This is an educational video “Demo version” on the Chinese art of Chi Gong. The “Ba Duan Jin” Chi Gong complex in an 8 piece brocade. This is for the …
When a person is aware of the spiritual potential that's embedded in him and is able to use
Its strength in science business and life then his progress will know no equal
Charles Pease timeit's
China is one of the most heralded countries in the world with a civilization that has already
Existed more than seven thousand years
It is believed that the Chinese culture originated from dragons
The Chinese consider themselves to be the descendants of dragons
The people of China carefully protect the cultural traditions of their country
To this day. They have not strayed from ancient wisdom
They follow the middle path based on the philosophy of Chand Buddhism and Taoism
the cornerstone of this philosophy is the pursuit of self perfection and the
Understanding that a happy life begins with a healthy body mind and spirit as the old proverb goes
To do what you want to do is the ultimate prison but to do what you need to do will bring you to ultimate freedom
You must pursue this journey as soon as possible
While the exact origin of the bodwins in form of chi-gong remains unknown
it is believed that this complex was practiced thousands of years ago by a man named about zu
One of the greatest teachers of an ancient Chinese emperor
the eight exercises of bodwins in ER were preserved to this day and
Here we will show you how to master it
The Chinese masters believe that each noble person must follow this way
The nonstop sharpening of the body mind and spirit in the fire of the will
No one knows the origin of this unique Chinese system of self-perfection
But in China people believe that they got that knowledge from the ancient gods
All facets of the human personality are developed in this system
This system allows you to develop your external and internal awareness
When life is hitting us hard
The martial arts will help us either hold the strike
Stand up and move on or prevent bad situations in life and not be in the wrong place at the wrong time
This unique Chinese system of self perfection
Unites and brings you to harmony with the world around you
In the frame of this movie we will talk about one part of this system known as chi gong
the strict translation of chi gong means breath work
There are three levels of difficulty of bodwins in
The first level is appropriate for beginners of all ages
It will take at least six months of dedicated practice to master the fundamentals
building your coordination and muscle memory
connecting your breath with your movements and
Developing your joints and tendons
This first level of the complex will take just under 30 minutes to complete
Each exercise must be performed with exacting precision and a minimum of five times in each direction
As the old proverb goes
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
We encourage you to take this first step towards self perfection with Qi Gong
To prepare your body for bodwins in we will begin with three basic exercises
Before you begin these exercises it is recommended to consult with your physician
After all, it is important to know if your body is able to withstand the necessary work of this chi gong
The first exercise is full-body breathing
This includes lower breathing middle breathing and upper breathing
this serves the purpose of concentrating your energy in the lower don t n
The depth and duration of your inhale and exhale should be equal
Stomach massage
When performing this exercise women should keep their left hand above their right men should keep their right hand on top
Move your hands in a circular motion 36 times clockwise and then 36 times counterclockwise
When your hands reach their lowest point just below the belly button press against your stomach and exhale
When your hands are holding upwards inhale and expand your stomach
Traditionally, it is known that power comes from the core the abdominal area in China
This area is known as Dion Tien
For this reason it is important to stimulate the core and wake up energy before exercise
We do this by massaging the internal organs
You have to really push against your body to wake up your internal organs and prepare them for work
The next exercise is known as look to the left look to the right
This seemingly simple exercise stimulates what's known as the adrenal glands the adrenal glands are located right above the kidneys
Their stimulation improves your metabolism blood pressure and response to stress
Use your lower back in your hips to rotate your body ensuring your eyes remain open in your head follows the body
Your arms and shoulders should be relaxed your arms. Follow the motion of your body
You may feel a slight numbing in your fingertips
This is normal as blood is rushing through them due to the wide and fast movements
When done correctly this rotation will ensure the proper development of the nerve system of your spine your equilibrium
The tension in your muscles and leave the mind focused
The recommended time for the exercise is around two minutes
And now slowing down the motion
Additional details to remember to ensure the highest quality of your performance in the chi gong complex
You must breathe solely through your nose during all eight exercises and bodwins in
The tongue is at the base of the upper teeth. The teeth are tightly compressed. The lips are closed
focus should be directed to the top of your head with your head slightly forward as if you're a puppet the
Eyes should be slightly closed and the feet are shoulder-width apart and parallel
The knees should be slightly bent and the tailbone drawn forward if your attention is directed to the 9 main points on the foot
Balance will be maintained if you follow these movement details your development of chi gong will be most effective
Bodwins in the eight-piece brocade
Chi gong for strengthening your health and your will at this point we are ready to do bodwins
een the main series of exercises
The first exercise is to arms supporting the sky
Your leg position is very important. Your feet should be parallel and shoulder width apart
Begin with your knees slightly bent your hands clasps below or your belly button the tips of your thumbs should be touching each other
breathe as follows
Bend your knees as you exhale straighten your legs as you inhale
This is a full body exercise. There should be a smooth connection between your movement of hands and your legs
And all the exercises of Bhagwan zina, you should breathe through your lower stomach
With a simultaneous movement of your hands down your sides
Your fingers should be stretched up to create tension in the forearms with attention focused on the tips of your fingers
This movement is very healthy for the three years
The upper heater is the heart and lungs the middle heater is intestines and liver. The lower heater is the kidneys and spleen
The second exercise
Use your bow and arrow to shoot an eagle
This exercise affects your liver and lungs and must be done in the horseman stance
When you move your arms to the outside
Position your hands as if you are holding a sword the index and middle fingers together should be pointed
Outward and stretched your eyes should follow the movement of your fingertips
your reverse arm should be on the same plane as your outstretched arm in a fist as
If you are pulling the string of a bow
breathe as follows
Exhale inhale
In the second exercise
Try to keep your balance evenly distributed between your legs while squatting
Do not transfer your weight from leg to leg
Since your eyes control the tips of your index and middle fingers your head should follow as well

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