Dairy free chicken liver mousse that is perfect for the holiday season! -gluten, soy and egg-free, too!- bubble child // Banishing the bane of …
Happy holidays.
Today, we're going to be doing two recipes,
Why? Because not everyone eats meat.
The first recipe is going to be a charcuterie that is a chicken liver mousse.
This is one of my favorite recipes to do
and a lot of people can't have French charcuterie
that have gluten intolerances or egg allergies
because flour is normally a binding agent…
Hang on, I'm gonna show you something.
I was down at the Périgord,
which is the headquarters of foie gras
the other week
and I was very excited because I found
a "boucherie", a meat shop,
that I loved there.
so I bought some meat and then I saw, "oh, cool, they have their paté"
Then I look at the ingredients, and then you have
Chicken liver, pork (fine),
salt, pepper,
No! Why! Why!!
This chicken liver mousse is going to have none of that!
It's going to have chicken liver,
it's not gonna have any dairy,
and it's gonna have a nice sweet caramelized flavor,
that's occuring naturally from browning the things in the bottom of the pan.
Let's get to holiday cooking!
You're gonna need about one small box of chicken livers
one shallot,
two cloves of garlic,
and if you don't have a coconut allergy,
I outgrew mine! Yes!
you can use some coconut oil,
If you do have a coconut allergy,
then you can just go with your favorite oil,
or if you like using margarine,
um, that's non-hydrogenated,
go for your favorite margarine.
Grab some apple cider vinegar,
high heat oil,
as well as sea salt.
My goal here is to sear the chicken livers
and not to just slowly steam them.
So, that means that I'm gonna cook them a little bit at a time.
You want them to make this noise.
If they don't make this noise it means that they're not gonna sear,
they're gonna cook too slowly,
and you're gonna have a mousse that's kind of tough.
Now is when you salt
If you salt them before, it'll already start to oxidize the chicken livers.
You're gonna wait until they get a little bit colored,
Ah, look, he's colored!
Turn 'em over.
Once you have a very nice caramelization
on your chicken livers
you're gonna want to put them in the bowl that you've set aside
Keep this pan because all that, that's sugar, that's awesome!
The second you set it down make sure you put in the rest of your chicken livers.
because if you don't what'll happen
is that'll start to burn.
But, since the chicken livers are cold, and the pan is hot,
it won't burn quite yet
because it's now cooled down your pan temperature again.
I still have some oil,
but I don't have enough.
'cause this now is gonna start burning.
I'm gonna add a little bit more oil
so that way
nothing is burning.
You see this?
This is perfect caramel right now.
but it could be burnt very easily.
So I'm gonna scrape up a little bit of it,
before I deglaze
I'm gonna remove it from heat,
so it doesn't burn
and it smells really nice!
Right now, I'll take my coconut oil
and I'm gonna add it to the pan
so this is about two tablespoons
this I'm gonna emulsify in, you'll see later when I put it in the blender,
So, right now
with that coconut oil in there, it's cooled down the pan again.
So we don't risk burning anything.
And now I'm going to add my aromatics.
Now I don't wanna burn the garlic
I just wanna get it aromatic,
keeps things from being bitter when you cook out things like garlic, onion, shallots, etc.
So, this is looking limit, because it's starting to get very dark brown,
so what I'm gonna do is add my chicken livers back in.
I'm gonna take my apple cider vinegar
I'm gonna add two tablespoons
and we're going to burn off the acidity
of the apple cider
Take a clean bowl
and remove your chicken livers so they're not overcooked.
and you're gonna reduce down
all of the lovely sugars
until it's about this much liquid.
what I've done here
is I have now taken off all, pretty much all,
the sugars from the bottom of the pan
so it's gonna give it a nice caramel flavor
and then what I have here
is some nice liquid that will bind together the fat of the chicken livers
Everything's cooked
so it's sanitary
and you're a pro, now, because you can make some charcuterie at home.
Let the chicken livers cool down so that they're not so hot when you put them in the blender
or else they might explode all over.
Emulsify everything together in a blender
until it's creamy.
Season with salt and pepper to taste
and you've got your chicken liver mousse.

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