Learn about Diagnosis of Piles and Procedures followed to Diagnose Piles or Hemorrhoids; External inspection, Digital rectal examination, Anoscope and …
Hello i'm Dr Jimmy Douglas and in this video 
we will understand how piles are diagnosed  
and what to expect when you consult 
your doctor. Let's get started
Your detailed medical history would be taken 
along with your eating and bowel habits.  
External hemorrhoids are easily seen on 
inspection and your doctor will examine the  
area surrounding your anus to see for any lumps or 
any prolapsing internal hemorrhoids or skin tags.  
External inspection gives a 
clue to many other disorders  
such as fistulas tracts and fissures 
and to rule out other diseases.  
Your doctor may do a digital rectal examination 
with the patient lying in the left lateral  
position. here a gloved and lubricated finger is 
inserted in the anus to look out for any small  
lumps and to feel the tone of the muscles. The tip 
of the finger is very sensitive and it can detect  
very small lumps, it goes inside for about the 
length of the finger that is around 10 centimeters  
and this procedure is not painful other procedures 
your doctor may do for internal hemorrhoids are,  
Anoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy when your doctor 
wants to see the lining of your inner canal  
and the lower part of your rectum they use 
Anoscope, it is done in the doctor's clinic and  
the patient would be awake during the procedure. 
In sigmoidoscopy your doctor uses proctoscope to  
view the lining of the rectum and the lower Colon. 
These tests are often done to investigate symptoms  
such as lower abdominal pain, blood & Pus 
from the stools, bleeding from the rectum,  
chronic diarrhoea and constipation. Now click 
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Next video is on treatment of piles. Thank 
you for watching! See you in the next one

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