, I thought of
Everyone, kimchi is so spicy and
so delicious.
But, you know, I really love to
eat kimchi.
You know, the Korean table
always have lots of vegetables.
And there's a lot of fermented
And so after you dill the
cabbage in salt water,
And there's a lot of fermented
And so after you dill the
cabbage in salt water,
you add on chili pepper, garlic,
and spices, and you ferment it.
And kimchi got lots of vitamins
and it's good for your health.
The special thing about kimchi
kimchi goes well with ramen
it goes well with pizza,
kimchi taste goes well with
And you eat it with cold rice,
it's really good!
And so I thought, should I eat
kimchi now then?
The doctor had told me, "Pastor,
your stomach walls are paper
They may burst. And if it burst,
you will die within 24 hours. Yu
gotta be careful."
But if my stomach make gets is
why was I not able to eat
kimchi, because my stomach hurt.
And I thought that I should eat
But in one corner of my heart,
if I eat kimchi, my stomach may
and they said that if that
happens, I'm gonna die.
But I don't wanna die.
And so I thought about it
"Why do I think that my stomach
will burst?"
It's says, " What things soever
ye desire, when ye pray, believe
that ye receive them, and ye
shall have them."
I'm not believing that I will
receive them.
I decided my heart.
That my stomach is all healed.
Again, I prayed.
And I think I read the Bible 10,
20 times that verse,
but the real amazing thing is,
you know when you talk with
people, people's hearts change.
But the Bible, Genesis to
Revelation, you read it so many
times, but still, it never
changes, it says the same thing.
I read Mark 11:24.
Whether I'm in a good mood, it
says the same thing,
or even if I'm in a bad mood, it
says the same thing.
It says the same thing when my
stomach hurts.
The word does not change.
My stomach is healed.
I decided to believe.
I believed.
So I sat at the table,
and that day we had lots of
My wife prepared so much food.
And off to the corner, my wife
had prepared for me a little bit
of porridge and some soy sauce.
I pushed that aside.
I grabbed a bowl of rice,
and I ate the rice,
and I ate kimchi.
It was my first time eating rice
in 3 months.
My wife saw me and she was
"Honey, what do you think you
are doing?"
"Don't worry about it."
"I'm all healed," I said.
And my wife didn't say anything
and just walked away.
And after the meal, I started to
have diarrhea.
It hurts so bad.
"Oh, my stomach."
But the exact thing is,
the words of the Bible
"What things soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe that ye hd
receive them,
and ye shall have them."
It's very easy.
Very simple.
It will surely be done so.
God does not lie.
But people have so much of
experience, so many thoughts, ad
all of that scatters away the
faith to believe in Jesus.
What I thought was,
"If I eat kimchi, my stomach,
is gonna be a disaster."
But the words of the Bible,
was not saying that.
"What does soever ye desire,
believe that ye have received
and ye shall have them," the
Bible says.
"Oh, I am not believing the word
of God."
"Why am I doubting the word of
"the Bible says this!"
"No problem! Just believe now."
"I'll just believe right now."
"I Believed."
"I'm all healed."
So I ate the food.
After finishing the bowl of
I put down my spoon.
My stomach started to hurt.
It was so painful.
I couldn't take it.
I went to the bathroom.
I had diarrhea.
And I said, "my stomach is all
But I heard a voice,
"If it's healed it's not
supposed to hurt!"
"But your stomach hurts!"
"You have diarrhea!"
"That's nor healed!"
"If you're healed, you're not
supposed to feel that way!"
The Bible says if you believe it
shall be done according to your
But right then another bible
verse came to mind.
Which word was it?
Juris's daughter was dead.
Jesus said, "weep not. The child
is not dead but sleeping."
She was dead in our eyes,
But in the eyes of Jesus of
faith, she was alive.
"Ah! Thats right!"
"She's alive!"
"I will be healed!"
"I am healed!"
"I'm healed!"
But still I was having diarrhea.
And it hurt.
That's what it looks like in my
The Lord does not lie.
I am healed.
And for lunch I had another bowl
of rice.
And then I had diarrhea again.
And that evening,
And I was invited to a dinner.
And it was a buffet restaurant.
As I walked in I thought, "okay,
I'm just going to have a little
bit of porridge."
"Wait no! My stomachs all
So I ate so much!
And my belly was popping out.
And I feel bad to say this,
Even though I'm a pastor,
I really love to eat.
And maybe it's because I'm older
I always think, "I'm gonna eat
less, I'm gonna eat less."
But while I'm eating I forget
And I eat so much.
"Oh I ate too much!"
And my belly pops out.
And bad then also,
I ate a lot.
My belly was popping out.
And when I was young, food was
scarce in Korea and I went
through a lot of hunger.
And decades have passed.
But still I'm very greedy for
And so I was so full I drove
home like this.
But that night I did not have
And the next morning when I woke
up from sleep,
In exactly twenty four hours,
I had prayed the day before,
early in the morning and in
twenty four hours I was
completely healed.
And I've talked about this so
many times.
However, that was exactly how
God worked.
My thoughts that I've had until
And the Bible was completely
I listened to the word of the
doctor and I take medicine,
And I had to be careful.
And if the Bible says if you're
healed, believe you're healed.
I am unable to eat kimchi
because I don't think that I'm
If I'm healed there's no reason
why I couldn't eat kimchi.
