Martin (Vegar Hoel) hasn’t had the best vacation. He accidentally killed his girlfriend with an axe. He cut his own arm off with a chainsaw. And his friends STILL …
It all started out so nice.

A bunch of kids going
to a cabin in the mountains.

Drinking, laughing,
having fun.
And then a horde
of Nazi zombies shows up.

[scream, echoing]
I know.
Sounds like a cliché,

but that's what happened.
You see,
we found something…

something we shouldn't have.
Old Nazi gold.
And then…
all hell broke loose.
[All growling]
[Woman screams]
They took us out…
…by one.
[Woman screams]
[Man screams]
One of them bit me,
but I knew how to fix that.
And my girlfriend,
[metal slicing through flesh]
She didn't make it.
I found the gold…
gave it back…
and I was free to go.
I was safe.
[coin falls]
Turns out…
I was wrong.
[glass shatters]
[Both struggling]
[car horn honking]
[car horn honking]
[engine starts]
[Dance music playing]
[Man singing]
[car horn honking]
[music stops]
[engine revving]
[truck horn blowing]
[truck horn blowing]
[truck horn blowing]
[sings along
to Rock music on radio]
[truck horn blowing]
[truck horn blowing]
[breathing heavily]
Take your fucking coin!
Crawl back to the hell
you came from! Huh?
Shit, shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit…
Okay. Okay. Okay.
[muffled screams]
[Man screaming,
zombies growling]
[metal slicing through flesh,
blood squirting]
I told them not to touch
that shrine.
Always something good
on the radio.
[radio buzzing]
The Arctic Tern
is a sea bird

of the Tern family

The species
is strongly migratory,

seeing two summers each year,
as it migrates from
its northern breeding grounds

along a winding route
to the oceans
around Antarctica and back,

a round trip of about

The Tern flies
as well as glides…

Sieg Heil!
[Man speaking
foreign language, faint]

[monitor beeping]
[beeping continues]
[NURSE] Doctor?
[MAN] Yes.
Oh, good.
Let's see what
we got here.
Martin, can you hear me?
Martin, are you there?
Welcome back.
you crashed your car.
You're lucky to be alive.
More than you can say
about your friends.
[breathing heavily]
Did you see them?
The things?
The creatures?
Did the police take them?
Or the Army?
We found your friends.
All of them.
is that your girlfriend?
We found her too,
with an ax jammed
into her throat.
With your fingerprints
all over it.
Any idea how that happened?
The things…
They came up–
came from up–
from the snow.
I had an ax, and I…
The little Nazi creatures
came up from the earth?
Are you certain he didn't
suffer any brain damage?
Okay, call his family,
tell them he's awake,
and get the DA,
tell him to send a car
and four extra guys,
out of here.
They will kill again
if we don't stop–
Martin, Martin,
Martin, Martin.
Calm down.
I've seen what you've done.
I was there.
The only place you're going
is jail.
Nobody knows exactly
what happened up there.
Only you do.
it's not only bad news.
When we found you,
you were hurt.
Your right arm was ripped off
by the elbow.
Yeah, I–
It was cold
when we found you.
The snow kept you cool,
which was good.
You understand?
And so, we found your arm
in the car.
Yeah, it was a bit
bruised and pale,
but the operation was
a success.
We managed to put your arm
right back on.
[mumbles incoherently]
What have you done?
What have you done?
Please calm down, my friend.
Martin, please–
This is Satan's arm!
Martin, calm down, please.
Hey, hey.
[Martin yelling]
I'm so– It is not me!
It's not– I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Stop it!
[seagulls squawking]
[Man chuckling]
[door opening]
I think you have to remove
your teeth tonight,
'cause I'm in the mood
for some head.
Von der einer
der entkommen ist.

