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him poor sheep Him worship Him
forever you are just worship the
king of glory just
worship the Alpha and the Omega
just to worship Him he's worth
of all the duration worshipping
the Alpha and Omega worship Him
it is therefore our own ship he
deserve an adulterer and worship
from us
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let's worship the Alpha and
let's worship Him he's worth of
all the praise let's worship the
Alpha and Omega the king of crew
the creator of you ever and ever
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adoration is weight of all the
praise and adoration
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as you worship Him
is solving our problems to to
worship Him
he can deliver Precision easily
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military culture
how long do we need
desires before the Lord pray for
yourself to release pray for
pray for yourself self what you
want you go to do for you
take this moment to talk to him
let him yell voice your desires
for what you personally need
personally want personally
believe God for begin to pray
for yourself
is the life of your children
it's a dream is a vision is a
talk to God about about it talk
to God
talk to God about it talk to God
and in London
ended up a lol
your cry to God talk to him talk
to him
him what
so time
talk to Barb to God talk to God
to talk to God talk to her talk
to God talk to God
this is a confidence that we
have in him
that whatever we ask him his
name according to his will
he has us he has has us he hears
he hears us talk to him he has
you he is
he is
in front of acoustic it in the
warehouse he under
abortion abortion yeah indicated
focus Picasa
he and another guy
thank you Holy Ghost thank you
Jesus Jesus
glory to his name glory to his
name glory to his name glory to
his name
glory to his name glory to his
name glory to his name glory to
his name come on celebrate Jesus
celebrate the Holy Ghost here
yes do it like I just knowing
I'm ready to experience God
your spirit your heart loves God
you are
ready to experience him tonight
let your voice go on to
their highest let your shout go
on to their highest let your
Victory be
announced in your sound and let
the joy of the Lord be visible
all over your life celebrate
Jesus Jesus celebrate
us celebrate Jesus celebrate yes
celebrate it is only a winning
team that is
the highest is Shout out it is
only a winning team
that is the highest shout the
highest noise is
among the Victorious victorious
Shout to the Lord
Shout to the Lord Shout to the
celebrating celebrating
celebrating celebrating don't do
it like
you're waiting for someone don't
do it like you're waiting for
it's your time it's your season
glory of the Lord is all over
your life
they all mentioned one
omnipotent one there are many
posts and one the omniscience is
looking at all
around your life everything come
on give him a shout
out give him a shout out give
him a shout
out give him a shout out give
him a shout out give him a shout
hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
understand that you are in an
of everything being possible
you're welcome to this evening
service now shake off your
religion shake off your
and get
on to celebrate the Holy Ghost
tonight one two three call
celebrating celebrating hello
I celebrate the Holy Ghost let
your voice go on to the highest
let your voice
break chains let your voice
be a limit break up let your
voice be paralyzed and
I love that you money let your
celebration go on to the highest
everyone from wherever you're
watching tonight is your night
the Holy Verse is about to do
extraordinary ordinary
extravagantly something is about
to happen
he is here with us
let your voice of victory and to
the highest
victory over diseases Victory
over poverty
victory victory of us
nation over antimatter's over
Paradis victory over joblessness
declare your victory declare
your victory
declare your victory
hey hey hey
you are celebrated here you are
celebrate praise the Lord praise
the Lord let everything
that has breath praise the Lord
praise the Lord
Lord he's a scorer call today
isn't our 70 day
hey God is going to perfect
everything that pertains you
now Shout celebrate scream and
let Perfection be established in
your life
set up right
now I see a problem
you are too much mature
the Bible say when you want to
enter the kingdom be like
it wasn't even you barians you
can actually call your children
said Tamra when I say curve and
wound up to no good old Tampa
because children don't care who
is watching what happens if no
image to protect you are to
of your dignity and how people
look at you that's why you are
like this if you are serious
about defeating profit hey you
better dance and celebrate
our Lord two three go
set up right
I can't do change for myself you
worship on behalf of me yeah
yeah you you can intercede for
me me but you I worship on my
behalf you can keep on behalf of
me but you cannot praise God on
my behalf that that part I do
for myself
that's why I'm here I'm ready to
praise him
praise you shall find
find let me say this
Solitude start to to shake off
from your religion David did not
too fast
to get
God to establish his throne
forever David danced in the day
he danced
is the day someone collected
permanent the baroness because
because he was
looking at human while dancing
and started to despise him while
dancing for God and God said
to the way you looked at him and
mocked him but Earnest shall be
in your life forever
and you're thrown in death it
shall be established forever to
the extent that Jesus when he
came on Earth he said I am the
son of David you know David is
what the father of Jesus but
that's the only payment in
return that is available because
he danced for God if you want
any breakthrough to be permanent
you better celebrate and dance
for God don't get her open world
let's go
the gates are open what I'll not
be denied
to bless my life
there's no limit
get out
from your chair
stay where you are not the
bishop to Jehovah
when you drive your Roi so let
me Cruiser they will not be
honest it
you are enjoying your life by
do you sweat
let me hear you like this Shout
shout there is no leave
God's Shout
despite where I am
there is no limit
there is no need me to to what
God will do
declare yourself there is no
no saint like like you believe
there is nothing
in me too what God will do yes
there is none only what God will
celebrate the king of kings
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
despite where you are currently
what is happening to your life
currently there is no limit to
what God can
do through you you you have
an extra ordinary advantage that
the Bible say
he chooses the foolish things of
the world to Hamburg and
humiliate the wise
so when the whole world is
saying you don't qualify now the
moment to qualify as tacit
because if you have said you
qualify that the moment you
don't qualify by the way need a
say you don't that's the moment
you start to qualify
Say Amen I
declare your way is cleared for
the top
the oil of God is upon your life
to do anything and make it it
Say Amen
Amen anyone who is making any
mistake too
make you go in a certain area or
place so that you can fail with
the mind that if you do this or
we put in this department we
send you here you fail so that
you get embarrassed they are