So I believed that I'm all
And I ate kimchi.
Before my stomach was bad. I
could not digest floured food.
And I always had bad digestion.
Once when I went to Germany,
I could not digest.
I said, "Please brother hit me
on the back!"
And I needed them to tap me on
the back.
But after that, my stomach
became so healthy.
It was not because I did
But I believed the words of
I became one with the words of
And my thoughts are different
from the words of Jesus.
They are clearly different.
And when I leave my thought,
While you keep your thoughts
being diligent and believing in
Jesus, that's not what believeig
But it is making your heart one
with the heart of Jesus.
Even receiving the forgiveness
of sins.
You know my ways of forgiveness
of sin versus Jesus's was of
forgiveness of sins is differen.
My way is to try hard not to sin
and ask for forgiveness and keep
But the way of Jesus is
completely different.
It is not that we have to do
something to receive the
forgiveness of sins.
Because our ways and efforts
cannot wash away sins.
Therefore Jesus has to do it.
With our efforts we cannot even
wash away one speck of sin.
We cannot even wash away one
spec of sin.
Therefore everything we do for
sin is useless.
If we could somehow lighten the
burden of our sin,
Then why would Jesus have to be
There's no need for Jesus to be
If our efforts could do
No matter what efforts we take
our efforts can never wash away
any sin.
No matter how much you pray all
night long.
No matter if you even pray on
the mountains.
Even though you fast,
No matter what you do,
Our ways can never wash away
What washes away sins?
It is only Jesus Christ.
"What can wash away my sins?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus."
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
What shall we do?
Through the blood of Jesus at
the cross,
Believe that your sins have been
That the blood of Jesus at the
cross perfectly washed away your
And God says that you are
Everyone In Romans Chapter four
verse twenty five,
Jesus who was delivered for our
And was raised again for our
Thats right Jesus says we're
Why does he say we're justified?
Because as he was crucified on
the cross,
He washed away all of our sins.
Our sins are not forgiven
through our confessing.
Only the blood of the cross of
Jesus can forgive sins.
Because the blood of Jesus at
the cross received all the
suffering in my place.
Through the blood of Jesus
shedding his blood at the cross,
our sins have been forgiven. It
is accepting that by faith.
I went to the hospital, I took
medication, I went through so
much trying heal my stomach!
And I had the stomach ulcer for
three months.
And in that time I lost seven
kilograms of weight.
And the first day I took the
medicine it felt good!
But one week later the medicine
was useless.
And there was nothing I could
I starved.
Because food would hurt me no
matter what.
The doctor told me to chew a
hundred times.
I had to chew a hundred times,
it turned into water and it stil
gave me diarrhea.
I was exhausted.
And then the problem was,
Pretty soon when the summer
vacation starts,
The summer events will begin.
And at that time, our summer
retreats were one month at a
Because we have the retreat
center and a certain amount of
people must attend
We'd break them up into session
one, session two, session three,
session four of retreats.
There was youth camps all kinds
of gatherings.
No matter how hard I thought,
There's no way I could get
through the summer programs with
my stomach like this.
And then I knelt and prayed
before God.
But when I prayed and then I
opened my eyes,
That bible verse that I had
known came to my mind.
It was Mark 11:24.
"What things soever ye desire
when you pray, believe that you
have recited them."
"And ye shall have them."
It's so easy!
It's not hard to pray, "God heal
my stomach I pray."
And all you have to do is
believe that that prayer is
It was so easy.
"Wow it's easy!"
But there was a problem.
If I believed that I'm all
I should eat the kimchi, eat the
rice, eat the bean sauce and
the Bible says if you do
according to your faith you're
all healed.
But in my thoughts, it seemed
that my stomach would burst andI
would die.
I'm a pastor but I saw that I
was not believing the words of
the Bible.
"Hey, this is the word of God!"
"If I believe it shall be done."
And I believed.
And amazingly,
In exactly twenty four hours,
My stomach was completely
From then on I could eat
And always God gave me the
healthy body.
And these days because of the
corona, I cannot get on the plae
that much.
But usually I travel a lot. I do
one trip around the earth about
once a month.
I travel all around the world.
And even though I was good at
riding on the airplanes,
But before I used to get very
tired and exhausted.
But I'm very thankful to the
I tried to hard, I took medicine
to heal my stomach but it didn't
But the word of God was alive,
And it had a power.
And the important thing is,
In our eyes,
This man is sick.
And he cannot get up.
He's been sick for 38 years!
But Jesus tells him rise, take
up thy bed and walk.
Will you believe your own
thoughts or the words of Jesus?
"In my eyes I cannot walk!"
But he believed the words of
From then on,
The sick man was completely
That's what it means to believe
in Jesus.
It's different from your
And the fact that your sins are
In my eyes I'm a sinner, that's
right I'm a sinner.
But the Bible says,
That by the blood of Jesus,
My sins are forgiven.
He remembers them no more.
So in my eyes, it looks like I
have sins.
And I have committed theft and
lied, I'm a sinner.
But Jesus says, "your
justified." And I simply believd
From then on my righteous life
I started to change.
Spiritual life,
Is throwing your thoughts away,
And believing the words of
Thank you.
We'll see you again next time.
Be there where grace abounds
Pastor Ock Soo Park's lectures
on the gospel of John will
continue every Saturday.
at 9:00 PM Eastern and 6 PM
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