[owl hooting]
[hooting continues]
sind verratten.
Wir brauchen mehr Männer.
[keys jingling]
Ah, Jesus!
[gasps, chuckles]
You scared me, Nils.
I'm telling you,
I'm not in the mood for this.
I had a long day today.
Two funerals
and two weddings.
And one of the girls
getting married today–
she was so fucking hot.
What I wouldn't give
to be 15 years younger,
and, yeah, not a priest,
of course.
[keys jingling]
[door creaking]
[coughs blood]
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil…
They're down
from the mountain.
They're gonna kill us all.
[metal clanging]
They're down
from the mountain!
Get me the fuck
out of here!
Get me out!
They're coming!
They're gonna kill us all!
They're gonna kill us all!
Psst! Hey! Hey, you.
Psst! Yeah, you.
I saw your arm.
Looks really cool.
Took some pictures, too.
Looks sick,
but still cool.
I'm not supposed
to be in here,
but I snuck in here
like a ninja.
Oh, I'm Bobby.
I'm here on vacation
with my mom.
She ate some bad fish
yesterday, so, yeah…
Hmm. Cool.
Seriously cool.
It looks burned and old,
like a zombie arm.
Zombies are cool.
[cell phone dings]
Sorry, gotta take this.
They're wondering
if I can get some more info.
More than just a picture
of the arm.
Who? What?
The Zombie Squad.
They're wondering
if I can get some more info.
They're experts on zombies.
They lived in America.
They've trained
for this for years,
just waiting for
a zombie outbreak to happen.
So they can come here?
Just tell them to come here
right now to get the zombies!
If they're experts, they can
kill the zombies for us.
I know.
You've seen the zombies?
'Cause they're real, right?
Can you help me get loose?
I'm not sure if I should.
I mean, you're…
[clears throat]
I have chocolate.
You do?
Yeah, I have chocolate.
'Cause I could get it
for you, but, you know…
Double-triple fudge.
Oh, my God!
Let me get this
right here…
Come on!
You can do it.
Come on– Yeah.
Help me with the other.
Can I have my chocolate now?
There's no chocolate, kid.
No chocolate?
Shut the fuck up!
I gotta get out.
What are you–
[glass shattering]
[bones cracking]
It's not what it looks like.
[body thuds]
[cries, grunts]
[glass shatters]
[engine starts]
[ringtone playing]
This is Daniel Heffernan,
leader of the Zombie Squad.
Can I please speak to Bobby?
Bobby, uh…
I don't speak
the language of Thor.
Is Bobby there?
Bobby was killed by zombies.
My God!
Is this the Zombie Squad?
That is a 10-4, Martin.
We will be heading
your way shortly.
Before we go, we need as much
information as you can give us.
Anything you have.
We came up to the cabin
and there was a bunch of…
Nazi zombies there,
You know,
they killed us all, and…

Except me.
Yeah, and…

I sawed my arm off,
but it's…
Yeah, the arm is–
I think they wanted treasure,
or a coin, and…
Were any of you bitten?
We were all bitten.
But we didn't become
one of them, we just…
We just died, so…
Listen, Martin,
and listen good.
These are not your classic,
textbook zombies
just hungering to feast
on the flesh of man.
No, these are most likely
cursed zombies,

awakened to reclaim something
that was stolen from them,

or to complete a task
given to them.
They called him Herzog.
They called him Herzog.
Martin of the North,
we will be on our way

And we will take care
of this infection.

