Here is how to remove blackheads, moles, warts, skin tags and age spots completely naturally. Other videos you might like: 11 Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles That …
Your skin is constantly being exposed to different
chemicals and factors such as sun and pollution.
But it also suffers from hormonal imbalances,
stress, and unhealthy diets.
The most common issues that our skin endures
are moles, warts, skin tags, age spots, and
The good news is that there are numerous natural
ways to treat these problems!
While these “natural treatments” are not
cures and they should not replace professional
medical treatment, it’s worth it to try
them out!
Before trying any of these natural remedies
out, always be sure to speak to a doctor or
dermatologist first to make sure that what
you are doing is safe.
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1 Moles: Moles are common growths on a person's
Most people actually have about 10 to 40 moles
all over their bodies.
Most moles are not harmful and do not pose
any health risks.
Moles which could be harmful are ones that
change over time.
These changes can include differences in color
or shape.
These types of moles could be a sign of skin
cancer, which is why it is always a good idea
to visit a dermatologist if you notice any
changes in shape, size, or color in a mole
on your body.
According to MedicineNet, a mole is composed
of melanocytes, which are the pigment-producing
cells of the skin.
When moles are exposed to the sun, they become
darker and can appear anywhere on the skin.
To remove them naturally, Healthline suggests
that you tap garlic to the mole so you can
break it down from the inside.
This is one of the most effective natural
remedies for removing moles because of the
enzymes that are in garlic.
These enzymes help break down the collections
of pigment-producing cells.
Garlic also helps lighten the color of the
mole as well.
Another effective natural remedy for removing
moles is apple cider vinegar, says Healthline.
This is a popular remedy because of the acidity
that is in apple cider vinegar.
The acidity helps scab the mole and if it
works effectively, it will fall off over time.
To perform this remedy, dip a cotton ball
in apple cider vinegar and put it on the affected
Put a bandage on it and put medical tape on
Leave it on overnight and do this for 10 days
or until the mole falls off.
We should note that certain home mole removal
methods can be harmful.
As tempting as some of these techniques may
be, sometimes it is best to visit a dermatologist
Although there are certain creams you can
buy at pharmacies which can remove moles,
many of these creams can result in large scars
which take the mole’s place.
Another risk that is involved with removing
a mole by yourself is that if it is not checked
by a dermatologist, you won't know if the
mole is cancerous or not.
If you remove a mole yourself and the mole
is cancerous, it could spread throughout your
This is extremely dangerous, and is why you
should never consider removing your own mole
by yourself.
It is always best to see a dermatologist first
to ensure that it is not cancerous or to have
it removed professionally.
2 Warts: Healthline defines warts as bumps
on your skin that are caused by human papillomavirus.
The best treatment for removing warts is apple
cider vinegar according to Healthline.
The acid in vinegar burns and slowly destroys
the infected skin, which can cause the wart
to fall off.
The irritation of the acid in apple cider
vinegar actually stimulates the ability to
fight off the wart.
To perform this remedy, mix two parts of apple
cider vinegar with water.
Soak a cotton ball in the mixed solution and
apply it directly to the wart.
Tape the cotton to the wart and leave it on
overnight and remove it in the morning.
Repeat this every night until the wart falls
There are also many different over the counter
wart removers you can purchase if you do not
want to risk removing a wart on your own.
3 Skin Tags: Skin tags are soft, benign growths
that form within the skin folds of the armpits,
eyelids, groin, and breasts, says Healthline.
These types of growths are loose collagen
fibers that become stuck inside a thicker
area of skin.
Skin tags are considered harmless, and do
not cause medical complications.
In fact, some skin tags can fall off on their
own, while medical removal is available as
Some people remove their skin tags because
certain larger skin tags can cause pain when
they catch onto clothing, while others may
remove them strictly for cosmetic purposes.
One of the top natural remedies according
to Healthline is tea tree oil.
Tea tree oil contains antifungal and antiviral
properties, so Healthline says it is safe
for use on the skin (as long as you dilute
it with a carrier oil since repeatedly using
undiluted tea tree oil can dry the skin over
However, it can irritate the eyes, so if you’re
applying it in that area, be sure to apply
with care.
To perform this remedy, wash the affected
area and then use a cotton swab and gently
massage the oil mixed with the carrier oil
over the skin tag.
Put a bandage on it and let it sit overnight.
Do this every night until the skin tag dries
up and falls off the skin.
There are also certain skin tag removal kits
which are available at pharmacies.
These kits can be used to cut off the skin
tag's supply of blood.
When this is done, the cells die and the skin
tag usually drops away within a period of
ten days.
You can also purchase skin tag removal creams
or even a freezing kit which are both available
at pharmacies.
4 Blackheads: When there is a clog or plug
in the opening hair follicles of the skin,
a blackhead can form.
Each follicle contains one sebaceous gland
and hair that produces oil.
The oil is called sebum and helps keep the
skin soft.
When there are dead skin and oil cells, they
collect in the opening to the skin follicle
and produce a bump which is called comedone.
If the skin on the bump opens, it will be
exposed to the air and will cause a blackhead
to form, according to Healthline.
One of the best remedies for removing blackheads
is lemon juice.
The acidic and citric properties in lemons
help tighten the pores which can help remove
and even prevent further blackheads.
But use lemon juice sparingly, and instead
use a glycolic or lactic acid-based exfoliant.
This is because in some cases, raw, undiluted
lemon juice can be phototoxic, meaning that
it reacts to sunlight negatively, causing
Lemon juice can also change the natural pH
balance of your skin, and it can also cause
hyperpigmentation and sensitivity to the sun,
according to the True Skin Care Center.
5 Age Spots: Age spots can be black, grey
or brown flat spots on your skin.
In most cases, they occur on sun-exposed areas
of the body, according to Healthline.
One way to naturally remove an age spot is
by using onions.
Onions contain sulfur compounds that act as
an antiseptic.
Onions can also facilitate exfoliation.
If you want to perform this remedy, all you
need to do is slice up some onions and rub
the slices on the affected area between two
to three times a day.
If you have moles, warts, blackheads, skin
tags, or age spots and want to remove them
naturally for cosmetic reasons, you should
speak to a dermatologist first to ensure that
you are doing it safely and not putting your
skin at risk.
It is always best to seek advice from a professional
before attempting to remove anything from
you skin.
Improper removal of things such as warts or
skin tags can leave scars.
And although most moles are not cancerous,
there is always the possibility that if you
try to remove your own mole, you may be removing
a cancerous one, which could mean that cancer
will spread throughout your body and even
become undetected.
As always, it is in your best interest to
speak to a medical professional or a dermatologist
to find out what your options are if you have
certain issues that you are self conscious
It is always best to remove skin issues with
a professional, as this can significantly
reduce any risks which can occur as a result
of self removal of warts, blackheads, moles,
age spots, or skin tags.
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in this video?
Let us know why or why not in the comment
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