Do Stomach Ulcers Go Away (Do Stomach Ulcers Go Away on Their Own) // Can stomach ulcers go away? In this video I share answers to are stomach ulcers …
hey welcome to rhoades24eva i'm Terri
and in today's video
i'm answering your question do stomach
ulcers go away on their own and
what happens if left untreated and if
you haven't seen any of my other stomach
ulcer videos
don't worry i'll make sure to link them
in the description box down below and
also in the youtube cards
so you can check them out after this
video and in those videos
i show you how i was able to heal my
stomach also with natural remedies
no medicines and i walk you through what
my stomach ulcer menu looked like
but in this video i really wanted to
address this particular question
of do stomach ulcers go away on their
own because this is something that comes
up often in the comments on my other
stomach ulcer videos
so before we dive in and answer that
let's do a quick recap about stomach
ulcers so stomach ulcers which you'll
often see
being referred to as peptic ulcers are
really just
painful sores that will develop along
the lining of your digestive system
and in general they'll form in the
stomach but there are times
where ulcers will actually develop at
the top portion of your small intestine
and these are called duodenal ulcers
now in terms of ulcers they really form
because maybe you have excessive
stomach you know acids or bacteria or
any other type of toxin that comes in
and causes damage to the lining of your
digestive tract
and really what's happening is that
these stomach acids are really just
eating away at the protective layer of
your digestive tract and so
obviously this is going to for some
individual cause you to have these
different symptoms and some people
may not have any symptoms at all but
some others may feel this discomfort
or a burning pain and some of those
discomfort may be you know right around
the area between your belly button
and if you have an empty stomach you'll
definitely notice it a lot more
and so you'll maybe eat something and it
will go away and then
maybe a few hours later then the pain
comes back and so
you know you might have this feeling of
being bloated or maybe
you know you're nauseous or sometimes if
you are going to the bathroom and you
look in the toilet
you'll notice that your poop looks
really dark and so that's when it's an
alarm to you like wow i really need to
get this checked out all right now that
we've had a brief overview of peptic
let's now answer the question of do
stomach ulcers go away on their own
so yes some ulcers may actually go away
on their own
however they can also return so if you
leave these ulcers
untreated they can actually lead to
different complications which i'll talk
about in a minute
so even though the symptoms may go away
you definitely want to make sure that
you're following up with your health
care provider
because in some instances they may
definitely come back
even if you are receiving treatment for
your ulcers
you may have to go back in again and see
your health care provider and have
additional treatment
to deal with your ulcer so again it just
really depends
um and that is person to person but i
did want to let you know that there are
instances where your ulcers can actually
heal on their own but there are other
times when you can expect them to come
back and you will need
additional treatment so that's something
to definitely keep in mind
so if left untreated you can actually
develop what's known as a perforated
ulcer which is basically
it you know you have the contents of
your stomach eating through
the mucosal lining and so as a result
this can be
an even more serious complication and so
this is obviously a situation
where you would need to you know meet
with your healthcare provider right away
or go to the emergency room
because this can be life-threatening
another complication that can come from
leaving an ulcer untreated is you'll
develop what's known as internal
bleeding and so again
that's also life-threatening and so you
know if you
are bleeding internally you may actually
at some point need to get a blood
so it's really important that if you are
having symptoms related to an ulcer
that you follow with your health care
provider and have the proper diagnosis
so that you can know exactly what is
going on because you know
like i said in a prior video with an
ulcer there are different
symptoms there are different causes and
so whether
or not you have an ulcer related to your
overuse of non-steroidal
anti-inflammatories things like
aspirin motrin or you have an ulcer
that's related to the h pylori bacteria
obviously the treatment for those are
going to be a little bit different
because with h pylori
you're definitely going to need some
type of antibiotic
but again you want to make sure you're
following up with your doctor to find
what the best course of course of action
is for you i hope this
short video has been helpful to you and
answered your question about
what happens if you leave your stomach
ulcer untreated
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take care

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