We are professionals.
But until then,

find out what they seek,
their purpose.
Zombie Squad.
Zombie Squad is coming.
They'll be…
They're professionals.
Okay, girls.
Looks like we're going
to Norway.
We can't go to Norway.
That's on the other side
of the world!
Yeah, and how do we know
it's for real?
Daniel, that's a long way to go
to find out if it's a hoax.
You guys saw the picture.
This is a bona fide
infected arm.
You know this.
This is…
All the signs are there, guys.
The decayed skin,
the rotten hair, the dark blood.
This is real, guys.
It's real.
This could be dangerous!
No shit.
It's fucking zombies!
Of course
it'll be dangerous!
But this is what
we've been waiting for.
This is our chance
to prove to everyone
that we were right.
We've been telling
everyone for years
that it's just
a matter of time
before the first outbreak
And what have we seen
in return?
Guess who was right?
Guess who's laughing now?
I guess we're laughing now.
You're damn right, we are!
What did we start
the Zombie Squad for
if it wasn't for this?
He's right.
Damn right, I'm right.
if we don't do this,
if we don't go there
and help these people,
who the hell will?
So what do we do?
Okay. We need
as much information
as we can get
on this Herzog character,
on Martin, the north of Norway,
Oh, wait, hold on!
Guys, we can't let our landlords
know about this.
You mean our parents?
Yes, our parents, but–
We just can't tell them
what's happening.
Got it.
All right. Official members
of the Zombie Squad USA…
Oh, my God!
It's time to go hunting.
[Rock music playing]
That was farther than usual!
I poured you a coffee.
Hell, this is cold!
Because you're 40 minutes late.
I'm still on winter time.
The winter time,
summer time system…
[closes door]
is stupid.
What do you got?
Not much. Petra's son been
at it again, shoplifting.
Just do what they do in Iran.
Cut his hands off.
That will teach him.
And Jack's dog
is on the loose again.
He pooped
in Mr. Olsen's yard.
Shoot him.
Shoot Mr. Olsen?
Not Mr. Olsen.
The dog!
Otherwise, we have
the lecture at the school
about the dangers
of smoking marijuana.
Oh. Boring!
Oh, there was
one other thing.
From Oxfjord.
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not our jurisdiction.
Martin Hykkerud escaped
from the hospital–
Whoa, wait.
Martin Hykkerud?
Is that the same
Martin Hykkerud
that killed his friends
up in the mountains?
He escaped from
the hospital yesterday,
killed a kid
and a policeman
by, um…
throwing a Mercedes star
into his face.
He cut off a Mercedes star?
What does Oslo say?
About the Mercedes star?
Not the Merced–
The Hykkerud case!
They said to stay alert,
get in extra people,
and keep it tight
until they send a team up.
Ah, "extra people." Hmm.
Do we have the money?
No, we don't.
I don't even have money
to buy new batteries to the car.
Didn't we agree to be
more casual around here?
Okay, go.
My God!
I was expecting something
like the Hoth-systems,
but this is more like Endor.
Monica, can you reference
anything other than Star Wars?
What, like Star Trek?
Maybe if I can't sleep.
Yeah, at least it's based
on scientific theories
and a dog isn't running
a starship.
[DANIEL] Guys, guys!
I have a lock on Martin.
Where is he?
Ice Bay.
Ooh. Okay, let's go!
Come on!
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
First, there's something
we need to do.
Oh, yeah,
I really have to pee.
No, guys!
I'm hungry.
Arm up.
You really fuckin' ruined that.
It would be a lot easier
if you could buy weapons here.
I know. What the fuck's
the matter with this country?
[car door closes]
Can I help you?
No, I'm sorry.
Just, uh– Just–
Back away, please.
I like you. Like you.
[laughs nervously]
This is a war museum, right?
Do you have information
on the Germans?
Help me!
Listen to me! Listen!
Please don't hurt me.
I have two kittens.
Help me! Help!
Shut up! Shut up!
[grip tightening]
Do you have any information
on the "Einsatz"?
Second floor.
Show me.
Where are you?
What are you looking for?
Best buddies with Hitler.
Isn't that cute?
You're not supposed
to touch the display.
"Herzog was made commander
of Einsatz in 1942
"and sent to
the far north of Norway
"in order to protect
the warships that
"the German Navy was hiding
in the fjords.
"He was on duty in Oxfjord
doing a routine inspection
on the ship Scharnolsht,
"…when Tirpitz,
"the German fleet's
biggest warship,
"was attacked
by English bombers in Talvik,
"after getting vital information
on the ship's location
"from Norwegian spies.
"Hitler, humiliated
by the attack on Tirpitz,
"ordered Herzog
to wipe out
"all of the 800 men and people
who lived in Talvik
at the time."
So, he was on his way…
to Talvik…
