hey this is joseph here with the
diabetes hack of I want to review new
product today called seven steps to help
the big diabetes lie but i always start | diabetes is there a permanent cure | diabetes on the rise is there a permanent cure | is there a permanent cure for diabetes
with just just a simple couple of simple | diabetes is there a permanent cure | diabetes on the rise is there a permanent cure | is there a permanent cure for diabetes
questions are you are you sick and tired
of being sick and tired
do you want to know if there's a way to
can't break the cycle and a pattern of
little help in your life are your
current treatments really measuring up
to what you want for your life instead
of just what everybody else says ought
to be for your life and are you ready to
really figure out and discover what the
latest research in diabetes health can
provide will I tell you I believe this
product is a huge step forward to
address just those issues now he what I
want to do I want to change my screen
just a minute what I want to do is just
kind of give you are an overview and
review of this product and it's an
e-book and it's put out by the
international council for truth in
medicine a group of physicians and
doctors and they do a lot of research on
a lot of different areas of that the one
that I caught my attention because we
deal with diabetes is the one of seven
steps to help as related to diabetes and
so this this is the kind of home page if
you were to go to their website a blog
but if you go to against this would be
their marketing page for this particular
product this here is a video
presentation that is kind of like a
video sales letter it just it kind of
talks a little bit about the program but | diabetes on the rise is there a permanent cure | is there a permanent cure for diabetes
it kind of lays the background in video
form for presenting the solutions they
offer in their product i'll click this
we may not listen to the whole thing its
I don't even know if you can hear this
but yeah so anyway i'll pause that what
you you watch that you can scroll down
and I got a little all this sells page
it's got some great information things
you'll find in the book by the way this
is not some small little 60-page
quick-fix book this is of course it's
listed at $37 this is over plus 500
pages it's well over 400 pages and it is
chock-full of great information
contacted the folks at the international
council for truth and medicine that
spoke to mike and he actually gave me a
special offer that he's going to allow
me to offer to you guys but we talked
about the book there Ben of course this
is not really actually updated but 40
8131 customers purchases this is in a
lot of the forums I comment on it is it
this is a product that had been
well-received so that's one of the
reasons I wanted to do the preview of it
now if you don't like to watch the long
videos there's a place down here some
where you can go to just eat the printed
page that I like this because it comes
with some of always I guess testimonials
from some universities people in the
medical profession but i like to this
from the University of Kentucky
ninety-six percent of type 2 diabetes
diabetics we're able to completely stop
insulin injections and while type of
one's reduce the dosage on average of | diabetes on the rise is there a permanent cure | is there a permanent cure for diabetes
thirty eight percent that that's an
incredible thing and it all because this
book lays out a plan that will talk
about that in a moment but anyway
there's a lot of things this one by that
diabetes association we welcome the
results of the research because it shows
that type to diet diabetes tan the
reason reverse was too great a great
thing that the Diabetes Association
mentions anyway I wanted you to be aware
they got several sales presentations or
informational pages there what I want to
do is do just a little lock up and take
a look at a couple of issues and things
that I want to bring out about the the
book as I said this is an e-book what
it's all about the doctors connected
with the international council for truth
in medicine
they've been studying these things for
years over the last 21 years they have
presented information about the truth of
diabetes some of those things they say
been suppressed for years last year low
they helped over 17,000 type 2 diabetics
and their need for prescription drugs
insulin injections and blood sugar
monitoring I thought that's a great
thing in fact Mike from the organization
spoke to today actually told me that
you're on track to help 30,000 people by
the end of this year which is a great
thing one of the quotes from the book by
dr. Julie Whitaker hundreds of clinical
trials demonstrate that diabetes can be
not with drugs but with simple
inexpensive lifestyle measures and I
think that's what the whole book kind of
centers around so anyway from the book i
like these things from face-to-face 298
and I wanted you to be able to see this
and we mentioned it's not a six percent
of the patients completely ended their
need for insulin medication
this was a study done on these steps and
on this program by the university of
kentucky on page 4 33 the nutritional
tricks than or Norwegian endocrinologist
used to help 18,000 of his patients | diabetes on the rise is there a permanent cure | is there a permanent cure for diabetes
completely come off insolent other
diabetes medications all using regular
food down right in the grocery store and
I think that's important because
there's no added things you need to do
we're not talking about an expensive
upgrade this book lays out a basic plan
i'll paste 380 I learn this new secret
thousands of used to normalize their
blood pressure people high blood
pressure a little Lord by 38-percent
without using any drugs medications
appeals and then taste 327 fine i like
this because I'm very health-conscious
what vitamins can replace a bad or
improper diet which vitamins are
absolutely necessary to stay healthy and
read your body disease
these things are are are practical
inexpensive things that we could put
into our life that that kind of take us
one step closer to help
so here's what you're going to discover
the book and you'll read about test
studies and trials that will
revolutionize your understanding about
diabetes you know the reality is i read
through this material i realize a lot of
what we've we thought we knew the past
is simply wrong and outdated and we all
know that science is always progressing
I mean I have people all the time say
you know where the medical field says
this but give it 10 years and it's going
to say something different there's a
tendency and a trend now to really come
not just for symptom treatment that to
really address causes and core issues
and I think we're making a lot of
progress on this but anyway check you're
going to discover the real cause behind
listen if you don't know what the cause
is all you can do is just deal with the
symptoms and I believe there's something
better this book takes incredible
strides toward that unveiling and
peeling away the layers so you really | diabetes on the rise is there a permanent cure | is there a permanent cure for diabetes
understand what's going on in your body
and why it's going on in your body and
got I i think that's one of the big
things that this book kind of unveiled
the real cause behind it
you're going to realize why most doctors
don't really know how to treat diabetes
they can only treat symptoms
there's some interesting information
from medical doctors and professionals
in the medical field that expose a lot
of things that were misguided about and
then finally you're going to discover a
plan and that's it that's why i wanted
to i want to bring this to my audience
you'll discover a plan that will help
you a road map for your help and and to
me that's what it's all about this
breaks it down into simple steps in and
gives you a practical plan that I can
get you put this into place you're going
to take strides toward improving your
health and really is seven steps toward
help dealing with DVD

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