Dr Nick Delgado talks of protein plant based powder supplements Slim Blend Protein, with James LaValle, A4M speaker on plant based fasting and metabolic …
well you basically described what I call
slim blend protein I created as the core
to supplementation 30 whole food greens
and fibrous about 8 grams per scoop to
get two scoops that's there already at
16 grams of fiber that's wrong it's got
12 grams of plant-based protein highly
absorbable gluten free dairy free
probiotics in it and that someone's got
to have a starting of a complete meal
because people don't go to the grocery
store they don't buy all these things
and put them together so supplementation
has its place I would never say the
supplement replaces good whole eating
but there's a place and we've got to
optimize people get them used to taking
and measuring their whole body biome
right so the gut it all gets starts with
a gut it starts with what you choose to
put in your mouth right right and that
affects your behavior your thoughts your
moods your hormones every aspect of life
without a doubt and I mean then you you
complicated obviously say you did get
end up with a chronic infection right
now of a sudden that chronic bug starts
to change your microbiome and then all
of a sudden you're noticing your self
being anxious or being nervous
right and it can be driven by this
complex interaction between the immune
system your microbiome and a foreign
invader or a pathogen that is now trying
to take control and it becomes a
neighborhood war and and and that's
really important for people understand
you have to actively work at maintenance
in your health and I love when people
take powders because they get the fiber
they get that they get pre digested
protein that their body doesn't have to
work as hard to use because they know
because once again your microbiome makes
a lot of the amino acids that your body
needs right and if you're in a
transition state you're not getting
those amino acids it's affecting your
your whole enzyme system in chemistry
tremendous dr. James Lavelle what's the
website how do we reach you and get more
information so you can go on my website
Jimoh Jimoh com or you can go to
metabolic code com which is our software
analytics in our program that we
that we've developed for physicians and
that software analytics in a brief
summary how does it help the physician
to address the patient's needs well you
do a questionnaire you put in biometrics
and then you put in lab analysis then
lab analysis gets you entered in through
what's called a health information
exchange so it's automatically
downloaded and it puts a report that
shows a vectoring of where the biggest
problems are and we break that down into
these triads or basically these
functional units it's basically creating
Garanimals for systems biology so we
have color-coded systems biology
approach that it acts as a guide
literally for the doctor to go here's
what your lab says here's what your
questionnaire says here's where your
biggest weakest link is it's your
adrenals it's your thyroid it's your
pancreas that your gut it gives you a
score and then it tells you what to do
to correct it and then it gives the
patient and explanation of what your
adrenal glands are what their pancreas
is so it's it's really the first systems
biology cloud-based platform with some
four thousand rules and twelve thousand
attributes to it perfect thank you dr.
James LaValle sir

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