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Hello everyone this is
Healthy beginnings. I hope everyone is going well, and your health as well
I'm coming to you with another tutorial
for a
– detox the liver is a tea that I use I love it I
Have my tea right here
My daughter purchased this for me
And I
Really like what? It's doing for me cause my liver and stuff
So I think you all know I tried to do and focus on whatever it is that I can't focus on. That's gonna help me
with my liver and
My kidneys and everything else too and although
You know like I said if you don't do your detoxing as much as you you put different products in your body
You know you've gone to
What you should expect different things?
To happen and not be well
Because like I said we're bringing in chemicals in our house to clean wash our clothes
With and all those things seeped through your skin, so you have to be talked about it as often as you can
Please twice well four times out of the money you should for every season or every
Especially doing a holiday usually should detox and do a good cleaning
Of the body and that goes for your blood
Before your liver in your kidney explain your gallbladder all these things have to be
And you're gonna feel way better than you. Did you don't feel like you don't baby to think concentrate
Breathe better
Just a lot of things just with kind with detoxing
I'm going to read off to you about the tea that I
Your service that I ready dandelion root has a natural has a natural diuretic effect
Allowing your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins
so that
You know you want to remove the toxins that because it could be
Toxins are in your lotions because we don't know if you like if you can't fade or whatever
You know it's something that is
toxic so for your body
So it also helps strengthen the immune system balance balance blood sugar
levels relieve heartburn and sooth the digestive issues
Those are a lot of things that you know we go through as suffering with
thyroid and fibroid issues, so
You will want to make sure you're getting all these things taken care of
It's important to just
Improve the digestive aids and weight it eases
Congestion of the liver it helps to purify the bladder and kidney so it also helps with the kidneys in the body
So like I said, I like to do things. That's gonna help me so in just stead of just drinking tea
I'm a tea drinker. I like coffee, too
But I always had like had a desire to drink tea even with my little sister
We used to it's funny to me because we used to drink tea
And I love tea said we used to have like crackers tootsie rolls and and water, but we called ourselves
You know have Tea Party
But I'm to me you know just bring it back to me because the stole it was you know to me
It's cute and funny because two zeros you know we just used to do some silly things, but you know we enjoyed each other's times
Okay now
This is the fourth reason to drinking it reduces the risk of urinary tract
infection so that in itself is really good you know because you know with having your thyroids and
Throw it off
Fibroid issues you are prone to more infections in your body
So to have something that's going to help an eight with you now just have to take this that another you have something. That's gonna
Attack multiple things in your body
So to me that's great. What do you guys think?
Okay, now to the fifth one it contains calcium
Magnesium iron zinc potassium vitamin B. And C good, right
It helps to purify the blood and we all know we need that to help pure
we need pure blood purifiers and
If you don't know you have to purify your blood as often as you can
We're getting different hurts and working on some things with that to help you because
That's where a lot of our sickness comes in starting in the gut, and if you can keep your
Intestines clean and fear free of fecal matter, then you have less things seeping in the blood
That causes you to be sick sick sluggish
fatigued tired
All those things in associated you already have 505 rotation as well as constipation issues
So like I said, I try to deal with
Things with one thing I don't like
Taking medicine, so if I can do it in a way that I'm going to you know enjoy. I love enjoy drinking tea so
Yeah, why not?
And down the seven thing it helps to ease bloating
Yep, and aches aching joints who don't have a conjoins, right?
Okay, and this is the last one so with in total things reason why I was eight
And this is the last one it. Helps secure skin conditions like like here for me. I had excellent
Real bad, but I don't have it. It's bad
I tried to you foliate my skin every night to two with two soaps that I use
And then foliation brush, so I don't really have an I wash my hair every night
Some say you know not to but my hair is soft and wavy
so you know, but it doesn't do my hair anything, but
Yeah, so um
to detox the body and you know
You need that because I don't know about some of you all the different things that I have seen since
Discovering what was wrong with me because I was just wondering why I'm so tired
And just I can't get out of the bed you know
But to see that your body, it makes you know having thyroid and fibroid
Issues you're bleeding heavy and in one area
Then you your thyroid is causing you to a choice causing yours your skin
Just not be firm it takes so much so that's a whole nother topic right?
But I'm just I just love to share so please excuse me um
but back to the
the detoxing of
Tea like I said, I love to share and I love to drink tea
So why not drink something that's gonna. Help you so
And please let me know what?
Remedies um you all
Use for detoxing I love to hear especially talk to older people that don't mind sharing
What they used to do you know cuz the like say young people don't like to you know do that but if you're taking?
medicine today
Really didn't like to say stuff like that, but it's synthetic they you know they stopped
Using hers because it cost so much
Synthetics are easy just to come up with a bunch of chemicals and put it together
You know some it in herbs or like for like different seasons
So one minute you might have this particular herb or one minute and this herb you gotta go way across
The country to get this herb, so it just costed them a lot of money
But to do it in a synthetic way is much cheaper for the pharmaceuticals
Yeah, so I like to know what herbs
are getting and now that I know when I'm
I'm investing in myself and trying to do things. That's gonna help me
as well as someone else because
Man, I definitely wouldn't want advice to feel the way that I feel and to come out in the baby to feel better and like
I said I'm going and working on some things
Because I'm trying to get my weight under control as well as build the muscle mass that I have lost
Doing this trial in error, so I'm working to try to build the muscle mass, but you know
fortunately you know
You have to have funds for a lot of things
but I'm working on that just getting a little different things as they come in and
Bring it to you guys
So just let me know what you guys do you know I?
Love to share one lady asked me to redo one of my videos
So I'm gonna be redoing one of my videos prior to your request by
Subscriber so
Please just let me know what you guys do and what you guys take
the thyroids fibroids issue
constipation kidneys liver spleen gallbladder
All these things wanna know
Is anything that's gonna help me
Trust me. I want to know
And anything that I know I'm gonna help you so
and so next time
comment like subscribe please share
And let me know what you think of the video
Have a great day

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