that night when and his men
were butchered down
in Oxfjord?
On a mission given to them
by Hitler, himself.
A mission that was
never accomplished.
He's going to destroy Talvik.
He came from Oxfjord.
Going to Talvik.
Talvik is here.
Where are we?
Where are we?!
We're here.
Ice Bay.
That means…
That's just in-between.
[shouting, outside]
[wheels squeaking]
[glass squeaking]
They're recruiting.
They're recruiting
new zombies.
They can do that too, now?
They're coming here.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die here
in a museum!
With you!
You're gonna die.
But not today.
[glass shatters]
[Both inhale sharply]
[metal clanging]
Let's see what
this thing can do.
What thing?
What are you doing?
How did you do that?
You just–
killing all of them–
You didn't even
break a sweat? Jesus.
It's my arm.
I'm controlling it.
It reacts
to what I'm thinking.
What arm?
What are you talking about?
It's Satan's arm.
It's a long story.
He's building an army.
It's growing in numbers.
There'll be too many.
Even with the arm, I can't–
All this death.
You did that!
He was–
You did what
the bastard did earlier.
It's the arm.
[spits blood]
He's not attacking.
Did you see that?
Did you see that? I hit it!
I hit it! Oh, my God,
I did it, I fucking did it!
I hit it right in the eye!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Take a picture, please.
Take of picture of me.
First Zombie Squad kill.
One, two…
[camera shutter clicks]
Did you get it?
Oh. We spoke on the phone.
I'm Daniel,
this is Blake and Monica.
We are the Zombie Squad.
They're real.
These are real dead people.
And that's a real zombie.
You killed him.
I can't believe it.
Can we just focus
for one second, guys?
I'm so sorry. We are more
professional than this.
You're the Zombie Squad?
You're the Zombie Squad.
Yeah, we are
the Zombie Squad.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I was…
just expecting
something different.
So was this guy
when he woke up this morning!
[Daniel laughing]
Because I hit him in the face
with an ax.
Yeah. How did you find me?
We tracked your iPhone,
of course.
We're fuckin' nerds.
This is what we do.
Technical shit.
Let's cut the chitchat.
What did you find out?
What do the creatures want?
This is insane!
You have the gift?
The force is strong
with this one.
Martin, this is how
we defeat them.
This is how
we take them down.
What do you mean?
I mean…
We create an army of our own.
I tried to get as much
information as I could
on the trip over.
Especially about Herzog.
To defeat your enemy,
you must know your enemy.
This is Lieutenant Stavarin
of the Soviet Army.
He and his battalion
were captured
during the battle of Kursk,
And brought here
to the north of Norway as POWs.
In '44 they were all sent
to Kven Mountain
to build a road
through the mountain pass,
but it was after
they built the road,
that shit got ugly.
All of the prisoners
were shot.
Shot to death!
No survivors.
And the man in charge?
Those bodies are
still buried there.
Buried in the frozen soil.
Preserved. Waiting.
Waiting for what?
For the same thing
that drives Herzog.
And guess who's gonna
give it to them?
The man who can raise
the dead?
[pounds hood]
You guys go after Herzog.
Try and slow him down.
Give us as much time
as possible, okay?
What if this doesn't work?
It has to. All we have to do
is get to Kven mountain,
find Stavarin,
wake him back from the dead,
then bring him back to Talvik
so he can help us fight
Herzog and his men.
We got help.
Here we go.
He is our last hope.
[vehicle approaching]
Look! A tank!
[All screaming,
blood squirting]
[water splashing]
[door closing]
Visitors, now?
That's early.
[door closes]
His army is growing bigger.
Glenn, are there any
more towns or villages
before he reaches Talvik?
Maybe a few houses,
but that's it.
Good. So what he has now
he'll use for his attack.
Yeah, pretty much,
that is, until he starts
killing the people of Talvik,
making them join him as well.
How many people
live in Talvik?
About 3,000.
What? Holy shit!
All the more reason
for us to slow him down
as much as we can.
Look. Do you know how
to use one of those things?
Of course. I'm from
Northern Norway, aren't I?
I don't know what that means.
Okay, guys, pack light.
We're moving out. Now!
What in the name of God
has happened here?
What does
the forensic team say?
That's not the forensic team.
That's just Tom and Ole.
They put on white suits today.
They thought it looked
more professional.
The real forensic team
is gonna be here this evening.
Do we have any witnesses?
Not unless you can get
the seagulls to talk.
Doesn't look good.
Seagulls, yeah, well.
That's an amazing invention,
isn't it?