going to see a shock of their
say Amen you're a surprise
yes surprise come let's honor
God with our
here is no limit to what God
will do to me
there is no limit to what can
you do to me
there is no need to watch can
you do to me
there is no
limit to what can you do to me
there is no need me do what you
very funny you do to me
there is no need be to what you
do to me
you are are blessed in the name
of Jesus you are
blessed blessed you are bless
your blessed your in the name of
Jesus I want to just extend and
make this prayer
Lord give me three houses that's
regular prayer can you make that
prayer Lord
give me three houses houses can
you make that prayer
do you have faith inside you
that when you pray movement to
start to happen
their faith in heart sure I
didn't just say it you need not
too bad I didn't just say it
little hands
on it well whatever you want
Wherever You Are just make this
player Lord give me three houses
make that prayer make that
prayer to the Lord make that
prayer to the Lord Lord give me
Lord give me three houses
make that prayer Lord give me
three houses
I don't know whether you have
more houses you have houses or
you don't but
just pray that prayer Lord give
me me three to my name to my
name to my name give me three
houses if
made three houses give me three
houses don't be shy the Bold in
what you are saying Lord give me
three houses I didn't say house
I I said he'ii be specific on
that number be specific on that
number number be specific on
that number give me
three 3 three three houses give
three houses yeah make that
prayer to God lord
give me three 3 3 houses
give me three give me free give
me three
even those are Awash it make
this prayer make this prayer
Lord give me me this is one two
get me three houses give me Lord
give me love give me yes give me
Lord give me three houses give
me three houses yes Lord
I receive houses houses I
in the name of Jesus I receive
three houses yes
just make them mention makeshift
mention mention mention
mention to the Lord the Lord
give me three houses I needed
three houses
three houses Lord give me three
yes three
houses three houses just tell
if your faith is week they're
not losing this you know just
till God
Lord give me three houses in the
name of Jesus Lord
give me three houses I'm asking
from you Lord
Lord my God my father give me
three houses
in the name of Jesus oh thank
you Holy Ghost
Ghost in Jesus mighty name amen
Amen wow Wow
I'm already looking
at property owners thank you
Jesus I am already looking
at property property owners God
has already begun
the movement of titles in
this prayer he has already begun
the process process
when we pray he attends to the
words of our our heart and
he has speed in execution to
make it happen
congratulations congratulations
congratulations there is only
thing I ask you to do
when God does it for you tell
the world Jesus did it for me
tell the world Jesus did it for
for me
just tell the world just that
one part tell the world you see
this house
Jesus did it for me you see that
other one Jesus did it for me
this other one Jesus did he just
tell the world so that they know
ritual is don't raise people
better than our Jehovah say Amen
Amen celebrate once again the
gates are opening for
you you
you don't need to wait to grow
old with your property
because the world has nothing to
do with age age
you can be a millionaire at
seven years
Josiah was a king of Israel
88 years age has nothing to do
with the leadership of
prosperity prosperity so just
get ready
whatever time you are Jehovah is
about to a Wonder with you say
Amen can I give you one more
minute to dance
just to to
you know one of the principal
must apply it was said to him by
Solomon when years old he said
whatever you
find it your head to toe don't
eat with all your might and with
all your your strength
that was his signature statement
to show you why Solomon was that
rich he never joked with
anything he was doing
everything with all your might
say Amen is that okay
support him that everything will
be okay God bless you make a
Joyful Noise unto the Lord
so so
put your hands together
sure sure come on
my God is good oh my God is good
my God is good
thing the double double my money
aww oo oo oo oo oo oo oo
oo oo
sure sure
who's dancing more in that zone
or house
house come on on sir sir sir
sir sir
yeah everything double double
double double
double sure sure sure
but at tribal ninth and to the
come on lift it it
I do
on give him a
one more time put your hands
together for the which ones
together we're trying to do
together we're trying to get up
put your hands together put your
hands together we're trying to
get jumpy that just jump off
you have to jump off from be
don't just jump off you won't
jump off on you don't just one
he went might not come on run
all over this place
place come on somebody
everybody come on
he's alone prays alone alone
praise the Lord praise the Lord
praise the Lord Lord come on
let's celebrate our world coming
of the Holy Ghost in This Place
place celebrating love him
appreciate him yes Lord we love
you we love you
we love you Lord we love you
Holy Spirit
stretch your hands love him love
him speaking in other tongues
we love you Holy Spirit we love
you you
we love you we love you you oh
we love you
we love you we love you you
oh we love you we love you we
love you we love you
we love you you
thank you praise the lord we may
take our seats
and take your Bibles
Lily Lily Speedy's the word
world world come in this place
Holy Spirit Spirit the word
world he did this
oh my knee
and Grace the
what what hear this
Holy Spirit in this
Holy Spirit
Spirit now what world come
in this verse verse
only button father of
messy and Grace
what world come
in this this
the Holy Spirit no I do
come in this place place
Holy Spirit
the word world come in this
place Albany
but then father of messy
and Grace the what welcome
in this this thank you Lord
put your hands together and
again for the Holy Ghost Ghost
he's here with us us and he's
do marvelous things for us
tonight is a night
like no other other something is
gonna happen to you tonight
stretch your Bible has that love
my Bible
I love what he says about about
say it loudly I love what he
says about me
I can see myself in the word of
God God
I choose to believe what I'm
do you believe it it
it is the gospel that makes you
a divine
divine petaca
according to the gospel you you
carry the
nature of God God
the gospel makes you a god
god Karia say Amen
he said according to his divine
power power second Peter
chapter number 1 is now but
three according to his divine
he is given unto us all things
that pertain
unto life and godliness through
the knowledge of him that
called us to Glory and and
according to the divine power
what is the divine power Romans
chapter 1 verse number 16 I'm
not ashamed of the Gospel
of Christ for it is the power of
God unto salvation
so they delivery of every need
of your life
is in the gospel
get the gospel get the world in
your hand Hallelujah I said get
the gospel gospel get the world
your head he has given you
that pertains to this this life
and to Godliness according to
the power
Say Amen so the more you are
such a curated
with the gospel the more you
possess more territories in your
life from today I declare
massive lent into into your
I'm sorry let me try this side I
said I declare massive length in
your your hands Say Amen to
