Gaby and Allison get an older woman’s perspective from Melissa Villasenor and “Julie Andrews.” JBU HAS MERCH: …
Do you want this pillow behind you
for like lumbar support?
I'd like it in front.
Just like this?
Lil more padding.
Why are you
acting like a crazy person–
We have a big celebrity.
Welcome to Just Between Us
This week
we are featuring a
super talented
super funny
female standup comic
and impersonator
Melissa Villasenor!
This show is not
that big of a deal.
Okay, well I disagree
because I did send her
a call sheet.
She's been on television.
I've at least heard of her.
A lot of the people that
you get very excited about
I haven't even heard of them.
Okay, but you've heard of Melissa.
And you probably would
wanna kiss her.
♪ (groovy music) ♪
So viewers,
we realized that we don't
have a lot of older points of view
at this show.
Y'know Gaby and I
know a lot,
but how much can we
really know when we're
under 30.
We're significantly under 30.
We thought it would be great
for her to answer the questions
as Julie Andrews.
Say hello as–
(fancy accent)
Hello, it is an honor to be here.
Thank you so much.
She's the queen of Genovia!
Uh-oh, uhh, nnn.
Okay, so
when is it okay to sext?
from Ben from the internet.
That sounds like a guy
from the internet.
Do you know what
sexting is, Julie Andrews?
I don't. Can you define for me?
Okay so sex– from what I've heard,
from Gaby and the screenshots
that she sent me,
sexting is, uhh
texting in a sexual way.
I was having tea at 4 PM,
in the parlor,
and I sexted
one of my husbands!
I said,
"when you come home,
I will be naked,
and I–"
I'm so sorry,
I don't think Julie Andrews
was really sexting.
So if you could just
portray her in a more
true fashion.
I don't think you should tell
Dame Julie Andrews
how she feels about sexting.
Okay. Sorry.
She's an independent,
knighted woman.
You really think that Julie Andrews
is in a parlor somewhere
sexting one of her husbands Gaby!?
How could you have
more than one husband!?
Oh, Allison.
Sweet, sweet Allison.
So Julie Andrews,
what was the last sext
that you sent?
It was,
"let me see dat dick."
NO! That's–
that's not possible!
She's not this prim and proper
one-sided woman.
She's a complex
sexual being.
I sent a pic of me
in a bubble bath,
and I sent it
to my nephew.
Wha– Okay.
Now we're setting up Julie Andrews
as a pedophile and I don't
think that that's accurate at all.
Do you think Julie Andrews
even has a cell phone?
♪ Just a ♪
♪ dick full of sugar ♪
♪ helps the medicine go down ♪
♪ the medicine go down ♪
-G: That's a pun you guys.
♪ the dick ♪
♪ go down ♪
(crying) Nothing is the way
I want it to be!
♪ (groovy music) ♪
I've gotten many Brazilians before.
That's not true!
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