You know, the guy, the person
who can come up with a thingy
that could translate
seagull language
into human language.
The guy who come up
with that thing,
he would make a fortune,
you know.
Okay, let's get these bodies
up to Talvik,
before the seagulls eat them,
and let us take lots of photos,
or else the creepers
will have my balls.
Hey, boss, here's a picture
from the surveillance camera.
Isn't that…?
Would you eat
my little man-pussy?
All right, all right,
all right. Let's move.
Let's move!
Come on, hurry up.
Listen up, we gotta hurry.
Move out!
There they are.
And they have a tank, I see.
Yeah, they stole it
from the museum.
Ah, fuck!
What is that?
A large-ass tank
and 40 or 50 zombies.
No, no, no, no.
That. What is that?
These are replicas
of the binoculars
that Han and Chewie
used on the planet Hoth.
Did you guys know–
Fun fact–
All of the Hoth scenes…
[BOTH] Shh!
were filmed here in Norway.
This place called Finse.
Girls, can we please
maybe focus on,
you know,
the Nazi zombies instead?
What do we do?
Well, Daniel told us
to slow them down,
so that's what
we're gonna do.
We need to get out there,
get their attention
and lure them
into the swamps, right?
And then,
when they get stuck,
we can use
the fertilizer bombs we made
and blow them
into bits and pieces.
That sounds
basically impossible.
And how are you planning
on luring them out there?
We need bait.
Live bait.
Yes, we need someone
to attract their attention.
Someone who is light
on their feet,
who knows these swamps
and can move through them
without getting stuck.
No. That's a swamp.
I'm not getting out there!
Who says I won't get stuck?
And one more thing,
Those things
are fucking zombies
who want to rip my face off!
Hey, Talvik is your hometown,
am I right?
You must have people
you love there.
Yeah. Especially one ma…
…woman that I love.
With long hair
and big breasts.
Do it for…
You just bring them here,
and we'll do the rest.
Hey, man.
Are you okay?
First we wake up
a battalion of Nazi zombies,
And now I'm supposed to…
wake up a bunch
of dead Russian guys.
Martin, look,
your arm, your power,
is the only thing that can
take down Herzog at this point.
Remember that.
If we don't succeed,
his power will keep growing
until he's unstoppable.
That, my friend,
is a big bowl of shit
that we don't want to live in.
Oh, my God.
That's– That's–
That is vile-smelling.
How did it fill up the car
so fast? That smell…
No, it's all right.
He's just carsick, or something.
That smells foul!
No, no, no, no!
That's disgusting!
That smells!
I didn't know
there was supposed to be
an "ugly face" convention
in town.
Well, come get me, then.
Come get me.
Come get me, if you dare!
It's working.
They're following him!
But not Herzog,
and most of his men. Shit.
No, no, no. It's okay.
We've got their attention.
If we take these guys out,
he'll come for us himself.
Come on, Glenn!
Run faster!
Come on, Glenn!
Go, go, go, go!
Yes, yes!
[Both scream]
Run, Glenn!
Run, run!
Please, God…
Yes! Yes!
Oh, my God, Blake!
USA! Yeah!
[GLENN] Hey.
That tank is moving.
That can't be good.
Talvik. Jetzt.
[breathes heavily]
Where are we?
We're getting close.
But we're also stuck.
Can I push it?
I don't think
that would help.
Is it far?
We could walk.
We don't have
that kind of time.
If only we could find something
to put under the car.
You know, something
that would give us traction.
Then I could get us
out of here.
[Zombie groans]
[engine starts]
[bones crunching,
blood squirting]
Oh, there she is.
It was a bloody nightmare
trying to find space
for all the bodies.
I mean,
the fridge is completely full,
so we just had to put
all the rest of them
on the garage floor
and throw a shitload
of ice cubes on top.
That sounds like
a perfect solution.
Ah, you know,
mostly Germans, French people.
don't think they pictured this
when they ordered a trip
to Norway.
No, getting their heads
and arms hacked off
and their intestines
ripped out?
Doubt it.
Well, unless they're
into that kinky shit.
Should you be doing that?
Where's the–
you know, the special force?
It was really windy
down in Alta,
so the plane couldn't land,
but they should be here
tomorrow afternoon.
That's perfect.
This is our chance.
We're gonna show people
what we're really made of, here.
What are you talking about?
We are gonna find
Martin Hykkerud ourselves.
We're gonna bring him in.
We're gonna be heroes,
not those fancy, dressed-up,
stuck-up, sushi-eating
dickweeds from the south.
Beef the boys…
Brief the boys.
Send a picture out to every cop
and citizen in Talvik.
If he so much as stops
to make a piss,
I want to know both color
and scent of that urine.
Color and scent.