Jesus I know tonight God
is going to shift the people
from addresses and putting them
in other her dresses
Say Amen they gospel makes you a
partaker of the divine nature
look at verse number 4 he says
in verse number 4 where by are
given unto us exceeding and
great precious great and
promises this gospel is loaded
exceedingly great and precious
promises promises
dad to buy these Alleluia that
by this
you might be back take has of
the divine nature that by the
Gospel you you become a partaker
of the divine nature
not in heaven I I made on earth
you become a
partaker of the divine nature
and F so when you go to the
industry it is the
divine nature in the industry oh
sorry aish
when you go into mining it is
the divine nature investing in
oh is it sinking in you you that
gospel shift you from being no
mouth to be Supernatural
if you believe it may God
translate you tonight Say Amen
if you don't Master this one's
is gonna be tougher for me
because I
have so much that I need to
share their fair share them now
you might end in confusion
confusion I needed to master
this deck cost per is not the
same one no No
the gospel is not as Simone it
is the life of God God
the gospel is not a simmer the
of God whosoever receives it
that's why the Bible
says whosoever believe it it
becomes power automatically to
to them the gospel is not just a
Simone it is a translator to
Define us
you start to be a partaker of
the divine nature say Amen to
Jesus I see you
operating like angels on earth
I said I see you operating like
angels on earth if you ever
recorded any angel that is sick
sick so you are not going to be
sick oh sorry I said you are not
going to be be sick your health
security the gospel the Bible
says Thou shalt lay hands on the
sick they they didn't say they
shall lay hands on you they say
to you you shall lay
hands on the sick you are
they heal about the the healed
the gospel makes you the one who
use at us not the one who needs
healing healing Say Amen
therefore take your position in
the Lord in Jesus mighty name so
the gospel gives you equal
opportunity in Christ Christ
equal opportunity
in Christ the
Gospel see use the agenda of the
the Holy Ghost the gospel sails
up the
agenda of the Holy Ghost
when you have the Holy Ghost is
is to relate with the scriptures
say Amen
hey the Lord is saying all those
that were pursuing
pursuing you I have began to
them one by one I'm not the one
we did hear that part he said
all those that were pursuing you
I have already begun to kill
them one by one congratulations
your family your business your
career is free now
now say Amen the gospel gives
equal access access equal
opportunity Christ is reach
all that bleep reached or not
some of us stretch towards
all that that believeth
everyone under the sound of my
voice both parties shall never
be found in your house
hey I said pufferty shall never
be found in your house
house I look forward
to see you having a transport
manager of fleet of cars
cars sorry I don't force you to
help what you don't
want I say a fleet that to
needed transport manager who
govern our children memorize the
of plataea is shawarma
well since oh God
a lot to
me the money mother Sita is
gamma minus 1 1 divided by some
I cried on this altar every
symptom of poverty struggle and
let it is erased from your life
in the name of Jesus
the Lord is dropping a Divine
idea that will change the
picture of
your family if you're able is
Lord and may God change your
story you shall be known that
these people are too
rich say Amen
so start out shivering she
when they say the people that
Church's money you must be one
of the people
say Amen to Jesus Jesus
that though he was rich yet for
your sake yet for your
sake Hallelujah yet for for your
thank you this reminds me 1999
Thursday September I got that
God that light yet for for your
typical poor that it through his
Buffett what an exchange through
his poverty you pick up rich do
you know the
something was the most people
are too mysterious to understand
with her mind how do you
exchange perfect and you get
rich yet is taking profit how do
you get the life yet Jesus is
time there are things that are
mysterious that look like you're
going on the
negative yet you're not getting
to the your site hey
I prophesied your life
your wardrobe shall not Jehovah
is in the house
so sorry sorry I say your
wardrobe shall know Sheriff I
insisted that these people
if you're a menace louder this
week May you start to
witness a testimony
amen amen the gospel
the gospel let's read Ephesians
chapter number 3 verse 13 and 14
chapter 1 chapter 1 let's go
chapter one history 13
indeed and and 14
hey hache is that it is is okay
in whom
you also also believed after
you have the gospel preached the
word of Truth The Gospel of
in whom also after you believed
you were sealed with the spirit
of promise promise after you
believe the holy comes only goes
comes and put a serious set in
and the Rome is yours believe
it is time for you so when the
gospel is being preached every
time we are preaching the gospel
the moment you believe the Holy
Ghost put the stem done for you
the moment you believe whether
it's healing is job is Miracle
houses the moment
you believe the holy ghost that
approved and so every day you
hear the gospel preaching the
Elia you believe
they're faster you are sued for
that testimony how may not
believe in
Jesus they are season is
endorsed I say it is already
established established okay put
me message
translation I'm in love with
message this is
the Sun it's in Christ that you
once you
head the truth and the bleep
once you hate
it and believe it ha ha this
message of no salvation
found yourself own free free
science sealed and delivered by
the Holy Ghost the moment you
believe it is signed
sealed and delivered do you
believe God can change your
story tonight silent sealed and
hey do you believe God can make
you a billionaire ah
side and what you got are my
and build and delivered
not every time someone is
conscious of poems more than
my God help you to balance
do you believe God for the Land
Cruiser Cruiser
silent sealed and delivered
may God give you a VX VX 200 200
with packing assistant
five little refrigerator
cameras all around
massaging seats
the seats that massage you when
you are going and they
can start to warm up the city in
Winter for you before
you enter when it's hot like
this they take a cooler
temperature for you
so that you don't struggle
inside I climb up on the altar I
move you from that small town
town God is their own of the
universe has made me change your
hey hey hey hey
poof it wonder what I'd want to
lean to creusa I climb on
this out out hey do you believe
God can do
it signed signed sealed and
it is your passion in the name
of Jesus I command
it and not the South the East
the West never to argue with
this declaration it is your
point in Jesus name
sealed Delivered delivered
signed sealed so now go to the
showroom your spirit
is were redesigned signed sealed
and delivered even when you
pocket his
bone denotes go they do is sign
ta not in your pocket
it's arrested here whatever
the oldest determined even if
your pocket
his opposite what they alter say
it is what happens to your life
I prophesy
material on your project I
promise I'm money in your bag oh
I climb on this altar the gospel
does not produce produce the
gospel does not go of simple sin
sickness it is said I make sure
of the spirit
