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Crunches are only a bad exercise
if you don't get them right.
There are common crunching techniques
or habits that could make a diastasis or a
weak pelvic floor worse, not better.
So, if you're sucking in your stomach or holding
your breath,
then your stomach will pooch
or bulge out and your organs will bear down
on your pelvic floor.
As you crunch, often the hip flexors
and lower back are actually taking most of
the strain
and the diastasis gap could be widening further.
So unless you are being guided to gauge
whether midline tension of the core is maintained
and pelvic floor function is controlled and
protected then you could be doing more harm
than good.
So it's preferable and safer to find alternatives
with techniques
and patterns with less potential to harm.
Now, watch for these red flags
when you're attempting to engage your core
without strain first
and especially when performing any abdominal
exercise, if you are feeling
or seeing any of these symptoms
when you exercise you're not quite getting
it right
and you're not getting the results you hope
for so back up.
You're not ready yet.
What are those red flags?
or doming anywhere on your abdomen, bulging
or from your vagina or rectum, any feeling
of heaviness
or bearing down pain for sure big red flag
in your back pelvis abdomen hips leg anywhere
and big red flag leaking!
Urine or feces when you sneeze
or laugh or cough, leaking as you're rushing
to the toilet, red flags, back up.

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