Get the shotguns ready.
We're gonna shoot something else
than seagulls for a change.
Do you really think
this is going to work?
I mean, say we actually
manage to wake
these Russians
back to life…
What's stopping them
from killing us?
I don't know
what's gonna happen.
But judging based on him…
He treats you like
you're his master.
So, hopefully
they do the same.
Hope– Look, what–
I don't know, man.
This is some unprecedented,
unheard of,
voodoo-zombie shit, man.
I've never seen this before.
I've seen
a thousand zombie movies,
and this is not
in any of them.
You've created
a whole new genre here, man.
Look, I mean,
if we're gonna go up against
a battalion of Nazi zombies,
we could do a whole lot worse
than teaming up
with a battalion
of Russian zombies.
He has to die, you know.
For what he did.
We have to kill him.
I have to kill him.
For Hanna.
This is it.
This is definitely it.
Herzog killed Stavarin
and 50 of his men here.
So they've gotta be buried…
in this frozen ground.
How do we do this?
You do it just like
you did with him.
I put my hand on his head.
Okay. Right?
We can't dig up everyone.
It'll take weeks.
You have to wake them up
one way or another.
[Zombie groaning]
Fuck, yeah!
First, he was seen here.
In Oxfjord.
Next, here.
By the museum at Ice Bay.
Then it looks like
he's turning south.
Gunga, we have a situation.
So what they said
on the phone–
there was a bunch of guys
dressed up as German soldiers
going crazy?
If by crazy,
he means slaughtering
a bunch of people, then, yeah.
What the hell is going on?
We haven't had
a decent murder here
since 1974.
And now this?
Okay, guys, listen up!
Shoot first,
ask questions later!
[bones cracking]
You're too late.
There's nobody here.
We sent them away.
Since there's nobody here,
maybe you should forget
about your assignment
and return
to your little snow cave.
[All laughing]
[fake laughter]
Somebody's grown.
Gotten bigger!
I hope you don't mind,
but I invited some friends
to tag along.
Don't you just hate it
when somebody
that was supposed to be dead
comes back to kill you?
Let's kill 'em.
Let's kill 'em all!
[sirens blaring]
What the hell is going on?
Is there a carnival in town?
[bones cracking]
Is that a tank?
[engine stalls]
Get out of the car!
Ah! Get out!
The tank.
Shouldn't we help them?
Help who?
The guys with rotten skin
in Russian uniforms?
Or the guys with rotten skin
in German uniforms?
Good boy.
What the fuck is going on?
It looks like a computer game.
Gunga, look!
Look, it's him!
It's Martin Hykkerud!
Should we go get him?
No, no, no!
Wait, wait, wait!
This is technical police work.
Zombie Squad.
It's about time!
It's a long story.
There was a tank.
A guy took my jacket.
Looks like you found Stavarin
and his men, I see.
Yeah, but there's
still more than us.
I guess it's time
we even out the odds a bit, huh?
We're losing!
No, no, no…
We have to kill him!
They're all bound to him
like the Russians are to you.
If he dies,
the others will too.
Let's finish this.
Guys, come on.
No seat belts?
You're just askin' for it.
Fucking hell, how many
more of these are there?
Is this it?
Monica, is this
how it's gonna end?
Are we gonna die now?
Fuck it.
Fuck it,
I'm just gonna say it.
Glenn Kenneth Toivonen, am…
[bones crunching]
Why didn't you just
stay on the mountain?
You got what you wanted.
You got your gold,
your treasure.
But it wasn't enough,
was it?
You got greedy.
You wanted more.
Watch out!
Blake! No!
That's why you lost the war.
Did you know?
You lost the war.
You got greedy.
Guess what?
You lose again.
My God!
He did it!
He killed Herzog.
It worked!
I knew it!
Herzog is dead.
He's dead!
Holy cow,
that was close.
You did it!
You killed Herzog!
I can't believe that
that actually worked.
Of course it did.
You doubted
the Zombie Squad?
Glenn Kenneth, is he…?
He didn't make it.
It's been a true honor
killing zombies with you guys.
You too, Martin.
What is it?
You can say it.
Go for it.
May the force be with you.
Really? That one?
Of all– You chose that one?
There's like a million
to choose from.
Why would you choose that one?
Where are they?
They were just here.
I don't know.
Are you in a coma?
Go and find them!
I was supposed
to solve this murder case,
not end up with
a hundred new bodies.
Yeah, I don't know where
we're gonna put them all.
Both the garage and the freezer
are completely packed.
I don't know.
I don't know!
[seagulls squawking]
The seagulls again.
They haven't eaten this well
since the war.
We should've had
that machine, you know.
That seagull translator machine.
We could've cracked
this case like an egg.
Like an egg.
♪ Turn around ♪
♪ Every now and then
I get a little bit lonely ♪