Is God the Glorious cost path
Therefore your story must be
take take us to take us
signed sealed
Royce Royce kalinin Kalinin hyah
the pinned under the Blind Side
and delivered my God thank you
thank you Jesus Jesus
because it doesn't
you Jesus signed sealed and
delivered delivered
you know Courant run around
the Bible say behold I do a new
thing since when did God start
to be a god of second
second hint
being in you in Zimbabwe does
not mean it's you you
you know
the New York awareness uru
you're in a hundred and forty
thousand thousand kilometers
to Utah unable to Jesus Jesus
the gospel does not produce
produce second hand
the day I tested a new one I
felt so much not need to anymore
second with it because gas milk
I do a new thing now everyone
shouting now
are you doing your thing now it
shall spring forth you know the
way this guy is coming is the
spring you know a spring the
more you press it down the
moment you remove your leg it
shows up the way God is about to
bring it
it's a surprise it's a spring
pipe hyah I love the way you
answer them them in here may God
do it for you you
take a seat take a seat he said
I will make
though even make away is in the
wilderness and the river us in
the desert
what what it means
can you say Michonne conquer
Casino amphora Yakko
its economy
Moto zucchini pizza
time he actually ran over
kazuya is there is no
water there but God is saying
I'm changing levels where you
used to see it you can find it
by the way you never saw it
you are about to see it I climb
on the altar your name was not
included in the
books that desert is about to
flood water
is about to happen to to you you
are going to swallow
your pride pride because that's
the only place with water
if you don't you die die there
are people who are going to be
forced to be humble which is not
in their nature
but the problem so humble them
because you're the only
one with a solution that time
yes they might have read five
years of gossiping
about you mocking your life
mocking your family but the time
I prophesy from the ultimate fat
anointed that time coming
they will be forced by problem
to look for you
you it was the only place with
water water
you are the only one with
water water so
is it that you humble yourself
or you die die
did you hear that time
is is shifting Shasha Shasha
Donna McCrory
Google to Kira rather 7 mm
variety power
they don't like you but you
here's what they cannot hear
us they don't agree with you
but they cannot alter what is
deposited inside you you
going to see it in his face is
you last you so long Diamond
they're sitting numbers that to
start to appear in your phone
that you last talked with
you yes back but
God is gonna push them and they
look around everywhere they
thought they can get help and
they find there is no more help
than the year they only person
who can help you is this
one Yeti they don't even like
I I have a good neighbors and we
will governors
is it reminds me one day I was
going to South Africa
so I went to the airport me I'm
just a greeting people this I
used to work with him for years
some years
ago so when you saw me set it to
Dilly dallying avoiding to greet
then I pursued be hiding there
said ah looking
looking busy well sometime Pride
that it doesn't matter you
don't have anything you just be
be prompt
give him a nice not going to
it's not going to pick it up but
I should uh
show your right right
so when we
pass the immigration in aura
something happened with these
and I just crossed and I waited
when we crossed I waited just
moving pulling my bag around so
he was caught there
then they said ah is there
anyone who can come and verify
you came
from Zimbabwe everything that
enemy I was standing over the
other side
waiting for my opportunity of
Honor fauna chai Tamara Tamara
I saw a shameful
fess face
I prophesy to you they will need
in this life life
let him go you do need you in
this life life
and go to make sure you are the
only one one with what they
get anywhere anywhere you know
Mir APPA side soon yamuna Chico
beginning this year year
this year they will start to
look for your number
because the connection they only
need shall be found only in your
say Amen another amen celebrate
what God is
about to do to your life
put a vision chapter one verse
number thirteen fourteen –
it's too much I mean I'm feeding
the the word
he said this sign it from God is
the first
installment so whatever Miracle
you're getting here is just a
fixed deposit
for what's coming there is
something bigger than what we
have right now so whosoever is
judging you by what we have is
making a mistake something
bigger than what we have is
the Lord you say I am giving you
a very big office office
I Almost said bring me a swivel
chair because I saw
someone I should tender it up
I'm sorrow and
sheeta windows of the senses I
prophesy hey God is
elevated you a reminder that you
you will get we will get
everything God has planned for
hey we are going to get
everything God planned for us
hey I repeat we are going to get
go to plan to for you you are
going to get healthy thing you
going not some of the things you
are going praising God
a praise praising
praising and it is glorious this
life this glorious life is not
party time it is now your food
Time Life from today today
so am L to Jesus Jesus
another amen I see a change in
your address address
something very big is about
to happen to your family family
chapter number
31 verse number 3 to just give
me a message
oh someone you believe God is
able to do
something wonderful for him oh
Jesus first number three 3
did you put this number three I
don't think so so go visit
number two
yeah yeah good one
this is the way God puts puts it
they found Grace out of out in
the desert
these people who survived the
killing you know the goddamn
do great content that they
wanted to kill you but they they
you survived a point where they
wanted to kill kill you
and what is the five talking
about Israel and looking
out looking for a place of rest
they will also in the time of
the attack looking for a place
of rest look at the next part
and met God out looking for them
they are looking for a place yet
God also
on the other side is looking oh
thank thank God you are here
thank God you're watching thank
God you're listening today the
Lord to allocate you in the name
of Jesus Christ what you are
God is already looking for you
because he is it it okay and God
told them
God told them I have never
quit quit loving you and in
never will except love love and
love hey God is saying
except to love you and love you
and love you more God is about
spoil you with love love
is it except just to love you
and love you
and Mala mala God loves you you
celebrate the love of God over
life celebrate the love of God
over your life
celebrate the love of God over
your life okay now look at this
figure City and its so now
I will start over with you
hey because of what you went
through and
do you survive to stand here God
said I'm starting over again
with you whether
it's in your career it's in your
business God is
saying I'm putting you to a
starting over there is a
way God wants to relaunch you
ah God was to relaunch you hey
hey hey I think I need to clamp
God is about to relaunch you in
a serious way
he saw the valleys you went
through all the battles he
went through
now God is saying I am ready to
start all over again with you
therefore he is prepared to a
