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dimethicone belongs to the class of
medicines called anti flatulent
is indicated for patients with excess
of gas in the digestive system
accumulation of gases in the stomach and
intestine is called flatulence which
causes abdominal discomfort increased
abdominal volume pain or cramp in the abdomen the elimination of gases relieves
these dimethicone symptoms are also
used as an auxiliary medicine for
prepare patients for exams
doctors like digestive endoscopy a
examination inside the esophagus and
stomach and intestines as well as
colonoscopy an exam inside
from the large intestine this medicine
is available under various brand names and
different presentations and it is possible
be prescribed by your doctor for a
different condition to which I have
how to use the daily dose
recommended in tablets is about 3
times a day with meals you must swallow
the tablet with a little water the dose
can be modified according to criteria
doctor the maximum daily dose of this
medication should be limited to 500
milligrams the emotion
drop for children and babies is 3 to 5
drops three times a day up to 2 to 12
years from 5 to 10 drops three times a day and
over 12 years and adults 13 drops
three times a day
I will administer the drops directly
in the mouth or dilute it in a little
water or other food the dose can be
modify according to medical criteria this
medication is contraindicated for
people who are hypersensitive to
any component of the formula

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