♪ And you're never
coming round ♪

♪ Turn around ♪
♪ Every now and then
I get a little bit tired ♪

♪ Of listening to
the sound of my tears ♪

♪ Turn around ♪
♪ Every now and then
I get a little bit nervous ♪

♪ That the best of all
the years have gone by ♪

♪ Turn around ♪
♪ Every now and then I get
a little bit terrified ♪

♪ And then I see
the look in your eyes ♪

♪ Turn around, bright eyes ♪
♪ Every now and then
I fall apart ♪

♪ Turn around, bright eyes ♪
♪ Every now and then
I fall apart ♪

♪ And I need you now tonight
And I need you more than ever ♪

♪ And if you only hold me tight
We'll be holding on forever ♪

♪ And we'll only
be making it right ♪

♪ 'Cause we'll never be wrong ♪
♪ Together we can take it
to the end of the line ♪

♪ Your love is like a shadow
on me all of the time ♪

♪ All of the time ♪
♪ I don't know what to do
and I'm always in the dark ♪

♪ We're living in a powder keg
and giving off sparks ♪

♪ I really need you tonight ♪
♪ Forever's gonna
start tonight ♪

♪ Forever's gonna
start tonight ♪

♪ Once upon a time
I was falling in love ♪

♪ But now I'm only
falling apart ♪

♪ There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart ♪

♪ Turn around, bright eyes ♪
♪ Every now and then
I fall apart ♪

♪ Turn around, bright eyes ♪
♪ Every now and then
I fall apart ♪

♪ And I need you now tonight ♪
♪ And I need you
more than ever ♪

♪ And if you only
hold me tight ♪

♪ We'll be holding on forever ♪
♪ And we'll only
be making it right ♪

♪ 'Cause we'll never be wrong ♪
♪ Together we can take it
to the end of the line ♪

♪ Your love is like a shadow
on me all of the time ♪

♪ All of the time ♪
♪ I don't know what to do ♪
♪ I'm always in the dark ♪
♪ Living in a powder keg
and giving off sparks ♪

♪ I really need you tonight ♪
♪ Forever's gonna
start tonight ♪

♪ Forever's gonna
start tonight ♪

♪ Once upon a time
I was falling in love ♪

♪ But now I'm only
falling apart ♪

♪ Nothing I can say ♪
♪ A total eclipse
of the heart ♪

♪ A total eclipse
of the heart ♪

♪ A total eclipse
of the heart ♪

♪ Turn around, bright eyes ♪

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