place he is prepared to position
his prepared resources he has
protected the favor for you to
start over
he said
any build you up dear Village in
Israel I will receive you will
resume resume
you're singing God is saying to
you you are going to
to resume you're singing your
songs were
now it's time to resume Camus
come and gone and in a car with
you God is about to resume the
songs in your spirit hey and
grappling you know that life of
of impression
you enter in the room that
whatever you do is impressive
impressive tambourines and
E joining the dance can you jump
and dance because
something is about to happen to
you you
you are assuming that business
you are assuming that kuryakin
you are assuming that project
a case God is real OG you your
Percy days have been relaunched
I said
your best days have been
relaunched it to you
whether in Ministry in business
in Korea or in your family your
bestie taste
tastes have been
relaunched in you at the next
verse 8 but dance first before
you go the next one you for us
it was a Holy Ghost
he said you will go back to your
old waking
of planting Vineyards on the
Samaritan hillsides
and sit back and enjoy the fruit
oh how you will
enjoy those those harvest so God
is saying from now nothing
to work for mahalo whatever you
do Prophet shall come to your
I prophesy a season of Maximum
oh oh every Target that was
given to in Korea
or in business or in Ministry I
declare from this altar you will
surpass that attack occurred in
the name of Jesus Christ
that's number six
it's number six oh Jesus he said
their time is coming when the
who call out from the hilltop of
Ephraim and say
on your feet feet let's go to
to Zion to meet our God people
will be shouting from the
hilltop on your marks
set D let's go to heartfelt and
meet our God is there
I prophesied your life on your
time has come my son my daughter
where they shall say below the
tube dammit who are these that
on your marks d
where are you going let's go to
to heartfelt and the meet our
God they are
everywhere you are watching
Every Soul you are watching I
declare massive in divisions of
Jehovah you are about to
manifest what got to put
you for in heartfelt why I put
you under this commission that
that calling that career that
business that testimony
lady to manifest by the power of
the Gospel in the name of Jesus
Christ if you know
yes means dead inside you
celebrate because Jehovah is is
began a good work
junio Max they said said I read
it it
Holly Oh man mark get set
I hearing
guess a Roger doubt it know what
by him my business but
they shall talk about
it because their season have
shifted shifted
take a seat I shall whisper to
each other and say hey
hey did you hear someone
went to add 33 months
hey the life they months I don't
like I'm back
people shall whisper hey hey is
about to happen to you in
90 days something is about to
change in your life if you're
is louder you're my first
testament tonight tonight
did you hear that
from that moment is it on you
marks get set it's gonna happen
I promise I a little one shall
become a thousand in small one
shall become a strong Nation Say
Amen verse number 10 but verse
number 10 thank you right my
time Jesus
Holy Ghost fire is it here
this this Nations now we are
talking to their world
hear this nation's God's message
eat this all over the world hiya
media broadcast
this over the world tell them
then one who scattered Israel
who got them together
again again hyah from now on
you keep a careful eye on them I
prophesy to you the stuttering
that was done in your life
that was done in your career in
your ministry in your business
he's saying I'm regrouping you
again and I'm putting a careful
eye on you like a shepherd on
his with his ship of
of lock is putting a careful eye
on you you the Lord is putting
an intentional I own your life
you know an intentional hi where
is careful about what moves
you verse that follows is that
the broadcast is this one
he said I God will pay a stiff
labsim price for Jacob
he said God is saying I'm
prepared to pay any amount to
make sure your dream come to
ah did you hear that but God is
saying I am willing to go out of
my way
to make sure what I say to
happen to you must happen to you
this is a no matter the darkness
they look down what must happen
to you is gonna happen in the
name of Jesus he said I will
free him from the grip of the
Babylonian bully the
harassment that you faced from
those that
were too many easy pull you out
of it it witchcraft is broken in
your life oh sorry
I said witchcraft is broken in
your family I said the
is broken in your family they
shall see me in
their dreams standing on your
compound and say witchcraft is
to protect in your family
say Amen to Jesus another
element to Jesus
everyone who vowed that you
never succeed they took eggs
and broke them on and open
ground and said your destiny is
crushed that
Health health you regroup
before their eyes eyes Zyra like
whatever they have tatted
his time whatever chance they
are set against you holy
classifier today today
Holy Ghost Fire to them verse
number 12
verse number 12 is that the
people who climb up to
science lovers shouting with joy
they are faces beaming
faces beaming because of God's
bound and the
grain while and oil flocks and
ship and heads of cattle they
are lives will be like a watered
Garden from
henceforth your life
life shall be can water the
garden never again left to dry
up from this time no more dry
season in your business
in your career in your life in
your ministry if you believe it
lift your do here's a shout
shout I receive it
no more
dry season in your life the word
of God is building a
child inside you say Amen to
Jesus verse number 13
He said young man who danced
don't women who dance and be
and the young men in the old do
join in while they're dancing
they also come and
dance with them he said the owl
confetti their weeping into
laughter ah aah aah he will
convert your
whipping to laughter laughter
is she Comfort infecting the
grief they are give with joy joy
God is bringing pleasure
pleasure serious comfortability
in your life where you were
crying you're about to last now
say Amen to Jesus I convert your
to laughter by the power of the
Gospel in Jesus name this is
number 14
14 verse number 14 he said
I will make sure that they are
pastors this is your message I
will make sure they are priests
get a three Square meals a day
three Square meal I'll make sure
pastors this time they are
living in too much abundance
3 Square meal designed from
heaven no more poverty among
passed us mush
– is it that my people have more
than enough celebrate abundance
in your house
celebrate abundance in your
house house
I said celebrate abundance in
your house house
you are about to experience
more than enough enough
Isaiah 65 verse number number 20
just go to message I love
message message excuse you 5
verse number
20 the
Lord is saying I should tell
someone he said I have gone
ahead of of him
I've gone ahead of you you
I've gone ahead of you yeah he
said no more babies dying dying
I started the 2019 I think you
miss one yeah good
good one
he said I would take joy in
Jerusalem and Delight in my
people no more sound of weeping
in the cities
and the crying of anguish they
shall be No Cry
whatever was making you cry is
over now
oh sorry I said whatever was
making you cry is all for now
if you're a male is louder you
are my testimony tonight in the
name of
Christ look at the next verse he
said no more babies dying in COD
Roe or all the people
who don't enjoy a full life a
lifetime old people old but
they're still said you don't
take any one year out of them
them he said
a hundred bet it did yes better
day will be considered normal
a hundred Betty day is going to
considered what did you hear
that part
a hundred
better the day is considered
normal anything less would seem
like a cheat cheat
I climb on the altar no one
shall die before hundred kids
I say no one shall die before
because anything less than
hundred is called a
there is the robbery when you
die Lord and hundred there is a
cheat whether they said you are
left with the three months I
declare more than a hundred
guests to you despite what you
feeling in your body long life
is your portion long life is
your passion long
life is your passion long life
is your passion I climb on this
altar I stopped dead in your
family oh I
stopped dead in your family
family in the name of Jesus no
more funerals no more accidents
has no more still pass no more
miscarriages no more
pretty much what it receives
long life in the name of Jesus
hey Hey hache
uh-huh anything less than
hundred is God a cheat
they are people listening to me
you are under threat of death
only because people dream you
die you yourself you Tim
Yourself Dead you always feel
like something want to take away
your life you always feel like
something is pursuing you to cut
short your life
I climb on this altar
altar every every end that is
working to take your life ah in
the name of Jesus in the next
1 hour Caprica touche say in the
next 1 hour that
is the end is wiped away in the
name of Jesus Jesus
your own life is your portion as
a long life is your portion
long life is your portion I said
long life is your portion
I said long life is your passion
love life is your project
I say to long life is your
passion hey hey hey
I'm fighting a spirit of death
I'm fighting that spirit
I smashed that covered in the
pot I buried that Shrine that
demand people to die in a
particular month in a particular
at a particular age today it is
property if you're able is
louder you are the sexiest KP of
that I love the enemy
jumbled celebrate your long life
hundred plus yes
hundred plus he said
a hundred less than hundred is
code a cheat cheat
everyone who is always visiting
long or a native doctor
demanding your death
Perforating your picture causing
pains in your pot that every
time you
wake up you feel this side is
painful they are talking and
piercing of photo
demanding that you die
scratching and making utterances
that that demonic against your
life I
climb on this altar they alter
also you follows if they
have I lost this year sorrows
launched I Rose from this all
time to wipe out a way that each
generation to wipe away waiters
and fight your life receive long
life in the name of Jesus anyone
who fight your child who want to
kill your child
fire must wipe them away I call
to roast them all away I call
fire to roast them away
whosoever touches you oh
touches your baby I prophesy
judgment upon them
my God is fighting for someone
I delete your name in the canals
and keep in the Chronicles of
the Demonic books
that Mark that you at the next
never know no one shall take my
total without my permission God
is sending me to be a shepherd I
do you from the iris of death
hey what is happening
happening here if you are not
paying attention you lose it I
said from now on not therefore
shall permit penetrate your life
if you're able is louder tonight
that wish is
receiving receiving judgment
Jamba celebrate what your face
is doing in your life life take
a seat
take a seat sometime
they feel like touching you you
not feel much pain so they
target your
children so that you start to
experience their pain of what
they are doing but in the name
of of Jesus
I appoint a strong angel upon
every child of yours
the devil not touch them them
anything less than
hundred the scripture say is a
cheat so I expected to see your
photo when you're a hundred
years years
some of you need to make a
confession every time
that I will be serving Holy
Communion in the house of God
and hundred case
because Abraham was not seek
seek 820 Say Amen Amen
put my scripture there verse
number 21 if you're a menace
louder to day long life is
being planted in your house is
that they
will build houses and move him
they will build a house don't
worry about your current
scripture said you are going to
build a house and you move
into your house hey they will
plan the Phineas fields and
eat what grows a from today I
shift you into your property no
wonder the Lord said Treehouse
tree house hey now I know what
is happening I climb on this out
even the poorest of the people
you are working out from this
with a graceful properties
celebrity a new area you're
going to stay now I
said celebrate a new area of
here to stay now it is
about to happen in the area you
social over shall establish you
in that area area
Say Amen Amen
we are going there by the grace
of God God verse number 22
thank you Lord Jesus he said no
building a house that some
outside US
take over over no more waking
and someone comes and take your
no more coming outside us they
and stay what they never did no
planting fuse that some enemy
enemy confiscated for my people
who be as long lived
as trees My chosen ones who have
certification in their wake so
God is saying whatever you are
going to do
the enemy shall not have a share
in it it
God is establishing you
full-time in what we are doing
celebrate what
God is doing in establishing you
you they are for
I lift my hand every property
every legal battle surrounding
your properties and investment
today in the name of Jesus you
have worn the petal you have
worn the better you have worn
the better you have worn the
better you have warned the
better you have
worn the better if you're able
is louder I declare from
the altar
have won the better there's
number 23 23 the potato is worn
thank you Lord they want to work
work and
they have nothing come out of of
it they won't have
children snatched out from under
under them the wicked hand
coming and looting babies
children from from you
he said he when do I give you no
one shall snatch them out from
your hand
for they are for day themselves
have the power blessed by God
with their
children and grandchildren
likewise God God blessed
which means from right now even
your unborn children and
grandchildren they are already
under covering they are already
protected they are already
blessed your children will not
bring sorrow to your life in
Jesus name
celebrate your new house
I celebrate your new house
I said celebrate your new house
I said
celebrate your new house house
I am feeling a fresh
oil for for properties may God
baptize you in this oil in the
name of Jesus Christ
look at this verse number 24
verse number 24 he said
before they call out our answer
answer before they
finish speaking tonight before
you spinach speaking
ah he said I have already heard
it which means whatever we are
going to
attack tonight before you say
Amen it will be done for for you
this that I love verse number 25
thank you Lord Jesus the gospel
life life put all of it all of
of it
the wolf and the lamb who gaze
Grace and the cell Rose rose
the wolf and the lamb they are
now eating at the same
place enemies now now dining
together together Gordy say they
shall eat together the lion
shall eat straw like a bulldog
what is he saying he saying what
is completely impossible
to see such a person powering
down I'm going to force them
shomba itchiness or us also to
I'm warning you
are you hearing
what God is saying he's saying
I'm going to force a lion to
start to graze like a Pollock
Shasha day dad's suit
can't I see her pass what is it
assumed that the think about it
Jehovah acting denial of water
me sad watch out for us so
so rusty Bombay the Dust shall
be be the Serpent's Serpent's
so the Dust you are no longer
you receive the Breath of Life
the enemy cannot Feast on you
say Amen to Jesus another
element to Jesus I see proud
people being fast
to beg for help from you you
when a lion start
to Grace with a
pool oak Canyon Gary restaura
remove the
Shuba Shuba why
you think it's a concern is our
good friends at the fuel me to
go and make a copy
I prophesy someone under the
sound of my voice your story is
gonna hump or they're proud
people who never thought you
will rise they shall come
to beg for your help help
before you finish priest praying
today God to be doing what you
I saw the Holy ghost coming to
change lives of people today
it looks impossible when you
look at at it
but the time is set set
where did people you will
looking up up they shall start
to look up to you you
when they were attacking
Joseph in their own
understanding in their own mind
they never thought one day they
will find yourself on a
a city please give me my check
take it there
good good then if I thought in
their lifetime lifetime
when they heard that there is
food in Egypt they were thinking
Egyptians to their surprise when
entered entered Egypt being
directed way food is found
they found the one who they
wanted to to kill is the
one seated on their office
yet in Cannon
there is a tomb for for Joseph
people say D is dead yet Joseph
is alive
there is a site where people
count you finish
and they never expect you
to show up again again to their
the day they shall say it to you
want to see the empty
to want to see the chairman they
want to see the money when they
talk about
it it
when they hear a voice say come
in they will be thinking of
someone else else
to their surprise
when the door opens only to see
it is you you
the shock of their their life
and the Bible said that moment
lion shall grow bored and
started to graze like a
poor Rock Vaya Vaya motive
because only perceive Irena
a new
funding of Akutan Dingus it's
our CV R angry me tonight
tonight that is shall Beach
something Change of levels
levels they are people who are
listening to me you are in a
desperate condition that when
you want
to attach what I'm talking about
it looks strange strange
because of where you are are but
I'm not talking about your
I'm talking about the power of a
to join what I'm saying with
your condition is too
complicated for your mind
but God sent me tonight to tell
you you
they shall be
water in the tree set yet every
other place you can find it
please I want you to cry to God
tonight pray to him
God God
lord confirmed this is my
my time confirm this is my tie
tie take your position you
desire Lord
confirmed I need is Lord Jesus
Jesus Jesus
to balance what I'm saying
with what you are going through
what is before you
it's too complicated
but there is a power in the
gospel gospel Joseph
Joseph Joseph is not over until
you sit in that office so it
it's not over I don't know how
but I know God
is going to change your story
The Lord's day before you
finish tonight how said said
before you finish tonight
I hear a sound I
hear a sound I hear yes
I hear is found
I hear is found I hear is found
hello Bob Alabama
it's powerful
alliances alliance bees
show me me and coming and seek
help from you
oh Jesus
jesus oh
us oh Jesus Jesus
hisses you're set time time
you just
take this night this very moment
serious serious the gold
who called me me
he's about to do a or that week
week the God who called me he's
about to do a Wonder to you
if you just use this very moment
this very moment this
very moment moment this
very moment if you just use this
moment your test for this coming
you are
moving in this place I
wash I wash
wash you
send your case please end your
mother I won't worship you I
will ship you yeah
Teddy lies around I warship you
I was
you you are
telling lies
I love won't wash
I wash it it you
did it
loves that I wash it you
I want should you
want I wash it you
do I want won't
it's long
as I see someone experiencing a
chain around today today I see
someone being lifted in a very
fast way
I see your idea to receiving
packing I see the Lord's love
getting you with resources I see
building a sanctuary such one
Alabama sautรฉ
Helen Osaka
Reagan Depot his cigar I see the
Lord clear way for you daddy
going away for you clearing away
for you you
I see Jehovah
digging your life with
testimonies testimonies starting
to happen to you this week that
when people here they will be
at the to evoke Jehovah in your
oh my God my God
my God my God
God my God my God
my God God
don't choose another
time God appointed this very
moment if you choose your own
time you're missing it you're
missing it
you're missing it you're missing
it if you choose another time we
are missing it this is the very
moment this is a very moment
you wasted you live a long life
time waiting for another
breakthrough you
live a long time use this moment
use this moment
use this for rent use this
use this moment that God sent me
to declare use this moment and
see your life turning around
Joseph Joseph they will gather
up our game
they will gather up again and
I will see you seated they will
see you sit at
only thrown they cannot to
on the throne they never
on the throne they hated to see
you seated seated
on the throne they cannot do
anything to shift it on the
that they will beg for food
you are seated in there the time
has come
I prophesy prophesy that you
shall be the solution they want
but they never wanted it to come
from you you they
wanted help but they never
wanted it to come from you
there's no problem with you
being ordinary
Ordinary by the hate that
extraordinary part inside
inside they want assistance but
they never wanted to come
from you
but Joseph Joseph
– Joseph by Joseph My Joseph
your tree your trip is now
a set time of Magic the station
it's about
to happen it's about to happen
it's about
to happen where you sit
none of them none of them
or fail to recognize that it is
you now in your
season all of them
they'll entire season of fear
when the see what
God is about to do for for
in the name of Jesus Jesus thank
you Lord
thank you Lord
mama woke up
I'm worried for my uncle uncle
he's so chill you'll get good
Wilma well my uncle
mom I'll walk
boom boom
oh my
need such a young age
mom boom I woke up
of us
guess you shall for your people
Lord make a future
kiss love Jesus Jesus
lift her hands
that's your realize what God is
about to do with you you
it's bigger than the dream your
it's bigger than the prayers you
prayed speaker than your
it's bigger bigger
maybe just stretch my hands let
me speak in tongues tongues am I
failed to explain what I'm
seeing seeing
because it's more in the realm
of the spirit than the physical
kaboosh kaboosh yeah Allah us
you don't know knows about about
if your spirit
agrees with my spirit flows with
my spirit
who meet some way as I speak
and something shall be
registered in your life tonight
hey Kel on the playlist on the
bus bus
hello Ariana Hoss
led by laboratory us
us dear LaRoche aquรญ de Banda el
cell Abbas
Yonder at a toshiaki the brass
knows he knows
he knows he knows he knows
he knows he knows he knows he
knows hello dushala bossy
Abbas a bus
God see Bahasa Bahasa
haasan Kamal haasan Bahasa
rush rush whoosh rush rush
reduce reduce
hello sir hello sir hello sir
hello sir
ha ha
in the interval circuit
Jesus Jesus
go God Oh God who
he is it's a sure thing who has
seen such a thing
can a nation be born in one day
connect this because to bring
forth in one day
his silent traffic is
its scientific name is Sylar
travel travel
she brought forth forth
speaking of other tongues the
energy of the spirit is being
released to you
speak in other terms terms
Supernatural abilities being put
in your spirit
you are a mystery of this
generation people shall know why
you went through what you went
through people shall realize
what was
behind what you went through
through us
hey kobato Cabarrus
hey nothing Revival
do tonight to hit tonight
so thank you Holy Ghost
oh Jesus
Jesus oh Jesus Jesus
there is
none Holyoke is the Lord Lord
there is not
be peace
this life like that is is no I
like oh my God there is no Julio
on us the Lord why I'm singing
this does this Soma Hannah son
when she was
holding his son are in the hand
I'm believing God for
fruitfulness fruitfulness there
is none olya
us the Lord there is no
I like our God God
is the Lord Lord
she was all being a summer after
years of being mocked by Pnina
there is not Holier than thou
is no
his side
there is no other Rock like our
God there
there is not holy wholly us
they did not expect it to be
something in that moment
there is no Holier
on the law is not
now now
Iran like our God our God our
there is none holy
on the law
there is not
home ha ha ha there is not
any Rock like our God
God there is none
there is a song that you shall
see in a day of your testimony
worries is any role like a Waka
waka there there is none
holy s
s put your hands
together to the Lord
they are divided exchange is
taking place right now now
they are Divine
exchange is taking place right
now now
everyone come in give to the
Lord Lord
I see people people
standing on this altar holding
babies in their hands there is
none holy
there is not not b
a lot of us
said it about
did it it I demanded of us
chinga cool
she Shi Xin
got she got me
me cool now Acuna
a good night thank you Father
Almighty visitation to your
thank you Lord
thank you Father
and when people can plant
$10 to
the Lord for the gate come come
is how our 10th anniversary of
canoe to talk about the 10 the
Chris of this commission is
coming to your life come
come on on this order with your
dollars come on disorder with
your two daughters
come with
you or $10 of this order
that is is any Rock like a
there is is only I
father the lit their Gates be
opened opened and let the grace
of this commission be
established upon
their lives in the name of
Jesus Christ amen man joyfully
later the old
can I ask everyone to give
performance it's 14 cents each I
don't know how many you want
to give 14 cents each when those
that are watching you can do the
same it's 14 cents each each
come here just lay to the old
old just come and lay fourteen
cents or 20 seconds
or just come whatever amount it
is that buys at least one
at least one just come later
they alter the Lord will bless
you we are preparing your
parking lot for your car car
because your car is coming
coming how many expecting a good
a good one a good one just come
later on the outer the Lord
bless you you're 14 cents or
plus just
later on the water go to bless
you if you have not given your
life to Jesus tonight is your
night Take This moment
to decide to receive him pray
after me say Lord Jesus Come
into my heart
be my Lord and my savior from
this day forward I declare with
my mouth I'm born again
I'm a Child of God I believe you
Jesus you're my savior forever I
belong to you in
Jesus name amen Amen
a child of God let's welcome
them they celebrate them please
system ties our hands as we come
to the moment this boy looks
Ron are you Rooney Rooney oh oh
God bless you
amen let's prepare for local
minion those let us say thing
please be ready
let's save the Holy Communion we
declare the blessing of the Lord
upon their
Fellowship of the science of the
Holy table bless your people in
the name of Jesus Christ we
declare in Jesus name those that
receive a blast
amen amen watching you can do
the same
let's do this in the Lord bless
the blood
G of G it was
as white as snow
the blood of Jesus Jesus
the blood of Jesus
it was
can I see those that have not
yet been saved that area on top
up to that corner corner
this section has not been served
can I see there's another hint
on me
those other not be saved boo
the black
thank you Lord Jesus are we all
set now now shall we stand stand
shower stand
take left on me because you
believe in the
Lord Jesus Christ that he came
down from heaven died for us
save us positioned Us by the
gospel and they headed to the
Saints now take class a blood of
Jesus fight my battles
blood of Jesus confirm my season
blood of Jesus change my story
blood of Jesus confirm my
testimonies in Jesus name let's
take the bread
let's take your blood blood
be grateful to God celebrate his
love for us us
be grateful to the Lord for his
and all what he's about to do
for you
you celebrating celebrate him
celebrating a celebratin
celebrate the king of
Kings the Lord of lords lords
tomorrow Monday prayer old days
own remember come and pray the
Lord is gonna bless you let
me see people who know the word
of God do not go empty without
his agenda on my life celebrate
what God has done for you
tonight tonight
is that all may you all live
Church received too much
blessings wow let your joy go to
highest yeah
Doug is an open one
you come to bless my life
there is in my view ever of
rushing through the open gate
there is only me too what God
everybody run from whatever
point you are
are run
wow run run yeah yeah yeah yeah
he yeah
there is no limit
even you
believe me there is only me too
do to me
there is no limit limit
everybody big Lon braking dance
break a record with your dance
be on your own
yeah I
there's no
leave me
Holy Ghost is gonna do Ezra
ordinary to you can you take it
higher higher than what you are
doing ah
I declare a blessing
to you who is dancing much
better better
does it does that
at lunch and then the cruiser to
you little hands in this
family we don't share I don't
see I don't fare
we're allowed I don't bear say
it again I don't fail fail say
surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of
my life
and I will dwell in the house of
the the Lord forever those
that are watching if you've not
brought your prayer requests to
the old please just bring them
later on although we are praying
for them whatever you're
deciding what to do for you just
lay it on the altar we are
praying for you if you are
coming to man The Prayer Alters
tomorrow from different zones
please bring the requests of the
people and lay them on the altar
the Lord is gonna do wonders say
I'm getting better and better
stronger and stronger richer and
richer not
not Jason
today the guru not Jessel Zeno
Aleta smile through that mask
the Lord bless you there is only
only me

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